How long does it take until gold deposits will be exhausted?

If we continue to extract the same quantity of gold as done in recent years, the known global gold deposits would be exhausted in 19 years only.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) regularly analyses the world’s remaining gold reserves. Such gold reserves have been already detected or at least estimated to be located in the ground and ready to be taken out of the ground.

A total quantity of approximately 170,000 tons of gold has been taken out of the earth by mankind since antique times. However, most of the gold ever collected in our history was explored and taken out the ground within the last 150 years.

According to the latest estimates by the USGS still around 56,000 tons of gold are still deposited in the earth’s crust. That means that 75 percent of the global gold quantity is out of the natural deposits and transfused to bars, jewelry or in other convenient forms invented by mankind.

Gold production and reserves: Top Countries

Gold production and reserves: Top Countries

Last year, 3,000 tons of gold were produced worldwide.

Extrapolating this amount of gold in the future, then the known gold world occurrences would theoretically be exhausted in 19 years only.

Most of the unexploited gold is located in the earth’s crust of Australia having still 9,100 tons gold reserves to be mined. After comes the Russian Federation with 8,000 tons and South Africa with 6,000 tons of gold. In China, there are estimated reserves of 1,900 tons only. This small quantity of gold in China will be absorbed within 2 years only. After the coming
2 years, the Chinese have finished their domestic gold reserves. This is one of the reasons, why China is mining so intensively in Africa and buying astronomic quantities of gold from everywhere.

In your asset protection strategy, you should consider physical gold as an asset to have.

25% or minimum 10% of your assets should be invested in physical gold. It is very important that you have direct ownership on your gold. Avoid a gold investment via your bank. It is not the same owning gold with your bank account or being a direct physical owner of gold. If your bank account will be frozen for whatever reason, your gold maintained with your bank account will also be frozen. This can be avoided. We will guide you and show you where to buy your gold in Zurich, where to rent a security box (not from a bank) and organize a secure storage for your physical gold. Your gold bars or coins can be converted to cash at any time and very easy.

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