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Read how we protected the assets of a wealthy Turkish family involved in an international inheritance case

We protected the interests of a Turkish family living in Istanbul, London and Zurich in an international inheritance case. The Turkish family had assets distributed within banks located in different jurisdictions, including Switzerland and real estate in Monte Carlo, London and Istanbul.

We were successful in de-freezing the bank accounts of the Turkish family after having presented the necessary inheritance certificates, duly translated in English, legalized by a notary public and super-legalized with Apostille to the legal counsel of the banks.

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Dependent on the out-come of our due diligence we advised our client to continue the business relationship with the same bank or proposed trusted external asset managers taking care of the different portfolios of the international Turkish family. To do this correctly it was imperative to arrange personal meeting in Turkey and London.

As a former CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) Enzo Caputo has a vast network of trusted and specialized asset managers who have demonstrated success within difficult market conditions during a long period of time. Independent asset managers are very important in protecting the interests of the clients against the banks. Certain banks are operating in a conflict of interest situation which can damage clients assets. They prefer selling their own products instead of proposing the best product available in the market for the unique benefit of the client.

I doing this, we diversified the involved risks in choosing different jurisdictions and different banks, taking care of the assets of the family.

Within the family we selected certain family members with the right education and background acting as protectors among these different proposed structures, including trusts and underlying companies.

Why is it imperative to appoint an independent international banking lawyer and pay for the advice?

Banca BS Via Pretorio 14 Lugano SvizzeraDue to the fact that different parties, such as trustees, the relationship managers within the banks and asset managers, are subject to conflict of interests in advising their clients, it is therefore, imperative for any client, in such situations, to seek an independent lawyer and pay for the received advice.

The banks for example will be pushing their products to maximize their profits and the relationship and asset managers will be looking to maximize their annual bonus, in such situation it is imperative to gain clarity in the involved case without any type interest causing a conflict between the clients and triggering the wrong type of advice. Even if you are paying for this advice to begin with, this will save you an enormous amount of money in the long-run.

Based on our experience with the Bank Hottinger going bankrupt, we have noticed that a lot of their clients had received the wrong advice by their own relationship managers working for Bank Hottinger in order to remain with the bank in trouble, intentionally undervaluing the pending risks for their client assets. Every private banker in Switzerland was aware on Bank Wegelin, a Swiss bank formed in 1741, disappearing from the Swiss banking scene as a consequence of sky-rocketing  penalties imposed by rapacious US tax authorities. Their own specific interest was to maintain as many clients as possible till the last moment, in order to maximize their bonus. That a client was at risk to lose all his assets was not taken into account by anybody.

Long before the bankruptcy, it was common knowledge between the Swiss private banking industry that the Bank Hottinger was in trouble with the US tax authorities, involving secret accounts for US persons. During this period however, none of the clients were correctly informed or advised by their own relationship managers to take care of their assets and look for a different custodian bank with a better credit rating.

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