The UK to leave EU after shocking Brexit: many rich British residents escape to Switzerland to protect their assets. We can help

Brexit has triggered and destroyed the Economic and Political stability in the UK. Extreme volatility in the financial markets coupled with uncertain conditions in the UK drives the flight of Millionaires from London to Switzerland.

The apparent victory of the little man against the rich guys was shown when the UK voted to leave the European Union last Friday. Dark clouds hanging over London last week had not only caused by torrential rain in the metropole but also tarnished its image and placement for the Millionaires wishing to take up residence on the Island. Immediately after the shocking result, the British Pound (GBP) is getting killed. This coupled with the fears in the real estate market combined with possible restrictions, like those set on travelling for the jet-setting Multimillionaires has to tarnish London’s appeal forever and is driving wealthy people to seek safer refuge like Switzerland.

We have always been helping high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), from all over the world (including the UK citizens), to move to Switzerland, in order to protect their assets and families, substantially reducing their tax burden.

We are in a position to negotiate the best tax treatment with the Swiss authorities, on a case by case, within the lump sum taxation scheme. Fifty thousand new Millionaires moved to Switzerland last year. Within 48 hours since the Brexit referendum results we have received dozens of phone calls from rich Russians and Chinese citizens living in London asking us for relocation and lump sum taxation in Switzerland.

Switzerland, situated at the heart of Europe is the safest place on Earth. With its established first class transport and communication links, Switzerland is a very attractive destination for Multimillionaires and their family today.

Although not officially part of the EU, Switzerland has already accepted a majority of EU laws, rules and the regulations both in the financial and industrial markets, in order to be able to trade with its neighbors.

Since this inflow of rich migrants benefiting from the lump sum taxation scheme, certain Swiss politicians are asking to abolish the fiscal benefits offered to this jet set society.

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