Swiss Banks (2023) – Everything you should know about banks in Switzerland

Schweizer Banken

We give you a complete overview of all categories of banks that exist in Switzerland. We do not limit ourselves to publishing a top 10 list of the largest Swiss banks, as other websites do. That won’t help you much.

We compiled all the criteria, facts, and figures of banks in Switzerland that are useful to foreign investors. You will receive the know-how to tell: “Which Swiss bank is the safest?” on a silver plate.

There are a total of 243 banks in Switzerland (Swiss National Bank, last update 30.9.2021). Not all banks make their figures accessible.

As a foreign investor in Switzerland, you look for asset protection. You need accurate criteria, facts, and figures. You will be in a position to compare, choose and find the safest bank in Switzerland to deposit your money.

Swiss banks are known to be the safest banks in the world but they are reluctant to publish internal bank data. For the first time, we have created transparency in the secretive Swiss banking system.

You get valuable information for an initial assessment of the bank’s safety. You will be amazed at how easy it is to compare and choose Swiss banks. After all, you want to be sure that your money ends up in safe hands.

We are the leading asset protection boutique law firm in Switzerland with a proven track record.

I had a fantastic consultation with the Caputo brothers. They gave me expert advice on asset management, banking strategies, and wealth management. The session was really insightful, covering everything from investment returns and fee structures to why external asset managers can be a better choice. I really appreciated their honest and transparent approach, pointing out the conflicts of interest in traditional banking and offering practical solutions for better financial management. Their knowledge is pretty impressive, to say the least :) Highly recommend!
Today, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the senior partner and council for the firm, Enzo Caputo.We spoke about a number of issues involving wealth Management, diversification of assets, diversifying fund composition, and the survivability of wealth in family office planning.Of course, dealing with a solicitor is not the same thing as dealing with an asset manager. Lawyers are required as a matter of ethics to only make suggestions to clients which in their view is beneficial to the client, and not self-serving.These types of ethical considerations do not exist with real estate agents, fund managers, Banks, financial institutions or other agents. So it was quite refreshing to hear Mr Caputo's analysis on fund diversification.We also spoke at length about the security of Swiss banks, and how the government protects investors and depositors in case of Bank defaults.We also spoke at length about relocation to different countries, and he provided me his honest opinion on the various jurisdictions that were available including the pros and cons of each jurisdiction.This is a completely unsolicited review. On the basis of full disclosure, I have not been paid, or otherwise compensated for making this review other than the fact that I was invited to write this review if I so chose.
Habe meinen ersten Anruf in der Kanzlei getätigt und direkt von Herrn Caputo eine kostenfreie erste Kurzberatung -ohne Schnickschnack- zum Thema privater Kontoeröffnung und Empfehlungen zu Steuerprofis aus seinem Netzwerk bekommen. Klar, freundlich und kompetent, so wie man es sich wünscht. Im Bedarsfall sehr zu empfehlen!
Mr Caputo knowledge of the Swiss system helped me to quickly identify the best solution suitable to my needs! Highly reccomended!
Wir waren heute bei Herr Caputo und sein Partner Roberto, Top professionale Beratung !!!Es wird alles gründlich erzählt, nimmt viel zeit. Top Profissionele Beratung !!
Herr Enzo Caputo hat mich sehr gut und kompetent beraten. Seine fundierten Kenntnisse und sein professionelles Auftreten haben mir das Vertrauen gegeben, dass ich die richtige Entscheidung treffe. Er nahm sich ausreichend Zeit, um meine Fragen umfassend zu beantworten und ging auf meine individuellen Bedürfnisse ein. Die Beratung war nicht nur informativ, sondern auch angenehm, da Herr Caputo eine freundliche und zugängliche Art an den Tag legte. Seine Expertise hat mir geholfen, die bestmögliche Lösung für meine Anliegen zu finden. Ich kann Herrn Caputo uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen und bin mit seiner Dienstleistung äusserst zufrieden. Vielen Dank für die exzellente Beratung!
We have contacted Caputo & Partners AG when we needed a legal advise on a quite unusual matter.Mr Enzo Caputo kindly provided us with a very comprehensive response which really helped us in outlining our point of view.
Dear Enzo,dear Alessandro,Hope all is well.We got our bank account thanks to you and we would like to thank you a lot for that.It was a long process to complete the Know Your Customer enquiry and convince the bank that our net worth was legit.We hope to have you on our side if,later on,some problem show up with that relation.You are doing a great job and we will recommend you to anybody looking to open an account or solving a problem with a bank.Thanking you again.All the best.Albert
Habe Herrn Caputo, als zuverlässigen, Kompetenten und aufrechten Geschäftsmann kennen gelernt. Weiter so !!!
I miei genitori avevano un conto in Svizzera. L' avvocato Caputo ha accompagnato le complesse procedure di diritto internazionale. Ha condotto le trattative con la banca svizzera. Non dare mandato a Caputo per problemi con banche svizzere é un errore grave. Posso solo raccomandare lo studio Caputo & Partners di Zurigo.
I have been touch base with Mr. Caputo recently and I have been very surprised how keen this person was to answer my questions and give good advice without asking nothing in return, to be noted that Enzo was just recovery from a surgery can you imagine what this person can do in a normal day life?Bravo!!!
Excellent, fast, reliable , honest, human and spot on professional - Bravo - 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👏
Ho sentito l'avvocato Caputo telefonicamente, molto professionale e gentile.Mi ha dato ottimi consigli su come risolvere il problema
Highly recommendable. Friendly and competent advice for company and account opening in Switzerland - directly from the owner (no secretary or junior partner as usual)
Highly recommended! I had a bad case during the holidays where I couldn't contact with any lawyer, luckily when I called Mr. Caputo he picked up the phone right away and listened to my problem and explained the issues. Right after that he gave me his a cell phone number and remind me if there is a problem call him immediately. Thank you very much!
The company has a competent and personable owner. We were able to quickly familiarize ourseves into the topics. Thank you for the syphatic and professional consulting. Respectfully yours, C.J
Enzo Caputo has an ability to cut to the essentials of an issue extremely quickly. His advice is practically based, and skillful.His experience in the sector has been very helpful, and he is not afraid to tackle difficult problems.Enzo's approach has been professional, and he was able to provide help in pointing out the key factors for success. He has been a very helpful ally. Also, Alex's operational experience was invaluable. Setting up any financial relationship correctly to avoid conflicts of interest is absolutely crucial. These conflicts are not always aobvious. Caputo and Partners have some very useful knowledge.
Coming to Switzerland and dealing with the local banks as a foreigner is a challenging task. However, if you are equipped with a proper advice the task is certainly doable. If you are solely dealing with the Swiss banking system and frustrated, look no further – call Alex or Enzo. What I personally like about this firm is that it is a one stop shop. What I mean by that? Alex and Enzo provide a sound advice not only on legal issues you may have but also, they are well seasoned bankers and trained as tax advisors. All the common issues could be resolved in one office, I did not need to go to multiple firms, everything covered in house. By the way, your coffee shop suggestion made my day. Well brewed and tasty coffee. Thanks Alex and Enzo!
We have a problem at the bank. Mr Caputo managed to solve the problem with the Swiss bank and we received the money back after his intervention with the bank. He figured out all compliance issues with the Swiss bank. We are happy to recommend his law firm for any issues connected with a Swiss bank.Not hiring Caputo & Partners will be a mistake. The compliance issues are complex today. You really need to engage an expert like Mr Enzo Caputo.
I highly recommend this trust worthy professionals, who are always there for you when you need them. And Mr.Caputo is the professional, who gets you the results you wanted.
Enzo Caputo is extremely professional, clear, quick, analytic and precise in his response in English and German. Client was very impressed.
I can report the best about Mr. Caputo. When it comes to highly complex and international structures, he is the lawyer I trust. Clear in his statements and very helpful to illuminate all aspects accurately and in depth.
Sehr empfehlenswert! Herr Caputo hat uns persönlich sehr gut beraten und geholfen (nachdem uns zwei andere Anwälte sehr viel Geld gekostet hatten ohne Resultate und wir nicht mehr weiter wussten). Er half rasch, unkompliziert und kompetent. Vielen Dank, Herr Caputo!
Enzo was very helpful in answering my questions about citizenship and investments. He spent time with me going over the options of Italian citizenship as well as other EU countries and giving me guidance as to what would be the best for me economically. His knowledge of Swiss banks is very helpful as well and I will be looking forward to working with him in the future to finalize my investment plans. His website and YouTube channel are great resources as well. Thanks again, Enzo!
Ciao Enzo,we wanted to thank you again for your quick and professional support for our request.And as we have already told you personally, we have saved you in our database as the first address for all financial transactions that we will and want to carry out in Switzerland, even if it is only when we need professional advice, we will contact you primarily, as we have greatly appreciated your work.Thank you again for your quick, human and smooth support in our best regards Umberto
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An exceptional firm with highly competent and knowledgeable professionals . Mr Caputo ‘s knowledge of the Swiss Tax system is second to none and I would recommend this firm highly .
I sent a doc thru an email and called Mr. Enzo for a verification. He verified immediately. His swift verification is truly valuable ! Thank you so much !!

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Swiss banks list (List of Swiss banks by total assets on the balance sheet)

The balance sheet total is shown in thousands of Swiss francs.

With a click on the top field in a column, you can sort the table according to your wishes.

Fdn. Year Name Total Assets Bank Category
1913 Aargauische Kantonalbank 31.777.481 Cantonal banks
2005 ABANCA CORPORACION BANCARIA S.A., Betanzos, succursale de Genève 374.947 Branches of foreign banks
2002 acrevis Bank AG 4.874.320 Regional and savings banks
1826 AEK BANK 1826 Genossenschaft 4.993.944 Regional and savings banks
2020 Allfunds Bank International S.A., Luxembourg, Zurich Branch 81.589 Branches of foreign banks
1868 Alpha RHEINTAL Bank AG 2.712.237 Regional and savings banks
1989 Alternative Bank Schweiz AG 2.144.233 Other banking institutions
1995 AP ANLAGE & PRIVATBANK AG 207.838 Foreign-controlled banks
1899 Appenzeller Kantonalbank 3.770.704 Cantonal banks
2012 Aquila AG 227.241 Other banking institutions
1962 Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. 4.702.133 Foreign-controlled banks
1998 AXION SWISS BANK SA 1.464.900 Stock exchange banks
1994 Baloise Bank SoBa AG 8.568.659 Regional and savings banks
2000 Banca Aletti & C. (Suisse) SA 129.282 Foreign-controlled banks
2004 BANCA CREDINVEST SA 563.913 Foreign-controlled banks
1958 BANCA DEL CERESIO SA 808.610 Foreign-controlled banks
1961 BANCA DEL SEMPIONE SA 817.862 Foreign-controlled banks
1915 Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino 15.825.898 Cantonal banks
1995 Banca Popolare di Sondrio (Suisse) SA 5.894.609 Foreign-controlled banks
1991 BANCA ZARATTINI & CO. SA 542.525 Foreign-controlled banks
2010 Banco Itaú (Suisse) SA 1.208.002 Foreign-controlled banks
1988 Banco Santander International SA 3.234.387 Foreign-controlled banks
1828 Bank Avera Genossenschaft 4.553.699 Regional and savings banks
1836 Bank BSU Genossenschaft 1.104.644 Regional and savings banks
1909 Bank CIC (Schweiz) AG 11.604.856 Foreign-controlled banks
1927 Bank Cler AG 19.907.107 Other banking institutions
1821 Bank EEK AG 1.718.577 Regional and savings banks
1852 Bank EKI Genossenschaft 1.450.295 Regional and savings banks
2004 Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg Aktiengesellschaft, Innsbruck, Zweigniederlassung Staad 849.319 Branches of foreign banks
1825 Bank Gantrisch Genossenschaft 843.932 Regional and savings banks
1904 Bank in Zuzwil AG 312.248 Regional and savings banks
1841 Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG 24.985.632 Foreign-controlled banks
1890 Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG 100.503.112 Stock exchange banks
1836 Bank Leerau Genossenschaft 716.491 Regional and savings banks
1848 Bank Linth LLB AG 8.300.415 Foreign-controlled banks
1876 Bank Oberaargau AG 1.633.666 Regional and savings banks
2016 Bank of America Europe Designated Activity Company, Dublin, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 3.642.450 Branches of foreign banks
1870 Bank SLM AG 1.636.833 Regional and savings banks
1850 Bank Sparhafen Zürich AG 648.486 Regional and savings banks
1841 Bank Thalwil Genossenschaft 1.227.822 Regional and savings banks
2008 Bank von Roll AG 348.764 Stock exchange banks
1936 Bank Vontobel AG 21.898.373 Stock exchange banks
1820 BANK ZIMMERBERG AG 1.344.571 Regional and savings banks
2008 bank zweiplus ag 506.352 Foreign-controlled banks
1986 BankMed (Suisse) SA 537.677 Foreign-controlled banks
2006 Bank-now AG 3.847.779 Other banking institutions
1981 Banque Algérienne du Commerce Extérieur SA 647.528 Foreign-controlled banks
1934 BANQUE AUDI (SUISSE) SA 1.867.625 Foreign-controlled banks
1815 Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA 428.499 Stock exchange banks
1892 Banque Cantonale de Fribourg 26.714.326 Cantonal banks
1816 Banque Cantonale de Genève 27.335.440 Cantonal banks
1979 Banque Cantonale du Jura SA 3.999.460 Cantonal banks
1917 Banque Cantonale du Valais 18.067.899 Cantonal banks
1883 Banque cantonale neuchâteloise 11.511.967 Cantonal banks
1845 Banque Cantonale Vaudoise 52.277.802 Cantonal banks
1999 Banque Cramer & Cie SA 939.037 Stock exchange banks
1963 Banque de Commerce et de Placements SA 3.480.314 Foreign-controlled banks
1999 Banque Degroof Petercam (Suisse) SA 176.307 Foreign-controlled banks
2013 Banque du Léman SA 1.077.493 Foreign-controlled banks
1989 Banque Eric Sturdza SA 392.297 Stock exchange banks
1957 Banque Havilland (Suisse) S.A. 203.304 Foreign-controlled banks
1985 BANQUE HERITAGE SA 677.080 Stock exchange banks
1985 Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (Suisse) SA 1.278.789 Foreign-controlled banks
2015 Banque Internationale de Commerce - BRED (Suisse) SA 974.814 Foreign-controlled banks
1798 Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA 17.975.935 Stock exchange banks
2009 Banque Pâris Bertrand SA 145.161 Stock exchange banks
1805 Banque Pictet & Cie SA 35.320.686 Stock exchange banks
2003 BANQUE PRIVEE BCP (SUISSE) SA 777.233 Foreign-controlled banks
1999 BANQUE PROFIL DE GESTION SA 318.263 Foreign-controlled banks
1995 Banque SYZ SA 1.979.528 Stock exchange banks
1982 Banque Thaler SA 447.922 Foreign-controlled banks
1994 Bantleon Bank AG 207.566 Foreign-controlled banks
1986 Barclays Bank (Suisse) SA 3.909.571 Foreign-controlled banks
2001 Barclays Capital, Zurich Branch of Barclays Bank PLC, London 35.345.087 Branches of foreign banks
1864 Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank 29.769.688 Cantonal banks
1899 Basler Kantonalbank 35.790.197 Cantonal banks
1920 Baumann & Cie KmG Private bankers
1851 BBO Bank Brienz Oberhasli AG 651.278 Regional and savings banks
1984 BBVA SA 1.138.916 Foreign-controlled banks
1988 BERGOS BERENBERG AG 714.219 Stock exchange banks
1834 Berner Kantonalbank AG 36.421.744 Cantonal banks
1859 Bernerland Bank AG 1.676.295 Regional and savings banks
1837 Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf Genossenschaft 1.578.679 Regional and savings banks
1879 Biene Bank im Rheintal Genossenschaft 1.100.920 Regional and savings banks
1979 BLOM BANK (Switzerland) SA 763.343 Foreign-controlled banks
1872 BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA 15.836.984 Foreign-controlled banks
2001 BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES SERVICES, Paris, succursale de Zurich 2.267.197 Branches of foreign banks
1844 Bordier & Cie SCmA Private bankers
1998 BS Bank Schaffhausen AG 1.356.209 Regional and savings banks
1825 Burgergemeinde Bern, DC Bank Deposito-Cassa der Stadt Bern 1.084.615 Regional and savings banks
1820 Burgerliche Ersparniskasse Bern, Genossenschaft 359.523 Regional and savings banks
1985 BZ Bank Aktiengesellschaft 320.030 Stock exchange banks
1957 CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA 16.063.563 Foreign-controlled banks
2015 CACEIS Bank, Paris, succursale de Nyon / Suisse 613.989 Branches of foreign banks
1829 Caisse d'Epargne Courtelary SA 807.333 Regional and savings banks
1837 Caisse d'Epargne d'Aubonne société coopérative 521.268 Regional and savings banks
1833 Caisse d'Epargne de Cossonay société coopérative 435.254 Regional and savings banks
1828 Caisse d'Epargne de Nyon société coopérative 507.400 Regional and savings banks
1939 Caisse d'Epargne et de Crédit Mutuel de Chermignon société coopérative 107.933 Regional and savings banks
1814 Caisse d'Epargne Riviera, société coopérative 631.215 Regional and savings banks
1991 CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA 3.427.789 Stock exchange banks
2010 Cembra Money Bank AG 6.677.634 Other banking institutions
2015 China Construction Bank Corporation, Beijing, Swiss Branch Zurich 2.747.194 Branches of foreign banks
1990 CIM BANQUE SA 1.596.678 Foreign-controlled banks
1982 Citibank (Switzerland) AG 2.847.552 Foreign-controlled banks
1963 Citibank, N.A., Sioux Falls, Zurich Branch 12.359.515 Branches of foreign banks
1834 Clientis Bank Aareland AG 763.761 Regional and savings banks
1885 Clientis Bank im Thal AG 358.048 Regional and savings banks
1874 Clientis Bank Oberuzwil AG 660.340 Regional and savings banks
1889 Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft 443.199 Regional and savings banks
1911 Clientis Bank Toggenburg AG 927.745 Regional and savings banks
1994 Clientis EB Entlebucher Bank AG 1.147.967 Regional and savings banks
1829 Clientis Sparkasse Oftringen Genossenschaft 524.846 Regional and savings banks
2002 COMMERZBANK Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 1.069.274 Branches of foreign banks
1952 Cornèr Banca SA 9.066.503 Other banking institutions
2000 Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA 5.625.635 Foreign-controlled banks
1987 Credit Europe Bank (Suisse) SA 423.018 Foreign-controlled banks
1865 CREDIT MUTUEL DE LA VALLEE SA 206.862 Regional and savings banks
2016 Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG 250.366.543 Big banks
1856 Credit Suisse AG 548.674.716 Big banks
1980 Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA 8.832.862 Foreign-controlled banks
2000 Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt a.M., Zweigniederlassung Zürich 5.104.425 Branches of foreign banks
1813 Dreyfus Söhne & Cie. Aktiengesellschaft, Banquiers 2.622.546 Stock exchange banks
2010 Dukascopy Bank SA 162.743 Stock exchange banks
1975 DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG 896.655 Foreign-controlled banks
1886 E. Gutzwiller & Cie. Banquiers Private bankers
1923 Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) S.A. 9.072.683 Stock exchange banks
1969 EFG Bank AG 27.578.532 Foreign-controlled banks
1921 EFG Bank European Financial Group SA 1.138.726 Foreign-controlled banks
1873 Ersparniskasse Affoltern i.E. AG 316.320 Regional and savings banks
1835 Ersparniskasse Rüeggisberg Genossenschaft 365.136 Regional and savings banks
1817 Ersparniskasse Schaffhausen AG 939.052 Regional and savings banks
1819 Ersparniskasse Speicher 78.369 Regional and savings banks
1995 F. van Lanschot Bankiers (Schweiz) AG 632.477 Foreign-controlled banks
2006 FAB Private Bank (Suisse) SA 929.297 Foreign-controlled banks
2020 FlowBank SA 40.739 Foreign-controlled banks
1994 Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Schweiz) AG 1.072.986 Foreign-controlled banks
1984 Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Genossenschaft 330.690 Other banking institutions
1992 Gazprombank (Schweiz) AG 1.804.207 Foreign-controlled banks
1884 Glarner Kantonalbank 7.049.275 Cantonal banks
2010 Globalance Bank AG 85.296 Stock exchange banks
1992 Goldman Sachs Bank AG 1.402.021 Foreign-controlled banks
1845 Gonet & Cie SA 763.288 Stock exchange banks
1870 Graubündner Kantonalbank 31.194.859 Cantonal banks
1857 GRB Glarner Regionalbank Genossenschaft 686.396 Regional and savings banks
1967 Habib Bank AG Zürich 4.678.893 Foreign-controlled banks
1990 HBL BANK UK LIMITED, London, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 66.371 Branches of foreign banks
2011 Helvetische Bank AG 628.410 Other banking institutions
2010 HSBC Bank plc, London, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 1.380.303 Branches of foreign banks
1988 HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA 15.048.689 Foreign-controlled banks
1997 Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG, Bregenz, Zweigniederlassung St. Gallen 983.830 Branches of foreign banks
1997 Hyposwiss Private Bank Genève SA 1.205.646 Stock exchange banks
1868 Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG 5.923.081 Regional and savings banks
2014 IG Bank S.A. 115.530 Foreign-controlled banks
2006 InCore Bank AG 236.138 Other banking institutions
2017 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Peking, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 2.026.069 Branches of foreign banks
2001 ING Bank N.V., Amsterdam, succursale de Lancy/Genève 9.917.622 Branches of foreign banks
1976 Intesa Sanpaolo Private Bank (Suisse) Morval SA 951.816 Foreign-controlled banks
1970 Investec Bank (Switzerland) AG 317.074 Foreign-controlled banks
1980 J.P. Morgan (Suisse) SA 9.191.612 Foreign-controlled banks
2011 J.P. Morgan Securities plc, London, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 25.041 Branches of foreign banks
1984 JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, Columbus, Zurich Branch 8.519.407 Branches of foreign banks
1780 LANDOLT & CIE SA 386.347 Stock exchange banks
1863 Leihkasse Stammheim AG 484.724 Regional and savings banks
2001 LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG 9.889.359 Foreign-controlled banks
1868 Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG 1.065.687 Regional and savings banks
1850 Luzerner Kantonalbank AG 48.741.231 Cantonal banks
1932 Maerki Baumann & Co. AG 616.003 Stock exchange banks
2018 MBaer Merchant Bank AG 230.459 Stock exchange banks
2000 Mercantil Bank (Schweiz) AG 152.641 Foreign-controlled banks
1958 Migros Bank AG 50.769.111 Other banking institutions
1819 Mirabaud & Cie SA 3.596.466 Stock exchange banks
1999 NBK Private Bank (Switzerland) Ltd 747.404 Foreign-controlled banks
1879 Nidwaldner Kantonalbank 5.884.387 Cantonal banks
1988 Nomura Bank (Schweiz) AG 127.336 Foreign-controlled banks
2001 NPB Neue Privat Bank AG 146.698 Stock exchange banks
1886 Obwaldner Kantonalbank 5.518.516 Cantonal banks
1974 ODDO BHF (Schweiz) AG 404.509 Foreign-controlled banks
2004 One Swiss Bank SA 447.249 Stock exchange banks
1856 Piguet Galland & Cie SA 1.115.509 Stock exchange banks
1958 PKB PRIVATBANK SA 2.310.139 Foreign-controlled banks
2013 PostFinance AG 117.189.170 Other banking institutions
1989 Privatbank Bellerive AG 366.136 Stock exchange banks
1949 Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG 1.452.729 Stock exchange banks
1992 Privatbank Von Graffenried AG 194.750 Stock exchange banks
2000 Private Client Bank AG 54.280 Stock exchange banks
2009 QNB (Suisse) SA 1.012.388 Foreign-controlled banks
2012 Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. 409.374 Foreign-controlled banks
1993 Quintet Private Bank (Schweiz) AG 220.129 Foreign-controlled banks
1750 Rahn+Bodmer Co. Private bankers
1902 Raiffeisen-Gruppe 259.653.252 Raiffeisen banks
2006 RBC Investor Services Bank S.A., Esch-sur-Alzette, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 3.486.792 Branches of foreign banks
1903 Regiobank Männedorf AG 409.012 Regional and savings banks
1819 Regiobank Solothurn AG 3.103.287 Regional and savings banks
1998 Reichmuth & Co. Private bankers
2010 REYL & Cie SA 2.073.847 Stock exchange banks
1968 Rothschild & Co Bank AG 4.892.495 Foreign-controlled banks
1994 S.P. Hinduja Banque Privée SA 300.792 Foreign-controlled banks
1999 SAXO BANK (SCHWEIZ) AG 779.345 Foreign-controlled banks
1874 SB Saanen Bank AG 1.561.783 Regional and savings banks
1988 Sberbank (Switzerland) AG 2.132.725 Foreign-controlled banks
1883 Schaffhauser Kantonalbank 8.836.937 Cantonal banks
1967 Schroder & Co Bank AG 1.161.110 Foreign-controlled banks
1890 Schwyzer Kantonalbank 21.425.617 Cantonal banks
1968 Scobag Privatbank AG 937.415 Stock exchange banks
2019 SEBA Bank AG 122.230 Other banking institutions
1903 Società Bancaria Ticinese SA 207.655 Stock exchange banks
1987 SOCIETE GENERALE Private Banking (Suisse) SA 6.772.771 Foreign-controlled banks
1926 Société Générale, Paris, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 21.844.333 Branches of foreign banks
1926 SPAR + LEIHKASSE GÜRBETAL AG 445.897 Regional and savings banks
1850 Spar- und Leihkasse Bucheggberg AG 752.874 Regional and savings banks
1837 Spar- und Leihkasse Frutigen AG 1.714.510 Regional and savings banks
1895 Spar- und Leihkasse Thayngen AG 611.325 Regional and savings banks
1929 Spar- und Leihkasse Wynigen AG 256.947 Regional and savings banks
1903 Spar+Leihkasse Riggisberg AG 593.589 Regional and savings banks
1816 Sparcassa 1816 Genossenschaft 1.548.307 Regional and savings banks
1812 Sparkasse Schwyz AG 1.932.372 Regional and savings banks
1863 Sparkasse Sense 438.612 Regional and savings banks
1868 St.Galler Kantonalbank AG 38.354.420 Cantonal banks
2007 State Street Bank International GmbH, München, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 1.411.159 Branches of foreign banks
2009 STRATEO, Genève, Succursale d'Arkéa Direct Bank SA, Puteaux (Paris) 138.961 Branches of foreign banks
2010 Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG 440.272 Other banking institutions
2001 Swissquote Bank SA 6.885.942 Stock exchange banks
2019 Sygnum Bank AG 70.833 Other banking institutions
1996 Tellco AG 172.642 Other banking institutions
1871 Thurgauer Kantonalbank 28.707.406 Cantonal banks
1991 Trafina Privatbank AG 109.777 Stock exchange banks
1967 UBL (Switzerland) AG 127.176 Foreign-controlled banks
1998 UBS AG 450.756.221 Big banks
2000 UBS Europe SE, Frankfurt am Main, Zweigniederlassung Schweiz, Opfikon 783 Branches of foreign banks
2015 UBS Switzerland AG 316.828.546 Big banks
2003 UniCredit Bank AG, München, Zweigniederlassung Zürich 5.117 Branches of foreign banks
1960 UNION BANCAIRE PRIVEE, UBP SA 37.407.905 Stock exchange banks
1980 UNITED MIZRAHI BANK (Switzerland) Ltd. 128.336 Foreign-controlled banks
1915 Urner Kantonalbank 3.572.210 Cantonal banks
1997 Valiant Bank AG 33.093.429 Regional and savings banks
1959 VP Bank (Schweiz) AG 2.298.472 Foreign-controlled banks
2006 VZ Depotbank AG 4.736.968 Other banking institutions
1934 WIR Bank Genossenschaft 5.700.613 Other banking institutions
2014 Zähringer Privatbank AG 191.492 Stock exchange banks
1892 Zuger Kantonalbank 16.915.496 Cantonal banks
1870 Zürcher Kantonalbank 187.620.393 Cantonal banks
1851 Zürcher Landbank AG 926.741 Regional and savings banks

Source: Swiss National Bank

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Swiss banks categories

Banks in Switzerland are famous for their confidentiality (Swiss bank secrecy). Here you will find an overview of all 9 existing categories of Swiss banks. Furthermore, there are the 10 largest banks listed based on their total assets according to the balance sheets and the figures published by the Swiss National Bank SNB (update of the SNB on September 30th, 2021).

Swiss banks are divided into 9 categories:

  1. Big banks
  2. Other banking institutions
  3. Foreign-controlled banks
  4. Stock exchange banks
  5. Branches of foreign banks
  6. Cantonal banks
  7. Private bankers
  8. Raiffeisen banks
  9. Regional and savings banks

Distribution of Swiss bank categories

Big banks

There are 4 big banks only:

  1. UBS AG
  2. UBS (Switzerland) AG
  3. Credit Suisse AG
  4. Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

Other banking institutions

These are banks that cannot be classified in any other category (example: PostFinance AG)

Foreign-controlled banks

This includes banks that are owned by natural or legal persons resident or based abroad.

Stock exchange banks

Stock exchange banks are private banks for private clients offering wealth management services. They are companies limited by shares.

Branches of foreign banks

In contrast to foreign-controlled banks, they do not have their own legal personality as branches. They report to the parent company abroad.

Cantonal banks

They are public institutes of a Canton. Most of them have a state guarantee.

Private bankers

Private bankers are wealth managers with international private clients. They must be distinguished from private banks (= stock exchange banks). They are liable with their private assets (“skin in the game”) as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, or limited partnership.

There are private bankers who publicly recommend accepting money from others and others who don’t. The latter do not have to publish annual reports or interim balance sheets. There are only 5 of them.

Raiffeisen banks

They mainly operate the classic interest-rate business with mortgages and business loans nationwide. They accept customer funds. They are organized as cooperatives.

Regional and savings banks

They mainly operate the classic interest-rate business with mortgages and business loans on a regional basis. They accept customer funds. They are organized as stock corporations and partly also as cooperatives.

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14:25 👉 Since Covid-19, US investors are buying a second passport
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18:02 👉 A Swiss bank account guarantees a much better medical treatment
20:50 👉 Asset protection must take place before bad things take place
20:58 👉 Geographical diversification of assets is more important than diversification of investments
22:22 👉 How to avoid the risk of financial kidnapping?
23:20 👉 How secure are banks in Georgia?

Best Swiss Banks

1. UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) – Total assets shown in the balance sheet 2021: CHF 1,117.2 billion (Swiss francs)

UBS Group AG is the largest wealth management bank in the world, making it number one in the international private banking business dedicated to wealthy individuals. It is a universal bank (as is Credit Suisse). as one of the big banks, it offers all banking services, including commercial banking, asset management, corporate finance, and investment banking.

UBS employs more than 75,000 people in over 50 countries. It has headquarters in Zurich and Basel. It is involved in many scandals like many other banks in Switzerland. UBS has paid horrendous fines in the billions for tax evasion. Despite this, the company made a profit of almost 7.5 billion dollars in 2021.

2. Credit Suisse – Total assets 2021: CHF 799 billion

Credit Suisse is the second largest bank that offers all banking services (universal bank). Alfred Escher founded the bank on July 16, 1856, and it was formerly called Schweizerische Kreditanstalt. It has its headquarters in Zurich. With 50,000 employees, Credit Suisse has a global presence.

The good reputation of Credit Suisse diminished. The share has lost value. Investment bank activities will be reduced. Private banking will be more important. Nevertheless, the bank has a tier-one capital ratio of 13.5%. Arab investors from the Gulf region acquired large blocks slightly below 9,9% of shares at the end of October 2022. No doubt, they made a good deal!

3. Raiffeisen Switzerland Group – Total assets 2021: CHF 259.6 billion

The Raiffeisen Group takes over 3rd place in this list of the largest banks. Raiffeisenbank is the leader in the retail business. It has a local presence with 806 branches.

Strong ties with the population and a cooperative spirit have characterized these institutions for over 100 years. It has 3.6 million customers. The Group has 220 Raiffeisen branches organized as cooperatives.

4. Zurich Cantonal Bank (Zürcher Kantonalbank) – Total assets 2021: CHF 187.6 billion

Founded in 1870, Zurich Cantonal Bank is considered the safest bank in the world. It is one of the few banks with a AAA rating. As a non-private entity, the financial institution is owned by the Canton of Zurich with total assets of CHF 187.6 billion according to the balance-sheet 2021.

Zurich Cantonal Bank is known as ZKB. ZKB’s customers enjoy an unlimited state guarantee from the Canton of Zurich. All money of the clients in their Swiss bank accounts held with ZKB is protected by the government of the Canton of Zürich. This is unique in Swiss banking.

That is why ZKB is so popular. Foreign clients love ZKB even though it can be very difficult for non-resident clients to open a Swiss bank account with ZKB. ZKB is very selective with onboarding new clients. In contrast to the big banks, ZKB’s reputation is impeccable.

5. Postfinance – Total assets: CHF 117.2 billion

In 1906, a post office network was set up to handle payment transactions. The first postal checking account was opened in Basel. In 1920, the Swiss Post concludes agreements with the most important countries in Europe for transferring money. In 1988, electronic payments are launched with Telegiro PTT. Today, Postfinance has 2.6 million customers.

6. Bank Julius Bär & Co. – Total assets: CHF 100.5 billion

Bank Julius Bär & Co. Ltd. is a private bank founded in Zurich in 1890. As a classic wealth management bank, it manages nearly 500 billion client assets. Since 1980, the private bank has opened up to non-family investors.

Since 2005, the private bank is a listed public company, which belongs to the SMI (Swiss Market Index). Meanwhile, the Bär family holds less than 5% of the shares. It is considered the third largest asset management bank after UBS and Credit Suisse.

7. Entris Banks – Total assets CHF 61.8 billion

Of the 60 regional and savings banks, 35 are affiliated with the Entris Group. Most of the regional banks and savings banks were founded in the century before last. In 1971, they united as the Association of Swiss Regional Banks, thus creating an umbrella organization (VSRB).

8. Banque Cantonale Vaudoise – Total assets CHF 55.9 billion

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise was founded in 1845 with headquarters in Lausanne. It employs 1937 people and marks its local presence in the Canton of Vaud with 67 branches. It is one of the few cantonal banks that have no state guarantee.

9. Migros Bank – Total assets CHF 50.8 billion

Migros Bank is a company limited by shares founded in 1958 by Gottfried Duttweiler. Migros Bank has 76 branches spread all over Switzerland. It is very popular among the population. It is known for small loans at fair terms and conditions.

10. Basler Kantonalbank – Total assets CHF 35.8 billion

Basler Kantonalbank is a public law institution. The bank has a state guarantee from the Canton of Basel City and an AA+ rating from Standard & Poors. After Zurcher Cantonal Bank and Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Basler Kantonalbank follows immediately as the third largest cantonal bank in Switzerland.

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Swiss banks interest rates

How high are interest rates in Switzerland?

The key interest rate of the Swiss National Bank has been increased to 0.50% on September 22, 2022. Finally, the era of negative interest rates has ended.

Interest rates in Switzerland are at 0.0% on private Swiss bank accounts and 0.01% on savings accounts at most banks. According to surveys with the banking sector, a major interest rate hike is unlikely to come until next year. Of course, everything depends on the monetary policy of the SNB. The key interest rate is the interest rate at which the SNB concludes transactions with the banks.

Which bank has the best interest rates in Switzerland?

Luzerner Kantonalbank 0,3%
Cembra Money Bank 0,25%
Appenzeller Kantonalbank 0,2%
Migros Bank 0,2%
Bank WIR 0,15%
Banca dello Stato del Canton Ticino 0,1%
Bank Zimmerberg 0,1%

Are Swiss francs a good investment?

Anlegen in Schweizer FrankenThe Swiss franc is one of the most used escape currencies. In uncertain times, large fortunes from all over the world flowed to banks in Switzerland. The franc will appreciate against the euro (as he did in the past).

Because of the strong Swiss economy, the Swiss franc has proven to be one of the strongest currencies worldwide. Switzerland is considered a safe haven in the world of finance.

The Swiss franc is associated with low risk, high security, and stability, and protects from inflation and depreciation. Foreign investors like asset protection ensured by the Swiss government and Swiss banking law.

History proves it: Those who invest in Swiss francs win.

Swiss bank accounts are always multi-currency accounts as standard. This means that you get a separate IBAN for each currency under the same bank account number.

How high will interest rates rise in Switzerland?

How far interest rates will rise depends on the monetary policy of the Swiss National Bank. Let’s wait and see.

Major Swiss Banks

Largest banks in Switzerland by total assets (billions in CHF)

The total assets on the balance sheets of all banking institutions have increased, except for the big banks. UBS’s total assets are still above the trillion mark. Unfortunately, they diminished by 3.3% as a result of currency differences.

Credit Suisse’s problems also caused its total assets on the balance sheet to shrink by 7.7%. Among the 10 largest banks, Raiffeisen Switzerland has the largest increase in total assets by almost 10%. Raiffeisen group remains in third place, ahead of Zürcher Kantonalbank with 4.8% growth and Postfinance with 3.6% growth.

With one exception, the cantonal banks posted strong growth in total assets. Basler Kantonalbank lost 1.8% in total assets. It slipped from 8th to 10th place.

The private banks posted record growth. Lombard Odier leads the way with a 23.5% increase in total assets. Lombard Odier is followed by Safra Sarasin with 11.4% growth and Banque Pictet with 7.9% growth.

The world has become more uncertain. The Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine have given the banking sector record key figures.

Deposit insurance at banks in Switzerland

Einlagensicherung bei Schweizer BankenIf a bank goes bankrupt, there is deposit insurance of up to CHF 100,000 on liquid assets. Furthermore, you can take out all your invested assets from the bankruptcy proceedings.

This means that the investments do not fall into the bankruptcy estate of the bank. Rather, the customer can separate his invested assets from the bankruptcy estate and save them from creditors. Of the 24 cantonal banks, 21 have an unlimited state guarantee.

An unlimited state guarantee means that all your assets (liquid and illiquid assets) in the bank account are 100% protected.

Rating Swiss banks

Many searches the web for a rating. By far not all banks in Switzerland have asked for a rating from expensive rating agencies. Many of them do without a rating.

In order to do a first assessment of the safety of a Swiss bank you must consider a few things.

Here, you will find a detailed list of all data and criteria about Swiss private banks that allow an initial assessment here.

We collected all the data, although it wasn’t easy. We put every bench through its paces.

However, even an accurate assessment can never replace a personal consultation.

Cantonal Banks – unique in Switzerland

Among the banks in Switzerland, there are 24 cantonal banks. They are locally linked to the territory. The first cantonal bank was founded in Geneva in 1816. Small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of the economy.

The cantonal banks have granted loans to SMEs amounting to CHF 161 billion (according to the SNB, as of December 2021).

For more information and figures, please see the cantonal banks subpage.

Kantonalbanken Schweizer Kantone mit Wappen

Swiss Private Banks

There are 102 private banks in Switzerland. These are banks that offer a bank account for private banking for high-net-worth individuals. The safest private banks operate a conservative business model.

Instead of engaging in lending, investment banking, and trading activities, they prefer to offer their clients only well-capitalized private banks that focus only on low-risk asset management.

Foreign private clients want to maintain the purchasing power of their assets. They find political and economic stability in Switzerland. They want their money to end up in safe hands.

I promise you: If you deposit your money with a private bank recommended by me, you will sleep much better in the future. Swiss private banks are the safest banks in the world.

You can find more information about swiss private banks on our page for private banks in Switzerland.

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Swiss Banks FAQ (frequently asked Question)

Foreign investors prefer Swiss banks to protect their assets. They appreciate the minimal financial risks. The Swiss franc is extremely stable compared to other currencies and has gained in value over time instead of depreciating. The high level of privacy protects assets from public scrutiny.

The strict Swiss law on bank secrecy of 1934 made it a serious crime with up to 3 years of prison for Swiss bankers that have disclosed any type of bank account information, for example, the names of the account holders or even the existence of the account. If a Swiss banker obtains a financial advantage from disclosing sensitive bank account information he faces up to 5 years in prison in combination with a fine of up to 250,000 Swiss francs.

The strong-capitalized Swiss private banks are the safest banks in the world. Switzerland offers the best wealth managers worldwide. It has the best banking system for asset protection.

US citizens are welcome if the money is clean, and has been taxed. US citizens and Swiss banks for US citizens must follow the strict rules of the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission).

The Swiss bank needs an SEC license for onboarding US citizens. US citizens must sign a discretionary asset management agreement with an SEC-licensed Swiss asset management company as they are not allowed to give investment instructions. Swiss banks in USA and Swiss banks in Canada are not subject to Swiss law.

Switzerland is the most secure country to keep your money. Millionaires want their money to be outside of the influence of the government at home. Swiss bank accounts offer a high level of privacy and protection against lawsuits, for example, from the US.
The Swiss bank secrecy law is still applicable. However, there is no protection anymore for tax evasion. FATCA rules and the automatic exchange of information have canceled the Swiss bank secrecy law. Today, it’s impossible to pen a Swiss bank account if the assets have not been taxed.
As a foreign account holder, you need asset protection with a super-safe bank. Prefer Swiss private banks that are well-capitalized (not foreign banks). The banks we suggest to our clients have a tier-one capital ratio of at least 20%.

For a top safety level, avoid banks with leveraged balance sheets, doing derivatives, investment banking, lending money, trade finance, and other high-risk activities. Prefer a Swiss private bank focusing exclusively on wealth management and without a physical presence outside Switzerland, or worst, in your country of fiscal residence.

Bank Vontobel, Banque Pictet, Lombard Odier, and UBP are good choices.

However, the best article and video can never replace a confidential consulting session with me, face-to-face at the table. Let’s find a private bank tailored to your needs and expectations.