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Enzo Caputo Attorney

Move to SwitzerlandSwitzerland has one of the highest living standards in the world. Located in the centre of Europe, high personal security, political stability, the country has a strong respect for privacy and a reasonable taxation. Many stars and sportsmen live in Switzerland but you do not have to be a celebrity to take advantage of our Services and start your relocation to Switzerland with us.

In Switzerland, it is possible to pay a fixed and flat fee amount of taxes pre-negotiated by our law firm.

The amount of taxes is calculated once a year according to the total amount of annual costs and living expenses. In order to facilitate the calculation, the annual rent of your house will be multiplied per six. This specific figure corresponds to the amount of your taxable yearly income. Based on it, it results from a taxable income. The taxable income is the basis for the calculation of your effective annual tax rates.

The tax rate depends on the place where you are going to relocate. There are big differences in taxation between cantons and municipalities.

Supported by our Swiss network, we are in a position to assist you in the appropriate selection of the most tax-efficient locations

The taxation has no impact on your real income or wealth

The lump-sum taxation is subject to different conditions according to the place to relocate. Due to the sophisticated legislations in different cantons and municipalities, it is to your benefit to take legal advice to be professionally supported in the right selection of the right place to live.

Lump-sum taxation with relocation is considered a famous speciality and unique opportunity offered by the Swiss tax regime. It is comparable with the resident – not domiciled status according to UK tax laws.

Many celebrities have taken advantage from the lump-sum taxation like Tina Turner, Michael Schuhmacher, Isabelle Adjani, Charles Aznavour, Boris Becker, Hermann Hesse, Nastassja Kinski, Rita Pavone, Sophia Loren, Peter Ustinov, Roussel Onassis, Jacques Villeneuve and many others.

You do not have to be a celebrity to relocate to Switzerland

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Ready to relocate? Check the List of Documents needed to Move to Switzerland

What do we offer for you? One stop – one shop services

We offer you an all-inclusive “Move to Switzerland” service. We will organise the entire process hassle-free for you, including all following services:

  • Application for all permits needed to take domicile in Switzerland
  • Negotiations with competent authorities regarding the lump-sum taxation agreement
  • Advice and support in the selection of your domicile according to your needs and expectations
  • Home search services like renting or buying of villa, houses or apartments
  • Support in the installation of internet, telephone, satellite dish, etc.
  • Assistance in import formalities regarding your personal belongings such as paintings, artefacts,cars, pets, animals, arms and sports equipment, wine cellar, etc.
  • Set up and negotiation with major insurances (medical, house, car, personal liabilities etc.)
  • Selection of private schools for children and private trainer
  • Application to sport clubs, yachting, golf, etc.

Due to professional experience gained in decades we have profound knowledge on the Swiss tax regime. We are in a position to satisfy the most sophisticated and extravagant needs and expectations of celebrities and high net worth individuals.

Move to Switzerland

Why Switzerland? Switzerland has 50,000 new millionaires

In Switzerland, there are more and more rich people. Their wealth has increased in the past year up to more than 2.1 trillion Swiss francs. The poor people, however, have lost money. In the rankings of rich people, Switzerland is traditional among the first positions, said Enzo Caputo, Swiss banking lawyer and specialist in Relocation and Lump-sum Taxation for High Net-Worth Individuals.

You take benefit from the Swiss Lump-sum Taxation Regime

Asset protection instrument

There are many asset protection strategies you can consider. You can donate your assets to an irrevocable and discretionary trust. You can set up an insurance wrapper. You can structure your wealth in many different ways. You can diversify your assets in different banks located in different jurisdictions. You can participate to the program Citizenship by Investment and even buy a new passport in St. Kitts & Nevis or Dominica and open bank accounts using the new passport. One of the most efficient asset protection strategies is to relocate in a secure and stable jurisdiction.

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