Open offshore bank account

Open Offshore Bank AccountOpening offshore accounts requires a meeting with us, in person or by phone or Skype call, generally from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We need to know the following information before the meeting:

  1. The economic origin and history of your funds.
  2. How much money you intend to deposit over the first year
  3. Your country of residence


Collect the necessary documents evidencing the origin of funds and show it to us, then we adapt your offshore accounts documents to be compliant for the meeting with your banker.

The account opening process first takes place in our office. We check your name in google and world-check before the bank will do it. We make sure that we are on the same page in connection with the relevant account information and we compose a memorandum and a chart for the bank. After having verified that there is no negative content on you in the internet we will fix a meeting with a senior banker. We make sure that a senior banker is taking care on your offshore accounts.

We reserve the right to refuse to open a bank account if we have any doubts about the economic origin of funds.

Documents needed for an offshore bank account

To open an account you need to supply some information and documents:

  1. Passport  Copy for us.
  2. Recent utility bill (electricity, water, gas,) to prove your residence
  3. Proof of your economic background – documents showing what you do for a living (bank statement, work contract, tax return, company documents, license, etc…). The exact documents can be defined based on what you do for a living. Contact us to check what is useful in your case.
  4. Proof of the origin of funds – documents showing the economic history of your deposit. For example, if you sell a house, we will need a proof of the sale, a copy of the agreement etc…
  5. Information about yourself and your plan – We need to know your name, date of birth, address, etc. as well as how much you plan to deposit on the account, what you plan to do with the money once it is on the account. This information is required in compliance with Swiss anti-money laundering laws and to understand your banking needs. All information submitted is held strictly confidential. Professional secrecy as lawyer is always ensured.

Step-by-step procedure

  1. You apply for an account.
  2. We help you to prepare a successful application.
  3. You mail us a copy of your passport, a recent utility bill and documents about the economic origin of your money such as invoices, your website, extract of the commercial register evidencing your company etc.(very important!)
  4. We present your application to the bank.
  5. The bank sends you an invitation to come to Zurich.
  6. You return the bank’s documents directly to the bank.
  7. The bank opens your account.
  8. We will be with you during the whole procedure and will always give you precise indications for the next step.
  9. We check your presence in google and world-check. Based on the search results we will coordinate the necessary steps. We are in close cooperation with American Internet companies taking care on your internet reputation. They are specialized to take away the bad content on you and replace it with good content. If there is negative content on you in the internet we will start with appropriated measures tailor-made to your specific case.

If you prepare a wrong history, in order to abbreviate the procedure, you risk to be black-listed as persona non grata or  worst case scenario  notified for suspected for money laundering activities or financing terrorism.

We strongly recommend to personally come to Zurich.

Dealing with offshore banking requires knowledge and experience. We will go together to the right private bank able to accomplish your needs. We introduce you to a competent senior banker speaking your language. We go with you in the bank in order to make you feel very comfortable, despite if it is a universal big Swiss bank, or, a fine, unknown, old and very private Swiss bank, without representations outside Switzerland.

Its very important that you bring documents evidencing your business such as prospectus of your products, price list, invoices, charts, last annual report, employment contract, bill of sale, diploma, tax declaration etc.. We need your utility bill in order to prove your effective address.

Only if we know you, your business, economic background we can determine your needs and discover your latent needs. Based on your needs we will select the appropriate bank for you!

Contact us today

To start the process simply contact us through the form below, or write an email to [email protected] or call +41 79 790 44 44 during office hours. We will provide the right advice, the review of your case is free.

We are here to assist you and are looking forward to help you opening an offshore bank account.

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