Landolt & Cie

Origin of Landolt & Cie

Landolt-Cie-1Landolt & Cie SA is a private bank specializing in asset management for wealthy customers. The bank is a limited company under Swiss law since 2013 adapting to the continuously changing environment. Previously, the bank was a private bank in the form of a limited partnership with then three unlimited and solidary liable partners and was organized under the name Landolt & Cie, banquiers. The bank was founded in Lausanne in 1780 and is the oldest asset management bank in French-speaking Switzerland. In addition to its headquarter in Lausanne, the bank has a representative office in Geneva, Martigny, Crans-Montana, Verbier and since September 2018 also in Zurich. Landolt & Cie SA is only present in Switzerland.

Three brothers, Marc-Edouard, Pierre, and François Landolt, committed themselves to maintain Landolt & Cie SA independent and integer and that the bank has a sound balance between modernity and tradition. Marc-Edouard ran the bank for many years. Today, his brother, Pierre is leading the company as Chairman of the Board.
In 2015 the Lombard family decided to commit to the bank and to develop a bank specialized in the wealth management of international and Swiss client.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Since 1780, wealth management has had to adapt to many environmental changes, both in the economic, political and legislative environment. Today, the complexity of the financial markets, their high volatility and the emergence of new risks, represent new challenges to the portfolio managers. Nevertheless, they are attentive to offer their clients personalized and efficient service.

Over the centuries the management process had to be adjusted due to changes. Due to this approach, the bank has constantly kept pace with developments in the financial markets. The bank is family-run and promotes the core values required to conduct wealth management – personal commitment, the ability to listen, respect for the code of ethics and mutual trust.

The bank is distinguished by its total discretion and its ability to listen. Complying strictly with the rules laid down by the Swiss banking system and using advanced technology, the portfolio managers can define a precise investment strategy. The proposed solutions ensure an optimal balance between return and risk.

The relationship between Landolt & Cie SA and the clients is built on absolute discretion and trust. The essentials are advising, planning, listening, and foresight.
Landolt & Cie SA is exclusively managing private wealth. That is the strength of the bank. The wealth management solutions are offered in a transparent approach.

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Services and Solutions
Landolt-Cie-2Landolt & Cie SA operates exclusively in the asset management business and only has a presence in Switzerland.

Landolt & Cie offers services in the following areas:

  • Wealth management for private customers
  • Investment advise and asset management
  • External asset managers

Landolt & Cie’s services extend beyond just private wealth management:

  • Institutional asset management
  • Asset management
  • Formation and administration of investment funds
  • Distribution of investment funds

The portfolio managers provide highly personalized service to their clients. They have an open, flexible approach. The analysis of the different financial market products is independent, and this means the portfolio managers can offer completely objective advice.

Wealth Management
Wealth management had to adapt to a great number of changes in the economic, political and legislative environment. Today the financial markets are very complex and volatile and are exposed to new risks. This is a new challenge for the portfolio managers.

Management mastered
With this model, the portfolio managers can increase the scope for action. The bank favors active decision-making, but systematic checking procedures are built in to ensure rigorous risk control. The philosophy of active management is based on adapting the investment strategy to changing trends in the financial environment and the economy. The products used enable Landolt & Cie SA to offer innovative management concepts with the focus on performance. The strategy covers a lot of sources of added value, like tactical asset allocation, sector allocation, geographic allocation, growth or value, instrument, cash allocation and in the case of bonds, duration, and quality.

The advisory mandate provides to investors who are looking to improve the management of medium-term risk. The performance depends primarily on the efficiency of the tactical adjustment and strategic allocation. It is very important to know how to fine-tune the portfolio risk.
Asset Management

Performance is generated through actively extending or reducing the average term-to-maturity of the positions. The positions exclusively are composed of bonds issued by top-quality issuers. Active management of currency and geographic allocation is applied.

Landolt & Cie SA has a long-lasting and proven expertise in stock picking. The bank applies two concepts; the first concept is carefully tuning the tactical allocation within the portfolio. The risks and global exposure are managed using index products, ETFs, or investment funds. The second concept uses active risk-taking. The bank optimizes the portfolio’s return through actively managing the exposure in light of the outlook for the individual regions, sectors, and stocks.

An additional risk is a foreign exposure, as most of the portfolios are composed of both foreign and domestic assets. The risk is the fluctuation in exchange rates. Landolt & Cie SA systematically reduces the volatility of the international exposure.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors Is evaluating the risks and is responsible for the risk policy. The risk policy is reviewed periodically. Independent risk control bodies monitor the risks. The Executive Board is regularly informed about the financial positions, the liquidity, and earnings situation. The main risks are the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the legal and compliance risk.

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Added-Value Services
Management sustainability
Geneva is known worldwide as one of the important centers of wealth management. Geneva, however, is less known of being a hub of global commodities trading.
Not a lot has been done since 1972, the year the Stockholm Declaration recognized the need to protect our planet. More and more investors, however, want a sustainable approach. Pierre Landolt has already blazed the trail in biofuels and carbon capture, be it in Mali, China, Brazil or Switzerland.

Ethical Management
Landolt & Cie SA is relying upon the pioneering work of its business associate, Oekom research. For 20 years now, Oekom is supplying the bank with key independent data needed to combine socially responsible investment with high returns.

Landolt & Cie – Facts & Figures

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Address Chemin de Roseneck 6
1006 Lausanne
Phone +41 21 320 33 11
Year of foundation 1780
Subsidiaries 5
No. of employees
Chairman Pierre Landolt
Shareholder’s equity
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Tier 1 Ratio
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
CEO Vatché Garibian

Source: Annual Report 2017

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