13 Questions a Swiss Bank will ask you for Swiss Bank Account Opening (2018)

Statistics prove that Switzerland is the safest financial centre in the world to protect your assets. It remains the first choice for international businesspeople. You must understand that the Swiss banking industry is highly regulated and supervised.

The Swiss government has 2 major goals.

  • No 1 goal is to protect the reputation of the Swiss banking industry.
  • No 2 goal is to protect the interests of the banks clients.

The high level of regulations can turn Swiss bank account opening Swiss bank account opening into a nightmare. We are here to guide and coach you so that Swiss Bank Account Opening will be very easy with us. Discover the most frequent questions of Swiss Banks. Knowing such questions will make Swiss bank account opening much faster. If you know the questions in advance your account will be operative in no time. Stay tuned.

Contrary to popular opinion, Swiss bank account opening is not an easy process as it was 10 years ago. First of all, we have to find out if your bank of choice is able to cover your needs and expectations. Banks have business restrictions. Every bank is specialised for specific areas of business. Therefore, banks will ask for your country of residence, the amount of money you are going to invest, the types of transactions and businesses you are involved.

That is why banks frequently ask questions such as:

  • How did you earn your money?
  • What are the source, the origin and the history of your money?
  • Where is your money now?
  • What kind of account activity are you looking for?
  • Will the money be invested?
  • Do you need advice for your investments?
  • Are you interested to give the bank a discretionary asset management mandate to manage your assets?
  • Do you need your money to operate a business in Switzerland or abroad?
  • Are your assets tax-compliant?
  • Are you a politically exposed person?
  • Are you a US-person?
  • Are you involved in sensitive business activities such as mining, entertainment, night-clubs, gambling, casino, erotic, real estate?
  • Are you doing business with countries having a high Corruption Perception Index?
  • Is your money coming from countries known for drug production?

The process seems to be complicated, right? Don’t worry. Be happy. I will guide you step by step through the process. I will coach you to be prepared for all the questions of the bank. It is very important to choose the best bank. The best bank means the best bank tailor-made to your business.

Let me give you an example.
If you are involved in trade-finance activities with commodities, we will approach a bank which is specialised with trade-finance activities. The bank has some experienced bankers which are familiar with SBLC and bank guarantees. If you are in the oil and gas business, we will open a bank account with BNP Paribas or Gazprom Bank in Zurich. If you are looking for a bank with low trading commissions for frequent trading we will introduce you to Interactive Brokers, Saxo Bank or to Swissquote. If you are looking for a wealth manager who constantly will grow your assets, I will introduce you to a Top Banker with a track record working for a prestigious bank.

You know, good bankers are always busy but they like to work with somebody they trust. I am more than happy to introduce you to a Top Banker with proven performance records. Whatever the type of account will be, it is imperative to have sufficient amount of money and impeccable documentation on the origin of funds. However, most of the prestigious wealth management banks are asking for a minimum amount of assets in the value of 1 Million CHF at least. There are exclusive private banks asking for a minimum balance in the value of 5 Million CHF.

I recommend to all of my clients to physically visit the bank. A Swiss bank account opening process is an important step in your financial career. You should look in the eyes of your dedicated banker or external asset manager. Did you know that the duration of a Swiss bank account in average is longer than a marriage? According to studies made by a Swiss university the average duration of a Swiss account amounts to 17 years, while a marriage is shorter? If you consider that your bank account will still remain operative while your marriage has been dissolved, you should definitely be physical present for the account opening. If you like this video, please show it and give us a like, right now. Push the like button.

Today, it is possible to open accounts online. I don’t recommend doing that, unless you have an impeccable documentation showing the full history of money from day one. Banks tend to ask for more documents if you will not show up in person opting for online account opening. The best account opening strategy consists in assembling all the documents requested and submit the account application to us. Once we will obtain a green light from the bank, you take the airplane and fly to Zurich for personal identification.

You should absolutely visit the institution you are passing over your hard-earned money. Successful wealth management is based on the knowledge of the needs and expectations of the investor. A personal meeting is needed and gives comfort to the bank. A personal visit in the bank eliminates stupid questions of the bank in the future. Consider the statement as a guarantee.

If you already own a bank account and you are not happy with the bank, we are more than happy to introduce you to real super professionals. We will find the best bank tailor-made to your needs and expectations. We will introduce you to a proven top banker or an external asset manager who is able to constantly grow your wealth and open the doors to exclusive Off-Market Club Deals.

If you know a bank’s question which has not been mentioned in the video, if a bank made a very unusual question to you, please write this question or post a comment in the comment section. I will answer all of your questions within 24 hours. For the last 4 months, I stopped creating videos because I created 30 articles of brand new written insider content for the website swiss-banking-lawyers.com.

This insider information cannot be found in universities or on the internet. Most of it, it’s already posted. Check out my article on Swiss Bank Accounts: 10 Reasons for Opening a Swiss Bank Account. 30 new videos are going to be published immediately. Make sure to not miss the new videos and subscribe my YouTube Channel now. Click the Subscribe button.

If you have a private and confidential question, or, if you want to protect your assets opening your Swiss bank account today, grab your mobile phone now and give me a call. It’s never too early to diversify your assets and transfer a big part of your assets to Switzerland. Bring your money to a Swiss bank and out of your country, before your country will take the money out of you. Be rich and stay rich. Have a wonderful day.

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