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We check the quality of the investment advice and if your banker is a real adviser or just a product pusher

As the holder of a Swiss bank account or as someone wishing to open one, you must understand that the procedure will not be easy because the banking system in Switzerland is severe and not the same as in other countries. Big Advantage: if your account in Switzerland is open with a Swiss prime bank you can use it as a passport opening many opportunities.

Though you may choose a reliable and reputable Swiss bank, you often are not aware that it’s not the bank itself but your account officer, your relationship manager, who ultimately makes decisions about your money. Instead of acting in your interest as a client, many bankers try to generate profit for their banks at any cost – or even worst  for themselves.

It is important to know if your private banker giving investment advice to you is an advisor or a product pusher only looking for his own interests. For that reason, your bankable assets are often structured in a complex way, with sophisticated, exotic and risky investment products generating huge commissions, kick-backs and retrocessions, at the end of the day proposed and sold by the banker to you. To have Access to high Quality Investment advice is crucial for your success in private Banking.

You have to make sure that your financial products  components of your portfolio – are a result of an advisory process. Advisory process means guidance through the jungle of financial products provided in your exclusive interest; not in the interest of the bank, not in the interest of your relationship manager. Avoid any guidance given product pushers. This will end in a disaster.

Ask your banker if he acts as your advisor or as your products pusher!

  • Do not hesitate to pose questions on the products.

  • Ask your banker if the product appears on the banks recommendation list.

  • Consider products that you fully understand. Avoid structured products. They are perfect to hide commissions.

  • Dont be greedy! If the return of investment is high, maybe it is too high to be true, or there are high-risk investments. Such products are for investors with sufficient risk ability, risk willingness, risk capability and risk tolerance.

  • This lack of transparency can be misused to hide third party payment.

If you wish to feel secure about your investments in Switzerland, contact us for help before you are confronted with a financial disaster. We can initiate a Health Check of your account – before it’s too late!

If you have an investment issue, come to us. We will guide you through the financial jungle. You pay for our advisory services but you can be 100% sure that we will act in your exclusive interest  you have paid for. Our advisory fee is nothing compared with a substantial loss due to wrong investments. Each day we are confronted with the destruction of wealth in the amount of millions due to speculative investments. I have friends being judges appointed at the High Court of the Canton Zurich. They ask full abolishment of structured financial products.

If you have a meeting with your banker, call us before and we will come with you, immediately, with you, to your meeting, with your banker. We will tell you after the first minutes of conversation if your banker is experienced and versatile or if he is a junior banker. The good bankers are often busy. We know them and we can introduce you to them  in case you want to change your financial advisor.

Our Swiss banking law firm Caputo & Partners, with our headquarters in the financial center of Zurich, at the Paradeplatz in Zurich, has specialized in advising international banking clients from all over the world.

We are located here at Paradeplatz – for you  ready to come with you. We are prepared to come immediately with you, to your banker, immediately.

You dont pay peanuts, if you hire us. Our fees are affordable and fair. You will benefit from a very professional and specialized service, delivered fast and effectively.


You need a lawyer for a meeting taking place from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. in your banks building. The meeting is urgent and the topic is complex due to a structure with trust and underlying BVI – offshore company involved in misunderstandings with third parties communicating in Spanish language only. You will be happy because you have an expert on your side with outperforming portable knowledge which can be used during the meeting. We dont have to read books before we can give you the most appropriate advice. This topic is our daily business  you do not have to pay for additional hours other lawyers need to be well prepared for the meeting. The counterparty will realize that you have a professional advisor sitting beside you.

A common lawyer is cheaper and costs CHF 400 per hour. He needs 3 hours to prepare the meeting which has to be postponed to the following day because they need a Spanish speaking translator. You have to pay for hotel and cancellation of your flight. A specialized banking lawyer with decades of financial experience will cost you more than CHF 400.—per hour. He is multilingual and speaks five languages, including Spanish. The common lawyer will charge you 3 hours preparatory work and 2 hours for the meeting, in total 5 hours, equal to CHF 2000.–, plus additional hotel, translation and flight expenses.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

Who is cheaper at the end of the day?

We are not cheap but always convenient, if you consider the amount of millions you are going to invest. We are here for you to act. Thats why our offices are at walking distance away from the prime banks in Zurich.
On your behalf we verify every transaction and confirm that it corresponds with the instructions you have given to the bank. We compare and match figures within the credit and debit advices with the account statements. We ensure that the bank documentation is maintained according to industry standards. In case there is a lack of diversification within a portfolio we will hold the bank accountable for any damages.

Even in a safe country like Switzerland, it is possible to become a victim. We will help you to prevent the “blind flight” and ensure that your Swiss investment is as safe as you expect it to be.

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