Privatbank Bellerive

Origin of Privatbank Bellerive

Privatbank-Bellerive-1Privatbank Bellerive is a Swiss wealth management bank established in 1988. The bank is headquartered in the sensitively restored industrialist’s villa “Riesmatt” built in 1888 in Zurich’s Seefeld district. Like the villa, Privatbank Bellerive is unique. The bank has neither branches nor is it operating abroad. The bank is fully owned by Swiss investors. Some of them are clients whose entrepreneurial experience is a benefit to the bank. The majority shareholder of Privatbank Bellerive is Graubündner Kantonalbank.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Privatbank Bellerive leads tradition into the future.

The core business of Privatbank Bellerive is wealth management. All the bank’s services are aimed at preserving and increasing the value of the client’s assets over the long term.
All the trading activities of the bank are outsourced to Graubündner Kantonalbank. The operation of the central IT system, payment transactions, and other services are also handled by Graubündner Kantonalbank.

Privatbank Bellerive attaches great importance to transparency and customer proximity. The focus of the activities is the long-term support to external asset managers and private clients. All of the bank’s employees have many years of experience in the financial sector.

Privatbank Bellerive preserves the assets of their clients in negative market phases, through keeping the risk low. This is achieved with appropriate diversification and anti-cyclical investment behavior.

The Swiss financial center has been in upheaval for a long time. Regulatory pressure is increasing; banking secrecy is being diluted, and the bank’s costs are rising, with yields declining. Not only big financial institutions are affected but also the private banks. This circumstance leads to mergers and acquisitions, takeovers or even closures.

Privatbank Bellerive reacted to these signs with a new strategy in 2010. The bank drew up new principles and concentrated all activities on the core business.

Privatbank Bellerive is maintaining its independence by operating free from foreign influences. The bank forgoes in-house investment banking activities, does not have its own fund company, refrains from offering in-house products and is not granting commercial loans. The bank is therefore completely free of conflicts of interest.

Stability and security are very important to Privatbank Bellerive, and the bank takes it very seriously. Privatbank Bellerive is conducting its business always as a wealth manager on behalf of the clients. The bank’s main shareholder, Graubündnder Kantonalbank with an AA rating by S&P, ensures high stability.

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Services and Solutions
Privatbank Bellerive attaches great importance to transparency with its clients, not only concerning fees but also in the investment activities.

Privatbank Bellerive primarily invests in equities, as stocks have the most sustainable returns. In doing so, the bank pursues a buy-and-hold strategy. The securities are held long-term and are only restructured in exceptional situations. The expected return corresponds to the average internal value creation of the respective companies.

Privatbank-Bellerive-2Privatbank Bellerive’s core portfolio includes stocks of solidly financed quality companies that have been leading the market in their industries for years. A majority of the companies are in the consumer goods, food processing, energy or healthcare sectors. Their products are used or consumed by a large part of the population. Even in recessions, they show a fairly stable profit performance and relatively low price fluctuations. If the market situation is changing and the bank’s investment team is adopting a new price level of the stocks, then Privatbank Bellerive is adapting to these new changes.

The needs and goals of Privatbank Bellerive’s clients as well as the personal contact are the bank’s focus.
Privatbank Bellerive offers wealth management in the broadest sense. Wealth management for private customers is at the center of the bank’s activities, and independence characterizes their business approach.
The bank’s services include customized and sustainable solutions for individual wealth management, family offices, and external asset managers.

Individual mandate

Investments in the individual mandate are made in equities of globally active companies as well as sovereign and corporate bonds of the highest quality. The equity investment is widely diversified regarding both sector allocation and regions. Structured products in the form of discount certificates based on the chosen stocks are used to dampen the fluctuations of the stocks.

The main asset classes are stocks and derivatives. The discount certificates are assigned to the equity weighting. The weightings are continuously adjusted depending on the financial markets and the current events and perspectives.
The risk-return ratio is calculated based on the ranges and investment restrictions the client provides. With the individual mandate clients specific request can be taken into account.

Family Office

Family Office services are becoming increasingly important in a dynamically changing environment. Therefore, Privatbank Bellerive not only limits themselves to wealth management but also offers their customers the following services upon request:

  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning
  • Fiduciary services
  • Incorporations
  • Setting up foundations and trusts
  • Retirement and tax planning
  • Financial planning
  • Real estate

To meet the numerous challenges and also to comply with the legal framework at all times, Pirvatbank Bellerive is cooperating with proven experts in these areas.

External Asset Managers

As a wealth management bank, Privatbank Bellerive knows the needs of professional asset managers. The bank supports the EAMs so that the EAMs can concentrate entirely on their clients. The bank has many years of experience in advising EAMs and give them the best possible service.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the overall risk of the bank, including the risk framework, the risk assessment, and the internal controls. They are reassessing the risk regularly, especially the credit risk, the liquidity risk, and the operational risk. The Board also approves the risk policy and has the responsibility for the supervision of the implementation. The Executive Board does the implementation. The ongoing monitoring and the risk management procedure are delegated to committees.

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Added-Value Services
Privatbank Bellerive publishes daily Morning Notes and weekly News. On a monthly basis, the bank publishes Perspectives. All these newsletters are only available in German.
The Morning Notes concentrate on the latest corporate and financial market news. The Weekly News concentrate in detail about special developments. The monthly Perspectives give an overview of the equity and foreign exchange markets and financial market trends.

Privatbank Bellerive – Facts & Figures

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Address Mittelstrasse 6, 8034 Zurich
Phone +41 44 388 64 64
Year of foundation 1988
No. of employees 13
Chairman Alois Vinzens
CEO Daniel Wittmer
Eligible Regulatory Capital 51.480 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 40.90 %
Leverage Exposure 469.041 m CHF
Leverage Ratio 11.00 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 711 %
Risk Weighted Assets 125.784 m CHF
Loans outstanding
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
Return on Equity
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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