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Why you need a Swiss Bank Account?

Some of the great advantages that you will get...

  • Do you want the investment security offered by the Swiss Franc and other strong currencies?
  • Do you want to take advantage of a secure haven with data integrity and privacy protected by the Swiss bank secrecy?
  • Are you in a business with high-liability-risks and are looking for an efficient asset protection tool?
  • Do you want to avoid the dilution of your savings with multi-currency accounts?
  • Do you need a bank that keeps your business plan confidential?
  • Do you need an asset protection plan in case of country’s or bank’s failures?
  • Do you want a dedicated private banking service with senior private banker supervised by an expert banking lawyer to protect your wealth?

“Get your money out of your country before your country gets your money out of you!”

Open Swiss Bank Account

In times of economic recession, unpredictable governments and financial crisis the risk of undue governmental confiscation of assets and unlawful creditor actions must be considered in a wise and efficient asset protection plan.

We have been serving many satisfied clients worldwide and have all the necessary expertise and authority to help you find out all the advantages and benefits that you can get only through a Swiss bank account and choose the right Swiss bank among the best available and open a Swiss Bank account in no time.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Swiss Bank Account Opening

We provide full transparency about our services. Click each question to find out more.

High banking secrecy, political and economic stability and stringent data protection laws, are decisive for the protection of your wealth.
Increasing political instability, terrorism, and unstable governments put your capital at risk.
Having your bank account in the wrong jurisdiction can result in the devaluation or the total loss of your assets overnight. Let me give you an example – Cyprus. Those who had their hard earned money saved in Cyprus lost a significant portion of their property overnight.
We help financially successful entrepreneurs to protect their assets and to keep a private profile.
Your money is protected from unlawful seizures and creditor actions. Your business secrets and your assets are immunized from undue governmental invasions.

Swiss banks are the safest banks in the world. And this is due to the high Swiss currency, capital stability and strong economy. This is the reason why 30% of all global assets are managed in Switzerland. These wealthy and successful entrepreneurs owning 30% of the world’s assets cannot be wrong.
Because of the importance of the banking industry to the overall Swiss economy, the Swiss government will never allow a Swiss bank to default, on their obligations.
Swiss banks are known for protecting assets across generations. Classic Swiss asset management strategies are unique and planned for the long-term protection of your wealth for you and your family. There are many bank account relationships still existing with wealthy European families established before the Russian revolution, having survived WWI, WWII and the Sovjet Union.
In the most important yearly financial surveys, Swiss banks are always placed at the top. They are always ranked the highest amongst all their competitors. They are the undisputed best performing financial institutions in wealth management globally.

Not yet – but soon. At present, it is not possible to open a Swiss bank account exclusively online, via the Internet. FINMA is now drafting new regulations for online account opening using a webcam. Online account opening enacted by a webcam will turn into reality within the coming months.
Swiss banks have to follow strict identification procedures. These institutions must verify the identity of the end client and the beneficial owner of the incoming funds. This is now done via correspondence, by asking for a certified copy of your passport. This passport certification can easily be performed by a branch office, a representative office, a trusted asset manager or a notary public. The verification of the client address is ascertained by a utility bill (telephone, gas or electricity).

DON’T GO ALONE TO A SWISS BANK – You should never approach a Swiss bank on your own. Let us introduce you to a right bank, covering your needs and expectations. You risk to be received by a junior banker who can easily misunderstand you and hence create troubles for you. Good senior bankers are always busy and occupied and can never receive you without a recommendation and the proper introduction. Swiss banks like to work with introduced clients by somebody they trust. For example an experienced and trusted Swiss lawyer.
We have excellent relationships with prime Swiss banks and we know the majority of the senior bankers personally. The risk of misunderstanding and rejection, as a client is high and the consequences irreparable. You will also be running the risk of putting your name on a black-list and have your name blocked forever. You will destroy the opportunity of having a bank account in Switzerland forever.
If we introduce you to a Swiss bank your account will never be frozen. You will benefit from a preferential treatment with much better terms and conditions. Due to the fact that we have placed many clients with Swiss banks, we are in a position to exercise a certain economic power obtaining a much better pricing in the benefit for our clients.
Our guarantee to you: If your account opening documentation has been prepared by us, your application will never be rejected.

Let us compose the account opening documentation for you. This is done, by first sending you a short Questionnaire, 2 pages only. You should return this Questionnaire with your passport copy. We will study your provided information. We will organize a telephone phone call with you in order to understand your needs and expectations more precisely. Subsequently, we will come back to you with the names of a few suitable Swiss private banks.
When you have decided the bank you want to work with, we will guide, support and advise in your exclusive interest. We will ask the correct questions, compose the right documents and present your application to the bank.
When all account opening formalities and procedures have been completed and your application accepted by the bank, you will be invited to come to Zurich for the signing ceremony and to receive your account number.

A numbered account will provide you with the highest level of confidentiality, within the Swiss banking establishment. With a numbered account, your name will be only be known to a handful senior bankers and your data will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Please note that numbered accounts cannot be opened without the disclosure of your name.
One of the most important advantage of having a numbered account is the fact that your name will not appear on any statement. Therefore, if any of your old statements are somehow stolen or lost, your identity will not be revealed. In another situation, when you are ever crossing borders and your documents are searched your name as an account holder will not be seen anywhere on the statements. Your identity is protected.

Clients are required to provide the following documents for the proof of their identity as well as the place of residence:

  1. A copy of a valid passport
  2. Proof of your residential address (for example: Utility bill such as your telephone, gas or electricity bill)
  3. A short Curriculum Vitae CV, disclosing the major educational as well as professional stations in your life
  4. Completion of our Questionnaire
  5. Documents revealing the source and origin of your wealth (for example documents showing the sale of property)

It is illegal for employees of Swiss banks to reveal any information about customers’ accounts.

Swiss banking secrecy is a long-standing Swiss tradition. Swiss bankers are raised and indoctrinated only knowing Swiss banking secrecy. Hence this is anchored within each Swiss Banker’s professional DNA. You can therefore rest assured that your financial privacy will be respected and protected. It is illegal for any Swiss banker to disclose client account information outside the bank. If doing so, they risk a total ban from exercising sing their profession as well as a prison sentence.
Due to our placing power with our partner banks and some introduced assets, we are in a position to accommodate small private clients with a minimum of USD 100.000. At the same time, however, we can negotiate the best possible fees and special conditions for you.

Fees varies according to the type of account that you wish to open.
Our services do not stop once the account is operative.
We continuously monitor the account status of our clients. We make sure that they are hot short changed, i.e. the accounts churned for the generation of fees and trading commissions. We are very sensitive that our clients are not entering into unpleasant adventures with illiquid assets, or complex structured products they don’t understand. According to classic Swiss asset management principles we advise you to buy products you fully understand.
We prevent you from acquiring certain funds, which return enormous kickbacks to the fund provider.
If you have planned a significant transaction, we are here to help you. We will prepare together the documents to facilitate the operation. We will ask the bank to give us approval for the transaction before the money arrives on the account avoiding since the beginning that the bank will freeze your account due to missing documents or because they are not capable to understand your complicated transaction.
Therefore, we ask the right of inspection of your bank account in writing since the beginning of the bank account relationship. The fact that a lawyer has the right of inspection will prevent the bank to offer unusual investments.
The fees are agreed on a case by case basis and can range from CHF 2’000 up to CHF 5’000 for complex account opening procedures. In cooperation with our partner asset management company we are in a position to offer advisory services or a discretionary asset management mandate.

Please note that there are a number of dishonest and fraudulent websites offering Swiss bank account opening.
Web sites offering Account openings in Switzerland with charges amounting EUR 99.90, EUR 149.90 and EUR 199.90 are not serious.
Our law firm has received many complaints from clients who have sent money to this websites and have received nothing in exchange.
Be careful – do not send any money.

We can help you open your Swiss bank account

Move to SwitzerlandDiversify your bank account relationships banking with one of the world’s most secure, reliable and tax-efficient jurisdiction: Switzerland.

We are insiders of the Swiss private banking industry. The right decision to choose the right bank to work with, based on insider know-how in private banking combined with tailor-made international asset protection, can make the difference between protecting your life saving or losing everything overnight.

Opening a Swiss bank account directly in Switzerland, with the support and introduction of Caputo & Partners, the best law firm for this purpose, benefitting of an experienced Swiss banking lawyer with insider bank know-how is the most effective and secure approach.

We can tell all details about Swiss bank account opening, starting with the options available for foreigners and non-residents according to their specific needs, then we will help you choose the best Swiss bank account for you.

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