Bank Vontobel Zürich

Origin of Bank Vontobel Zürich

Vontobel Bank - Vontobel Private BankingVontobel was founded in 1924 in Zurich. The bank is still family-owned. Vontobel has subsidiaries at 20 different locations worldwide. In 2015 Vontobel acquired Bank Finter in Zurich and a majority stake in TwentyFour Asset Management in London, a fixed income specialist. In 2016 Vontobel acquires Vescore, a quantitative investment boutique, with offices in Zurich and Munich. In 2017 Vontobel Swiss Wealth Management opens an office in New York.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Vontobel is a globally operating financial company with Swiss roots. To drive future growth investment in new markets, technology, talent, and brand is essential. The attention is focused on their clients. It doesn’t matter if the bank is involved personally or through the digital channel, they offer their clients the best possible service. The Swiss home market is the most active market of Vontobel, but also in the international market, the growth is substantial.

Vontobel is always considering interesting strategic investments. Vontobel has a clear strategy and is well positioned as a financial expert. The bank is implementing different strategies. The first strategy is delivering the unique Vontobel experience with superior value and service for the client. The second strategy is to empower people and giving their employees responsibility in their respective field. The third strategy is to create excitement for the Vontobel brand. A new corporate design was introduced in 2017. Vontobel is continuing to prioritize organic growth across all business segments. The bank is transparent and reliable.

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Services and Solutions
Bank Vontobel ZurichVontobel is specialized in wealth management, asset management, and investment solutions. Asset Management is the primary earnings driver. The growth was robust in fixed income and quantitative investments. The combined wealth management consist of wealth management and the external asset managers. Financial products are the third business field of Vontobel.

There is a steady growth in leverage and investment products, and Vontoble has a market share of 10 % in Europe and 27 % in Switzerland. Financial products entered France, the Netherlands and also just recently started their business in Hongkong. For almost 100 years Vontobel is managing client’s assets. There is a holistic approach towards managing assets. Having continuity in the advisory service is essential. The facilities include portfolio management, integrated financial advice, financial solutions and financial planning and active investment advisory.

The active asset management creates business value for clients. It focuses on growth and quality equities, thematic and sustainable investing, fixed income, TwentyFour Asset Management, Multi-Asset, and Vescore. Each boutique is run independently. The Investment Banking creates tailor-made solutions for their clients. It also offers services to the external asset managers. Vontobel has an award-winning brokerage service and is involved in corporate finance, forex, and securities trading.

Risk Management
Vontobel has a prudent approach towards risk. The risk culture is established at every level of the company. The risks are reviewed on a regular basis, and it is ensured that the risk is recognized, and necessary steps can be implemented immediately when they occur. The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the risks. The Executive Board is responsible for the implementation of the policy and the management and control of the risk. The following threats are controlled, the strategic risk, the market risk, the interest rate risk, the currency risk, the liquidity risk, the refinancing risk, the credit risk, the operational risk and the reputation risk.

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Added-Value Services
Vontobel offers a wealth management app and a digital platform to their clients to optimize their investment process. Vontobel received different awards. The Swiss business magazine Bilanz ranked Vontobel as one of the leading private banks. Since 1990 Vontobel is offering its clients sustainable investments. The bank is a member of various organizations in the field of sustainability. Swiss Sustainable Finance, Principles for Responsible Investments, UN Global Compact, Climate Foundation Switzerland.

Vontobel has a wealth management blog, which gives a fascinating insight into the financial world. The bank is also vigorously engaged in cultural projects. The art collection of national and international artists is very vast. Recently the bank started participating in photography and supports contemporary artists. In 2018 the prize for new contemporary photography went to Kelvin Haizel on the theme “identity” with photography from Arica. The mobile private banking of Vontobel is very secure and gives clients access to their portfolio on a real-time basis. Derinet and Deritrade are online platforms for structured products.

Bank Vontobel Zürich – Facts & Figures

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Address Gotthardstrasse 43
8022 Zurich
Phone +41 58 283 71 11
Year of foundation 1924
Subsidiaries 20
No. of employees 1’688
Arab Bank PLC
Moody’s Aa3
Chairman Herbert J. Scheidt
Shareholder’s equity 1.621 bn CHF
Assets under Management 165.3 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 97.9 mm CHF
Net profit 209 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees 123’815 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 18.4 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 75.3 %
CEO Dr. Zeno Staub

Source: Annual Report 2017

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