GS Banque

Origin of GS Banque

GS-Banque-1Banque Bénédict Hentsch was originally founded in 2004 and changed the name to Geneva Swiss
Bank (GS Banque SA) in 2014 when Bénédict Hentsch retired. Bénédict Hentsch’s origin is from a
family whose name is synonymous with private banking tradition in Geneva for seven generations.
Bénédict was a Senior Partner at Darier Hentsch & Cie. before the merger with Lombard Odier. GS
Banque SA’s other co-founder is Robert Pennone, an expert in corporate finance and wealth
engineering. Mr. Pennone headed Ernst & Young’s European M&A market.

GS Banque SA offers a balance between Geneva Private Banking traditions and an entrepreneurial
way of thinking. The result is modern private banking where integrity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship,
and authenticity meet in a boutique-sized structure. The family-oriented culture has the roots in the
vision of the two historical founders. The client’s assets are viewed from a global perspective.
Geneva Swiss Bank is under the supervision of the FINMA and holds all the required licenses.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The core values of GS Banque SA are resilience and ingeniousness. The bank faced many structural
challenges since 2004, including the financial crisis in 2008, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the
Madoff fraud and the outcry against Swiss banking secrecy laws.

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Services and Solutions
GS-Banque-2Wealth Management
GS Banque shares the client’s values – entrepreneurship, creativity, tenacity, honesty, integrity. And
the bank manages the client’s wealth accordingly, through a proven and tried process.

360 ° Perspective
From the start, the focus is on the client. Not only the client’s assets, the financial situation or the
achievements but also what drives the client, the goals and deep aspirations. Where the client wants
to go is as important as where the client’s position is at the moment.

The team of experts then builds a comprehensive plan, tailored to the client’s needs and ambitions.
It incorporates multiple dimensions and solutions, covering not only savings but also tax-, real estate-
, education- or even philanthropy-related perspectives.

At each stage of the client’s life, needs and goals evolve. GS Banque regularly reviews the situation,
with a systematic, pragmatic and clear approach. The bank adjusts the plan accordingly so that the
client and the clients family can continue to enjoy life. Knowing that the hard-earned money is in
good hands.

Asset Management
Financial markets are changing rapidly and so does GS Banque while remaining calm, pragmatic and
focused. The bank offers several types of asset management mandates based on the client’s risk
appetite, the client’s needs, and investment style.

If the client wants direct access to an investment specialist with whom he can confidently evaluate
the different investment options and make sure that the decisions are fulfilled reliable and
efficiently, then the advisory mandates are the right choice. It doesn’t matter if the client is an
individual or an independent asset manager.

Portfolio Management
If the client wants GS Banque to define the appropriate investment parameters, and create a tailor-
made asset-allocation model taking into consideration certain factors, like risk tolerance, time
horizon, and correlation of the different assets, then the portfolio management types of mandates
are the right choice.

Fund Management
If the client wants the advisor to have an open, holistic approach to investing and that he can count
on experienced and attentive portfolio managers with an entrepreneurial approach who offer
trusted asset management solutions, then the fund management mandates are the right choice.

Portfolio Construction

Top-Down Analysis

  • Identifying the best asset class, macro-economic analysis
  • Risk and potential of every asset class, assessment of attractiveness
  • Selection of the most attractive sectors, countries, and themes

Bottom-up Analysis

  • Select the best investment vehicle
  • Quantitative screening
  • Qualitative screening

B2B – Financial Intermediaries

The mission
GS Banque’s main mission is to make the experience unique! The bank makes every effort to make
the financial intermediaries’ (FI’s) life easier. A B2B team is dedicated to financial intermediaries.

The goal
The FI’s are a particular partner with whom the bank collaborates to find suitable solutions. GS
Banque wants to establish a relationship of trust, and therefore they are available at any time.

Out of the box
The FI’s customers appreciate the financial expertise and the personalized relationship. The same
applies between the FI and GS Banque. The bank starts a discussion with an open mind and
professional diligence to build a lasting relationship.

Pragmatic in nature, GS Banque has facilitated the processes. The B2B team offers Swiss quality of
services with a personal touch and fast executions.

Disruptive DNA
GS Banque’s disruptive DNA breaks down the usual barriers and facilitates communication between
the FI and the bank. GS Banque’s doors are open. The managers of the bank are easily reachable. As
a modern private bank, GS Banque emphasizes human and informal interactions.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the overall risk of the bank, including the risk framework, the risk assessment, and the internal controls. They are reassessing the risk regularly, especially the credit risk, the liquidity risk, and the operational risk. The Board also approves the risk policy and has the responsibility for the supervision of the implementation. The implementation is done by the Executive Board. The ongoing monitoring and the risk management procedure are delegated to committees.

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Added-Value Services
The Zug-based fintech Alkprockz and GS Banque are teaming up to issue a new digital currency. This should make crypto transactions safer. This is the result of a report from the industry portal «Cryptovest.» The bank and the Fintech from Baar ZG stretch together with the emission of the Rockz, a so-called Stablecoin, which is deposited according to the suppliers 1: 1 with Francs.

On January 9th, 2019 GS Banque and Banca Arner, headquartered in Lugano, announce to merge. The exact terms of the merger will not be announced until March; the new unit will then manage assets of around 2 billion francs.
With joint efforts, the institutes hope to be able to expand their business in the respective target markets. The respective owners remain committed to the new company, as it was called.

GS Banque – Facts & Figures

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Address Chemin des Mines 9
1202 Geneva
Phone +41 22 360 91 00
Year of foundation 2004
No. of employees 30
Rating Fitch BB
Moody’s Ba2
Chairman Nicolas Rosenthal
Shareholder’s equity
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Tier 1 Ratio
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
CEO Grégoire Pennone

Source: Annual Report 2017

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