Caputo & Partners AG (Ltd.) is a Swiss Company limited by shares (Aktiengesellschaft) helping international private clients. Most of our clients have bank accounts in Switzerland and are private persons. All members of our team have collected professional experience inside a Swiss bank and have a wide spread network with other bankers. Such private connections with other Swiss bankers can produce much better results in the benefit of our clients.

Our insider knowledge combined with our insider connections are the key factors to be successful in solving the problems for our clients. We do not hire lawyers without professional experience matured inside a Swiss bank. We need insiders of the Swiss Private Banking industry portable know how which is immediately applicable. Practical and portable know-how is a must and even more important than pure academic reputation.

Our boutique law firm is not on the payroll of the powerful Swiss banks like the other big law firms. Intentionally, we do not accept Swiss banks as our clients. The international boutique law firm’s CEO is Enzo Caputo, Attorney at Law. A respected hand-picked team of banking lawyers, private bankers, hedge-fund specialists, accountants, international tax lawyers, commodities specialists are helping to solve the problems of High Net-Worth Individuals coming from all over the world.

These experienced professionals with the right mindset, with many years of banking experience matured inside Swiss banks, are multilingual, multicultural and internationally open-minded. They are trained to produce fast results for the benefit of the client in the most efficient way. You can hire a professional to come with you to your next meeting with your private banker – in the case of urgency. Our offices are at Paradeplatz at walking distance from all the most important Swiss banks.

Caputo & Partners has reliable partners with decades of professional experience matured inside the Swiss banks. We offer tailor-made solutions to cover our client’s most sophisticated needs and expectations.

Enzo Caputo
Enzo CaputoFounder and CEO
Simões Bata
Simões BataPartner
Valeriy Volkov
Valeriy VolkovPartner
Jan Andrzejewski
Jan AndrzejewskiPartner
Ahmad Jalanbo
Ahmad JalanboPartner