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What do you have to know before you start becoming tax compliant with your Swiss Bank Account?

Do you want to be tax compliant with your Swiss Bank Account?

Banca BS Via Pretorio 14 Lugano SvizzeraThe OECD Countries have introduced Common Reporting Standards (CRS). These agreements have already been signed and sealed with all OECD countries and G20 countries for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI).

What does this mean for you?

All individuals with foreign bank accounts must be tax compliant with the tax legislation at home.

For example:

A Greek national living in Athens having a bank account in Zurich has to make sure that the Tax authorities in Greece are informed of his bank account in Switzerland and that all reporting obligations are accomplished.

  • What do you have to do, in order to be considered tax compliant in your own home country with a Swiss Bank Account?
  • How can you start the so-called Voluntary Disclosure in your home country?

Be aware of wrong, incorrectly or incomplete worded Self-Declarations!

Before starting the declaration process it is very important for your representative, that is your lawyer, to explain you the big picture on your specific actual financial and personal situation.

  • How big is the risk today to be detected for tax evasion?
  • Are other family members or business partners already involved with their own Voluntary Disclosure procedure and is that relevant to your case
  • How are you to answer specific questions, etc.

Caputo & Partners can help you to become tax compliant and start with the process without being detected.

When it comes to the Voluntary Disclosure Data Protection is essential. We have years of experiences accumulated with different Voluntary Disclosure Programs: we helped USA and Italian clients with secret accounts in Switzerland to become tax compliant.

We are corresponding and cooperating with the most experienced local tax specialists in your home country.

We have been involved with a huge number of cases and correctly submitted and successfully executed hundreds of cases for our clients.

Additionally, we informed our Italian clients with our informative website full of interesting content like our website having more than 1000 visitors per day and our YouTube Channel listing about 30 educational videos explaining the Voluntary Disclosure procedures in Italy. Find out more about the programme we run in Italy (Italian content).

We know how to select and negotiate with the local specialists in your home country.

Switzerland Euro Tax EvadersTo begin with, we offer first free of charge meetings informing you on the scenarios concerning the latest developments with the tax legislation in your home country. We know when its the right time to start with such a procedure and how to fly under the radar until everything is completed.

Each case is different and needs our full attention. For some cases, we were in a position to offer a very elegant solution saving a lot of money for the account holder.

An Italian client:

– We had an Italian client having his sons and daughters living outside Italy, his country of residence. He made a donation in time (before the automatic exchange of information will start) to his successors and heirs transferring the account in favour of his family members living outside Italy. His investment has not produced any dividends and any interest rates.

A French client convinced to be tax-liable in Italy.

– He absolutely wanted to participate to the Italian Voluntary Disclosure Program. After careful consideration of his tax liability and his effective tax residence, we have discovered that he was not resident in Italy according to the terms and conditions of applicable Italian tax law.

Instead to file for the Italian Voluntary Disclosure program we were advised him to participate in the French Voluntary Disclosure program.

These cases, I have just explained are two very important evidence, demonstrating that each single case can trigger a different treatment with different implications and how important it is to get it right from the beginning, in order to avoid extra time and hustle later. Each single case deserves a particular judgement with a completely different tax qualification. The cases must be managed according to the circumstances as qualified by applicable law and not according to the sentiments of the clients. Sometimes, wrong sentiments, convictions, and perceptions can be totally misleading.

Wrong conceptions on what is fair and right can be a high risk with devastating effects on the financial situation. Your earnings of your life can be in danger.

If you have questions do not hesitate and contact us today. Write or call us and ask for an appointment. We will find a solution for your case. Keeping this type of problems for yourself is not good for your health. We have seen many individuals having sleepless nights due to this situation.

Contact us today to receive your free consultation about Voluntary Disclosure programme between your country and Switzerland.