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Origin of Union Bancaire Privee | UBP Bank

Union Bancaire PriveeThe de Picciotto family has a long tradition, and their roots go back to the Age of Discovery of Portugal. Their skills were in trade and diplomacy. Union Bancaire Privée is one of the largest family-owned private banks in the world. The bank was founded in 1969 by Edgar de Picciotto. In 1989 the bank opened a branch in Tokyo. In 2002 they acquired Discount Bank and Trust Company.

In 2011 they took over ABN AMRO’s Swiss subsidiary, in 2013 Lloyd Geneva’s international private banking business and in 2015 they acquired the global wealth management business of Royal Bank of Scotland, Coutts. In 2016 the Coutts International business in Asia was integrated into the company, namely Singapore and Hongkong.

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Philosophy and Strategy
To maintain operational efficiency strategic decisions were taken and investments have been made to drive the business development. In the last 18 months, UBP could rapidly grow its business in Asia. The bank has hired more than 300 people in Asia. They hired teams with a strong track record. The assets under management in Asia are 15 % of the total assets and reached 19 bn CHF. The brand recognition is continuously increasing through the efforts of distinct wealth management.

The license of the subsidiary in Luxembourg was extended to win EU-resident clients and to develop the private banking business in Milan in 2018. Also, the bank got the license to start a business in Israel. The organization of UBP reflects the best combination of skills for the private and the institutional clients. They have an integrated model which brings all the investment expertise together in the asset management and all capital market activities are done in the treasury & trading division.

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Services and Solutions
UBP BankUnion Bancaire Privée has five main business areas, the Private Banking, the Asset Management, the Trading & Treasury, the Group Shared Services and the Risk & Compliance, division. The Private Banking offers advisory services, discretionary portfolio management, tax & wealth planning solutions, direct investments and secure and safe e-banking. The independent asset managers can count on a very trustful partner, and they are offered custody, market information, advisory and operations and an e-platform.

The requirements of the most demanding institutional clients can be met, and UBP has built a leading position in managing their assets. The investment expertise of UBP has a wide range from equities, fixed income, structured products, convertible bonds, fund of funds, multi-asset to alternative investments. UBP has a wide range of own investment funds. More than half of UBPs private banking clients have signed an advisory or discretionary mandate.

Risk Management
The risk management is an essential part of Union Bancaire Privée’s strategy. The governing bodies pay close attention to risk. The risk management must be an integral part of all the processes and should be independent and rigorous. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are setting up the risk policy framework. They assure that the risks are monitored, assessed and identified. Absolute safety for clients and the shareholders are of utmost importance.

UPBs approach is very demanding for IT-technology, procedures and employee’s skills. The Board of Directors determines the risk management strategy and policy on a global level. The Executive Committee is responsible for the implementation. Credit and Compliance department carry out second-level risk checks and the divisions carry out first-level risk check. The market risk which is vital in the trading and treasury activities in the form of positions, primary market exposures, maximum losses, countries, and issuers.

A daily report is showing the risk. The credit risk controls the counterparties and their possibility to fail. UBP has a defined system to manage this risk. The private client risks are managed through Lombard loans. 90 % of the loans are secured by pledged collateral. Other risks are the operational and the reputational risk.

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Added-Value Services
Several technology related projects were started in 2017 to help improve the services to the private banking clients and to support the revolutions in the working methods. Significant energy and resources have been allocated to regulatory matters, like the MiFID II or the Automatic Exchange of Information. The assets under management increased by 5.9 % in 2017 to 125.3 bn CHF.

The DiOne program has a new user-friendly, multi-channel interface and allows mobile and interactive access. The first part will be introduced in 2018 with the launching of the new e-banking platform. The second phase will introduce new communication tools, like online chats and video calls. Most of UBPs funds showed a positive performance in 2017. The outperformance was primarily in the bond segment. The asset management division recruited a new equity team in New York.

Union Bancaire Privee | UBP Bank – Facts & Figures

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Address Rue du Rhône 96-98, 1211 Geneva
Phone +41 58 819 21 11
Website www.upb.com
Year of foundation 1969
Subsidiaries 25
No. of employees 1’904
Rating Moody’s Aa2
Chairman Daniel de Picciotto
CEO Guy de Picciotto
Eligible Regulatory Capital 2.127 bn CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 25.20 %
Leverage Exposure 39.281 bn CHF
Leverage Ratio 5.40 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 275 %
Risk Weighted Assets 8.431 bn CHF
Loans outstanding 12.663 bn CHF
Assets under Management 160.4 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 84.243 m CHF
Net profit 201.230 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 105’688 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 66.53 %
Return on Equity 8.12 %
Own structured products Yes
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East

Source: Annual Report 2021

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