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Origin of Mirabaud & Cie SA Switzerland | Mirabaud Bank

Mirabaud & CieMirabaud was founded in 1819 in Geneva. In 1985 the bank opened its first international office in Montreal, Canada. In 1990 a branch was opened in London and 1998 in Zurich. In 2013 Mirabaud Asset Management (Suisse) SA was created, and all the asset management activities were transferred to this new Swiss company. Over the time the company has developed into a multinational Group. Miarabaud is owned and managed by the Managing Partners. They head all the bank’s business activities. The company has four managing partners and three limited partners. The group has offices in Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Canada and UAE.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Miarabaud offers its customers customized advisory and financial services. Mirabaud has a social responsibility and is a member of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. They respect the codes of conduct, and they are committed to sustainability. Mirabaud delivers to its international and domestic clients exceptional services and cherishes values of discretion, integrity, and independence.

The independence of Mirabaud guarantees the best advice for the investment decisions. The active advice approach is only useful when it combines conviction with determination. The future success of the customer’s projects is significant to Mirabaud both as a bank and as an entrepreneur. The philosophy of Mirabaud is continuity and personalization, responsiveness and flexibility, reliability and discipline, availability and proximity and finally responsibility and trust.

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Services and Solutions
Mirabaud BankMirabaud has three different business units, the wealth management, the asset management and the brokerage. The wealth management can be split into portfolio management, wealth planning, independent asset managers, investment advisory, multi-booking, custody services and reporting and pensions. The wealth management business is Mirabaud’s first area of excellence. The level of expertise is very high, and it is essential to analyze each client’s position very carefully.

Always with the next generation in mind, Mirabaud takes into consideration issues such as financial planning, taxation, pension planning and inheritance. The Asset management offers funds, fixed income, equities, alternative investments and asset allocation. Mirabaud is famous for its in-depth knowledge of the markets and active management. Active management brings long-term added value to the customers.

Brokerage covers the research, execution and equity capital markets. The company is involved in the brokerage business for more than 35 years. The services offered are mainly for the corporate clients and institutional investors. Mirabaud Securities London is regulated by the FCA and is a member of the London stock exchange. Mirabaud Securities has a representative office in Geneva and Zurich.

The equity capital market business is primarily in the fields of oil & gas, mining, and technology. Mirabaud is also involved in the capital financing business in Spain. In 2001 Mirabaud founded LPP Gestion SA. The company handles the services in connection with retirement planning in Switzerland for private customers, business leaders, senior managers and Mirabaud’s employees.

Risk Management
The Mirabaud Group is very risk-averse and cautious. There is no speculative trading for the bank’s account and the group implemented a system of limits within the framework of risk management. The group is monitoring its risk on a regular basis. Assets generally cover credits to private clients in the group. The group doesn’t offer corporate lending and only in exceptional situations the bank provides mortgages.

The credit risk is monitored on a daily basis. The group has almost no market and country risk exposure. The interest rate risk is very marginal. The operational risk covers all other risks. These risks include system failures, human errors, executions mistakes and litigation or fraud. Customers mainly use derivatives. The group uses some derivatives to hedge their foreign currency exposure.

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Added-Value Services
The Mirabaud Group is supporting people and projects that represent excellence and performance. For a long time, Mirabaud endorses the sailing industry. Some events are Bol d’Or Mirabaud, a European sailing regatta, Mirabaud yacht racing image, a photography competition dedicated to sailing and Mirabaud sailing video award, a prize given to the author of the best yacht racing video.

The Mirabaud art collection has increased over time and shows now antique paintings as well as contemporary art. Mirabaud is a partner of the Geneva Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art as well as the Zurich Art Weekend, one of the most prestigious events in the year for the art scene. Mirabaud organizes classical music concerts with the Japanese conductor Joji Hattori. Mirabaud offers several investment funds. Morningstar gave a five-star rating to Mirabaud’s Equity Swiss Small and Mid-Cap fund.

Mirabaud & Cie SA Switzerland | Mirabaud Bank – Facts & Figures

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Address Blvd. Georges-Favon 29
1204 Geneva
Phone +41 58 816 22 22
Website www.mirabaud.com
Year of foundation 1819
Subsidiaries 13
No. of employees 700
Managing Partners Yves Mirabaud
Antonio Palma
Camille Vial
Lionel Aeschlimann
Shareholder’s equity 234.34 mm CHF
Assets under Management 33.3 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 47.571 mm CHF
Net profit 40.5 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees 57’857 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 20.71 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 82.8 %

Source: Annual Report 2017

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