How to get a new identity legally

The last decade, a tornado went through the banking sector and the financial industry in general.
International initiatives like the Automatic Exchange of Information, Common Reporting Standard and anti-money-laundering regulations make it impossible to hold money confidential. The truth is that financial privacy is compromised. In this video, I will show you how global entrepreneurs buy a new identity legally to protect their assets from financial kidnapping and arbitrary authorities. I show you the most efficient asset protection tools giving back financial privacy.

Today, the Authorities first shoot and explain later

Your identity is summarized in the passport listing your residence, citizenship and name. Today, the authorities first shoot and explain later. I saw innocent business owners who went bankrupt because of frozen bank accounts. A second banking passport offers security, asset protection and peace of mind in a hostile world. Based on address, citizenship and name, the authorities have an easy job freezing your bank account overnight. With a new identity legally obtained, you can protect your assets from aggressive lawsuits, rapacious tax agencies and financial kidnapping.

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International asset protection with a banking passport and the freedom of movement are becoming very important for global business people as immigration policies are becoming more stringent. A booming industry is offering a second passport or a golden visa against an investment in the country. A second passport is a war-proved offshore asset protection tool. A second passport combined with a new name is the atomic bomb for international asset protection. The last year in the UK, 85’000 people changed their name legally.

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The new beneficial owner register eliminates financial privacy

The 5th anti-money laundering directive of the European Union introduced a beneficial owner register. That means that companies are becoming transparent. Authorities are piercing the veil of the legal entity. Hiding legal money by using legal entities and bank secrecy laws will not work anymore. Financial Privacy has been compromised and disrespected. The reality is the business with second passports and golden visas is booming.

Freedom of movement, security, asset protection with financial privacy and peace of mind are becoming more important than ever. The absence of financial privacy can expose some investors at risk of financial kidnapping. Financial privacy is under attack. However, the need for financial privacy will persist, today and in the future. Since the crusades 1000 years ago, people searched for privacy throughout trusts and similar structures to secure their own safety, the safety of their heirs and the assets they hold. The reality is the business with second passports and golden visas is booming.

The European Union and Non-Governmental Organizations attacked the Citizenship by Investment & Golden Visa Programs
The European Union and powerful Non-Governmental Organizations, so-called NGO’s, such as Transparency International and Global Witness, have hardly attacked the Citizenship by Investment and Golden Visa Programs. According to them, corrupt oligarchs, politically exposed persons, warlords and mobsters being associated with the organized crime should have abused of such programs in the past. They apparently laundered and invested dirty money in Europe. They circumvented economic and political sanctions, extradition treaties and legalized money from tax evasion and corruption.

They say that such programs are dangerous if misused by criminals. Honestly spoken, everything, including a simple knife, can be dangerous if misused by criminals. The truth is that the due diligence level in the passport selling countries is much higher than ever before. The background checks on the applicants and the source of funds verifications improved significantly. The authorities responsible for such programs are doing an excellent job.

Warning against Criminal Abuse!
Warning SignNow, I am warning you. I am preventing you from committing a criminal offense. You will discover sensitive and controversial information which can be misused by criminal individuals to escape debt, hide and protect from criminal prosecution or – even worst – to commit a new crime. In most of the countries, the laws prohibit changing your name to escape debt, hide from criminal liabilities or to commit a crime. Therefore, please be advised that using this information for illegitimate purposes is a criminal act.

This video is not addressed to tax evaders and other criminals. This video is addressed to global entrepreneurs for better asset protection and financial privacy. Today, for a global businessman, freedom of movement, international asset protection, asset diversification and financial privacy have become more important than ever before in this transparent and over-regulated world.

Who owns your Passport?
As we affirmed at the beginning of the video, your passport is the most important instrument to determine your identity. I made a mistake in saying your passport. Why? The passport is not your property. You are not the owner of your passport. The passport is owned by the government. This distinction is very important. That means that your government can take away your passport overnight. Here, I give you few examples. Edward Snowden’s passport has been revoked by the US State Department in a snap.

Snowden was then left stranded in the international transit area at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. He was blocked in the transit area for over a month until the Russian Federation granted him asylum. In the USA, there is a new law since 2015. The Internal Revenue Service, the IRS, the US tax agency can revoke your passport if the IRS suspects that you have a tax debt exceeding USD 50’000. The former Prime Minister in Thailand, Mr. Thaksin was overthrown in a coup in 2006 while he was out of the country. Both became stateless overnight.

Based on the benefits of a second passport, Snowden and Thaksin would never become stateless and forced of asking for asylum. Living without a passport means no freedom of movement and no insurance for the worst case scenario.

There are multiple ways of getting a passport
The first way is to buy a stolen or a fake passport for 2’000 EUR. Nobody of us would buy such a passport.

The second way of obtaining a passport is based on special connections to politically exposed persons. Gerard Depardieu maintains excellent connections to Vladimir Putin. Based on his special connections, he became the passport. The passport may work as long Vladimir Putin will continue to be the leader in Russia. The following government can take away such a passport issued without a specific law.

Citizenship by Investment is definitely a legitimate way to buy a passport and become a citizen of a new country. The passport program is based on a specific law of the state granting the passport. There is a legal basis for it. That’s very important.

The other way of getting a passport is time or marriage. After 5 or 10 years of permanent residence in a country or a marriage, you are entitled to file for naturalization and become a citizen of the country of residence or you can claim the citizenship and passport of your spouse. Marriage and divorce are excellent occasions for changing the name legally. Marriage and divorce are the most common reasons for changing the name.

Change of the Name
I have some clients living in countries where financial kidnapping is widespread. They changed their names to better protect their assets. In some countries, it’s very easy to change the name. Asset protection measures must be implemented before something bad happens. Many successful global business people living in countries with a high corruption rate buy a second or a third passport for account opening and asset protection. Some of them changed their names because of financial kidnapping and more efficient asset protection.

Steeling Money with False Accusations
If you are a successful businessman living in a corrupt country your competitors can be a problem. If you do business in such countries you should maintain good relationships with the political elite. Unfortunately, the political elite can change. If the new regime is influenced by your competitors your offshore assets can be in danger.

I saw many cases with frozen accounts based on international requests of legal assistance based on invented criminal activities. The new government cooperates with your competitors. The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland is aware of such fabricated allegations. The Federal Supreme Court rejected international requests for legal assistance because they are aware of such corrupt requests for expropriation.

The Atomic Bomb for Asset Protection
Clients of corrupt countries are more prepared for sophisticated measures for asset protection. Financial kidnapping is a widespread issue. They change their names. Among Russian business people, passports based on Citizenship by Investment Programs and Golden Visa are very frequently used. They know exactly how fast and easy it is to revoke a passport. It will be very difficult to discover and freeze a Swiss bank account if it’s opened with a new name, a new address and a new passport. If there is a new name with a new passport and a new residence this name will never pop up on the list of the compliance officer of the bank.

Multiple Passports became a Status Symbol
If you have a mega yacht, 3 private jets, apartments in London and Monte Carlo, the next thing to buy is a second or a third passport. European Union Passports issued with a Citizenship by investment Program are considered as the latest status symbol. Some of my Arab Clients have between 3 to 5 Passports. As immigration policies are becoming more restrictive freedom of movement is becoming a key factor for international business people.

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