Banque du Léman

Origin of Banque du Léman

Banque-du-Leman-1Banque du Léman was established 2014 in Geneva and has one subsidiary in Lausanne. The bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caisse d’Epargne Rhône Alpes, a French bank which is part of the BPCE Group (Banque Populaire et Caisse d’Epargne), the 2nd largest French banking group.

Banque du Léman is a full retail bank and is not engaged in the traditional private management service. The bank supports and advises private clients for all their banking and insurance needs. Since August 2016, Banque du Léman is active in the corporate market with the aim of becoming a significant player in the local economy.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Since the foundation in 2014, Banque du Léman has grown steadily to establish itself in the French-speaking part of Switzerland gradually. The bank has around 5’500 customers of which a lot are cross-border commuters. These people are looking for a simple and effective solution to manage their daily banking needs, like foreign exchange, provident, health insurance and international payments and transfers.

The digitalization of the banking industry must not suppress the relationship between clients and their advisor. On the contrary, Banque du Léman has always been and continues to be a human bank, close
to its customers and their concerns. The bank is convinced that being a banker today is more than ever a job where the trust is at the heart of a successful business relationship.

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Services and Solutions
Banque du Léman offers:

If the client wants to open a swiss bank account for himself or his children, choose the means of payment or facilitate the management of their accounts, the bank offers a range of banking products and services. The client also has access to e-banking and m-banking to carry out the operations remotely.

Savings and Investments
Depending on the investment objectives and the financial situation of the client, Banque du Léman offers and advice the client in the best possible way. The client can invest in the major currencies and has access to several investment funds.

Banque du Léman works together with renowned Swiss partners and offers pension plans tailored to the client needs. The bank engages in retirement, tax and heritage matters.

If the client wants to buy a house or an apartment in Switzerland or France, the bank offers access to the most competitive mortgage rates on the market and the client benefits from personal advice.

Banque du Léman offers different insurance services and is looking for the assistance that best meets the client’s expectations and requirements. If it is for the client, his family or the property, Banque du Léman finds the best solution that adapts to the client’s needs.


  • Foreign Exchange guarantee – covers the client against foreign exchange risks and has a fixed term. The amount is fixed upon signing the contract.
  • Accounts – Banque du Léman offers different accounts, for young people, Swiss residents, and cross-border commuters.
  • Credit cards and prepaid cards
  • Private loan – for clients with a regular income
  • Investment funds – Banque du Léman offers investment funds of Natixis and Mirabaud.

Banque-du-Leman-2The offers for businesses are:

  • Cross-border projects – Banque du Léman is the perfect partner for cross-border project leaders and multinational business groups.
  • Business optimization – access to an expert platform
  • Project financing
  • Factoring, credit insurance, operation financing
  • Export financing
  • Cash flow management
  • Succession planning, M&A, Leverage-buyout

Risk Management
The risk policy and the risk management are among the top priorities of Banque du Léman. The Board of Directors is responsible for the measuring, monitoring, identifying and controlling the risk.
The main elements of the risk management are:

  • A global risk policy
  • The application of recognized principles for the management and measurements of the risks
  • The definition of the different limits on the risks as well as the controlling and reporting
  • The assurance of the timely and holistic reporting of all the risks

The Management and the Board of Directors are periodically approving the different risks. The formal risk assessment is performed quarterly.

The goal is to ensure that all risks associated with the banking activities are identified, evaluated and monitored correctly and punctually. The Bank attaches great importance to the strength and quality of human resources, computer systems, the company’s risk infrastructure and culture, to ensure a sound and effective risk management.

Regarding organizational structure, the Bank has three levels of risk management and risk control:

  • General guidance and supervision by the Executive Board, which is responsible for determining the general risk policy and the risk management strategy.
  • Direction and oversight of risk by the Management, implementation of risk management strategies.
  • Risk control, mainly by the Risk Department, under the responsibility of the COO and CFO.

The main risks are the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the organizational risk and the legal and reputational risk.

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Added-Value Services
Banque du Léman’s mortgage portfolio increased by 60 % in 2017 and stands now at around 500 million CHF. The client deposits at the end of 2017 were 75 million CHF.

Since the bank’s opening in 2014, Banque du Léman has established partnerships with various companies, associations, and other structures to offer the best possible services to their clients.

The partners are Aduno Payment Service, Group Mutuel, Icare, Natixis, Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services, and Vaudoise Insurance.

Banque du Léman is committed since May 2015 in sport and the pursuit of excellence and self-development through its partnership with the Country Club Geneva.
Banque du Léman is a partner of Live Music Production, a leader in the organization of shows and concerts in French-speaking Switzerland.
Banque du Léman supports the association One Action. The goal of OneAction is to encourage individuals and communities to become more self-reliant and to adopt sustainable solutions.

Banque du Léman – Facts & Figures

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Address Rue des Alpes 11, 1201 Geneva
Phone +41 22 775 07 75
Year of foundation 2014
No. of employees 42.6
Chairman Alain Denizot
CEO Pascal Duchaine
Eligible Regulatory Capital 78.896 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 15.50 %
Leverage Exposure
Leverage Ratio
Liquidity Coverage Ratio
Risk Weighted Assets
Loans outstanding 1.006 bn CHF
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit 27.304 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 640’938 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 9.90 %
Return on Equity <0.00 %
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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