List of Documents to prepare before relocating to Switzerland

To be successful with your Application for Swiss Residence Permit Type B and pay less tax with the lump-sum taxation scheme you need the following documents:
  • Motivation letter explaining why the family wants to relocate;
  • Intention in writing that the applicant wants to make Switzerland his/her centre of living;
  • Declaration that no professional activities are executed in Switzerland;
  • Intention to spend at least 6 months physical presence in Switzerland (however, no one will count the exact days);
  • Pre-existing and existing ties and relationships to and in Switzerland (Caputo and Partners will subscribe you the local tennis club or chess club or any other suitable local club to show your ties);
  • Intention in writing if additional people are coming with the family such as butler, private secretary etc. (it is advisable to not mention additional people because it shows a very high living standard which can have a negative impact on the tax negotiation for tax ruling, if you need this we will do it in a second step subsequently);
  • Annual income in CHF (or USD) taxable in Switzerland (bank statements);
  • Total living expenses per year according to separate form;
  • Listing of real estate in Switzerland and abroad and accounts (we decide together what we will disclose, assets need to show that applicant can afford living expenses in Switzerland);
  • Tax declaration from home country;
  • 2 Passport photos of each family member;
  • Documents evidencing civil status in double copies, certificate of birth with names of parents, certificate of marriage, divorce certificate;
  • Short CV of husband and wife, duly signed and dated;
  • Recent Police records for husband and wife (proof of no criminal background);
  • Purchase agreement for real estate or Rental agreement – we have out-of-market real estate opportunities for our clients.
  • Passport copies of husband and wife (Caputo and Partners will certify the copies), including visa documenting trips to Switzerland.

Once you have all the documents – or for any further information on how to collect them all, get in touch with us to start your relocation.

Move to Switzerland

The list of documents needed can be different from Canton to Canton but the list above represents the documents usually requested for the filing of your application for your residence permit.

We are here for you. We will bring you and your family to Switzerland: hassle-free and fast.

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