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Walther PPQ

(Translated by Google) I addressed the lawyer. Enzo Caputo for two complex situations of international taxation, requiring in-depth knowledge of national regulations recently adopted a number of explanatory circular, besides the agreements between nations that were called in while.
In no time, the lawyer. Caputo has examined the documentation from various nations and has successfully solved all the problems.
I can testify that it is a true professional, legal and banking with world-class skills, able to handle international matters through the knowledge of several languages.

Stefano Ceccarelli
We know Mr. Enzo Caputo for many years and also we have engaged him as a lawyer for our service company for more than 2 years. He managed our in-house compliance issues as well as he made legal opinions for complex business cases and he resolved the legal problems of our clients.
We learned him as a very experienced business lawyer who is capable to present practical solutions. His portable knowledge is an asset which not many lawyers have.
He is quick and strategic in providing solutions, including unconventional solutions. We know a lot of lawyers but what is sure, Mr. Enzo Caputo is very flexible and uncomplicated. He comes always to the point and he is not losing time. His experience gives him the right feeling in the daily cases to analyze and consider a legal situation with the correct judgment. He has the ability to deliver practical and business-oriented solutions. As a multilingual person – he speaks 5 languages. His international contacts also help him to be well connected with other professionals.
We can recommend Enzo Caputo for private clients who require legal support.
Marcel Scherrer

Yesterday Morning I was in the Law Firm to ask for help with my Bank. My Bank changed me with exaggerated and unjustified Bank Fees. The Same day me Caputo Walles with me Meeting the Banker. Mr. Caputo convinced my Banker to cancel the Fees. His tax Know-how is Impressive and he came to the Point very quick. Suddenly my Case appeared to be very simple. I was happy to solve my case the Same day. He is the fastest lawyer. I can recommend him to Everybody with any kinds of Bank Problems.



The following text contains the most detailed and comprehensive information that you can find on the internet about Swiss bank accounts. We recommend you to take your time in reading this text carefully, otherwise you choose the wrong bank, deal with a bonus-driven banker investing in risky products. These can wipe out your savings overnight.

Swiss Bank Account – 71 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Every day, our international investment community is asking questions on the mystical Swiss Bank Account. We collected the 71 most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from all over the world. We have revealed all the secrets around the Swiss Bank Account answering the 71 questions.

Please find subsequently our 71 answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in connection with a Swiss Bank Account.

( 1) Are Swiss bank accounts still secret?
More than 100 countries signed the agreement for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI). The Swiss banks will disclose bank account information for tax purposes to your country of residence. Except for tax purposes, the banking secrecy laws and the very severe data protection laws are still in force.

( 2) Are Swiss bank accounts illegal?
As long as you fulfil the tax reporting obligation a Swiss bank account is 100% legal.

( 3) Are Swiss bank accounts legal?
Swiss bank accounts are legal as long you accomplish your tax reporting obligations in your country of residence.

( 4) Are Swiss bank accounts safe?
Yes, Swiss banks are considered to be the safest banks in the world. The Tier One Capital Ratios of Swiss banks are very high compared to banks in other countries. Check the Best Private Bank List Swiss Private Bank Directory.

( 5) Are Swiss bank accounts insured?
Swiss bank accounts are insured until CHF 100’000. Zürcher Kantonalbank guarantees 100% of the account balance in cash. If your money is invested, for example in shares and bonds, your investments are fully protected. In case of a bankruptcy you have the benefit of excussion (Lat. beneficium ordinis seu excussionis). The Swiss law allows you to take your investments out of the bankruptcy procedure.

( 6) Are Swiss bank accounts legal for US citizens?
Yes, as long US citizens are fulfilling their tax reporting obligations with the FBAR-Filing with IRS everything is legal.

( 7) Are Swiss bank accounts taxed?
A Swiss bank account is not taxed. The income collected with a Swiss bank account is subject to ordinary taxation in your country of residence; not in Switzerland.

( 8) Are Swiss bank accounts private?
Yes, Swiss bank accounts are very private. Bankers who disclose bank information are committing a criminal offence. They will face jail-time for having infracted the Swiss banking secrecy rules.

( 9) Why are Swiss bank accounts so popular?
Swiss bank accounts are very popular because of Hollywood movies and the 200 years of successful Swiss banking history. During the last WWII, Swiss banks protected the assets of many families escaping from the Nazis. Swiss bank account means the best asset protection in the world. More than 30% of all privately held offshore assets are invested with Swiss banks in Switzerland.

(10) Why are Swiss bank accounts untraceable?
Swiss banks accounts are difficult to trace because of the very severe banking secrecy laws. A banker will not disclose the banking information of his clients because the disclosure represents a criminal offence according to Swiss law. Privacy and financial affairs are very close. The Swiss mentality keeps financial affairs secret. It’s based on a very long tradition in Switzerland. Since centuries, Swiss banks in Geneva acted as the safety box for the French kings financing the wars in the French colonies for “La grande Nation”.

(11) What is Swiss bank account interest rate?
A Swiss bank account is maintained as a multi-currency account. An account in Swiss Francs will offer a very low-interest rate, sometimes even negative interests. On the other hand, the Swiss currency is one of the strongest currencies of the world. Swiss Franc accounts offer protection against devaluation and inflation.

(12) How secure are Swiss bank accounts?
Swiss bank accounts are the most secure bank accounts on the planet. The secrecy laws and the Swiss tradition will protect the assets for generations. Switzerland is definitely the safest jurisdiction on the planet to do business. International business people have a Swiss bank account. The probability that the business partner has also a Swiss bank account is very high. This makes an international transaction with big volumes very safe and simple. Sometimes, it’s just an internal transfer within UBS. This is a very important comfort factor for international big business. Business people are aware that Swiss banks have very strict Due Diligence and Know Your Customer rules. Having a bank account with a Swiss bank is the entry ticket for the international business community.

(13) Can Swiss bank accounts be traced?
Due to the banking secrecy rules, it will be very difficult to trace the existence of a Swiss bank account. Due to the professional skill previously developed with tax-neutral funds Swiss bankers are familiar with the best structures to stash and hide money.

(14) Can Swiss bank accounts be frozen?
Yes, the Swiss legislation offers banking secrecy laws protecting the privacy of a Swiss bank account holder but it will not be a protection for criminal activities. Swiss banks are very concerned to maintain a high reputation. It’s not any more a good place for criminals to stash money.

(15) Do Swiss bank accounts pay interest?
Swiss bank accounts are multi-currency accounts. The interest rate is subject to the specific currency chosen with the account.

(16) Do Swiss bank accounts earn interest?
Yes, if you open a Swiss bank account with a currency offering high-interest rates, you will collect high-interest rate. But watch out. High-interest rate means a high risk for inflation. It’s much better to collect a low-interest rate and keep a strong currency. Such decisions have to be tailor-made to the needs and expectations of the investor. It’s the job of a good asset manager to select the best mix according to the specific situation of the family of the investor. Feel free to call me, if you need a more detailed advice on how to invest. I am happy to guide you making some of the best asset protection proposals to you. Don’t hesitate, give me a call.

(17) Do Swiss bank accounts have debit cards?
Yes, Swiss banks are very familiar in dealing with all types of credit cards. During the old times of black and untaxed money, it was very common to keep the Swiss bank account in the name of a British Virgin Islands company to keep the real owner of funds secret. The BVI-company had a credit card and the owner was in a position to spend his untaxed money without being exposed to the risks of being detected by the tax authorities.

(18) Can American open Swiss bank account?
Today, more and more US persons are bringing the hard-earned money back to Switzerland. US investors are looking for the Swiss global investment and diversifications skills they will never receive in the USA. Many Swiss banks are increasing their US-desks to better serve investors from the USA. As long the tax reporting obligations are fulfilled with the IRS, everything is legal and transparent. Swiss banks are very helpful with the completion of tax forms. This is part of the high class Swiss private banking services.

(19) How Swiss bank accounts work?
Swiss bank accounts offer the best asset protection for the global investor. Long-term bank account relationships are maintained in Switzerland for a constant grow in value, global investment diversification with strong currencies and as a reserve for rainy days.

(20) How to open Swiss bank account from USA?
US-persons are investing again with Swiss banks and asset managers with an SEC license. Only licensed institutions are allowed to serve US persons. Swiss banks are more than ever prepared to accept US clients. We are specialised with bank account opening for US-clients.

(21) How to open Swiss bank account from UK?
Bank accounts for UK-clients can be opened without any problem. Today, we are in a position to open accounts without travelling to Switzerland. The laws for a video identification are working well. However, I always advise my clients to visit the bank and the asset manager in Switzerland. Having a Swiss bank account is an important step for you and for the next generation to come. A personal meeting will consolidate the long-term relationship.

(22) What does Swiss bank account mean?
A Swiss bank account means asset protection. Multi-currency accounts for a constant growth in value with global diversification. Swiss professionals are very familiar with international tax optimization with the help of legal structures.

(23) How to close Swiss bank account?
We helped international clients closing their accounts after filing for a Voluntary Disclosure procedure. If a Swiss bank informs you to close the account you should give me a call. There is always an issue behind the account closing request.

(24) How Swiss bank accounts work?
Swiss bank accounts offer the best asset protection for the global investor. Long-term bank account relationships are maintained in Switzerland for a constant growth in value, diversification with strong currencies and as a reserve for rainy days.

(25) What are Swiss bank accounts good for?
Swiss bank accounts offer asset protection for a global investor. Long-term bank account relationships are held with Swiss banks with the scope of a constant growth in value, diversification with strong currencies and as a reserve for rainy days and emergency situations.

(26) What does Swiss bank account?
It will protect your money.

(27) Who has Swiss bank accounts?
The owners of 30% of the total privately held offshore money are investing with Swiss banks. Swiss bank account owners do not need the funds invested in Switzerland.

(28) Who can open Swiss bank account?
Everybody can open a Swiss bank account as long he is not black-listed. He should have an impeccable reputation as an honest businessman. He has to documents the legitimate source of funds. The deposit should be 1 million USD at least. However, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

(29) Why Swiss bank account?
A credible alternative to Swiss banks is not available. Switzerland is the best jurisdiction for a global asset protection strategy.

(30) Why Swiss bank accounts are so popular?
Hollywood movies made Swiss bank accounts are very popular. A track-record with 200 years of successful Swiss banking history can be found in Switzerland only. During the last WWII, Swiss banks protected the assets of many victims of the Nazis. Swiss bank account means the best asset protection for global investments. More than 30% of all privately held offshore money is invested in Switzerland.

(31) Why open Swiss bank account?
There is no comparable alternative to Switzerland for asset protection with a multi-currency account offering a diversification with strong currencies.

(32) Why is Swiss bank account secret?
The Swiss banking secrecy has become relative. There is no secrecy anymore for tax evasion. The Swiss bank account information will be disclosed automatically with the country of residence of the client. Beside tax relevant information, the Swiss banking secrecy laws are still applicable. Swiss bankers disclosing bank account information are acting against the law. The disclosure of bank account information is a criminal act and will be punished with a prison sentence. If a client has committed a heavy crime he is not anymore authorised to claim protection based on bank secrecy laws.

(33) Why are Swiss bank accounts illegal?
Swiss bank accounts are not illegal. If the tax reporting obligations in the country of residence are accomplished a Swiss bank account is 100% legal.

(34) Why use Swiss bank accounts?
Global asset protection, multi-currency account, strong Swiss franc, political and economic stability, reliable and fast legal system, global investment diversification skills of Swiss bankers and asset managers. Classic Swiss asset management is globally appreciated due to the constant growth of assets for the long-term.

(35) Why criminals use Swiss bank accounts?
Between 20 and 40 fraudsters from all over the world are sitting always in the luxury hotels in Zurich’s financial centre waiting for the next financial victim. Based on the Swiss criminal legislation fraudulent activities are very difficult to be proven. 5 conditions must be accomplished before fraudulent activities are considered as a criminal offence. In Switzerland, it will be very difficult to bring a fraudster to justice for fraud and white-collar crimes. They take specific advice from a financial lawyer on how to place fraudulent private equity investment products. Give me a call before you invest money with an investment product you do not fully understand. I will check it for you within a few minutes.

(36) Can Swiss bank accounts be traced?
If Swiss bank accounts are maintained within a corporate structure it will be difficult to trace it. Banking secrecy is strong. There are some strategies for tracing accounts. If you have a specific case I will be more than happy to discuss some ideas.

(37) Can Swiss bank accounts be frozen?
Yes, there are many accounts frozen as a consequence of an international request for legal assistance for criminal procedures. If there is a suspicion for money laundering activities Swiss bank accounts can immediately be frozen.

(38) How does Swiss bank account work?
A Swiss bank account is the best asset protection for a global investor. The scope will be a long-term bank account relationship. Investors are looking for a constant growth in value, global investment diversification with strong currencies and as a reserve for rainy days.

(39) What does Swiss bank account?
A Swiss bank account will protect your money. Turbulent years are coming for sure within the near future. Wealthy people desperately need an experienced asset manager with globally diversified investment strategies. Such a global investment know-how is available in Switzerland only.

(40) Opening a Swiss bank account from Canada?
Account opening for residents in Canada can be done with Swiss banks who are licensed by the regulators in Canada. Only several banks having an appropriate license are accepting clients from Canada. If you are a resident in Canada just give me a call. I will introduce you to the best bank serving clients in Canada.

(41) Canadian opening Swiss bank account?
Selected banks only are in a position to serve clients from Canada.

(42) Can American open Swiss bank account?
Swiss banks and asset managers with an SEC licence are authorised accepting American clients. Specific licenses are imperative.

(43) Swiss bank account for non residents?
Swiss banks are very familiar with non-resident investors. Compared to other banks, Swiss banks are very skilled in dealing with non-resident clients. They have desks tailor-made to the needs and expectations of clients with a specific residence. Many Swiss banks have increased the staff to better serve non-resident clients.

(44) Swiss bank account for UK citizens?
No problem. As long the assets are disclosed to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Swiss bank account opening will not be a problem.

(45) Swiss bank account for UK resident?
If the account will be tax-complaint it will be easy to open it.

(46) Swiss bank account for US citizens?
US citizens are tax-liable despite their place of residence. They have to accomplish their FBAR filing obligations. Because of the global tax obligations many US citizens have given back the USA passport to eliminate their tax liabilities.

(47) Swiss bank account for expats?
There are special departments with big Swiss banks dedicated to serving expats.

(48) Swiss bank account for foreigners?
Swiss banks are very familiar with the needs and expectations of non-resident aliens.

(49) Swiss bank account for EU citizens?
Due to the turbulence in some EU countries, example Italy, hundreds of accounts are activated at this very moment. EU citizens are investing with Swiss banks for asset protection, diversification, strong currency etc.

(50) Swiss bank account for cryptocurrency?
There are 2 banks specialized with cryptocurrency: Kaiser & Partner, Bank Frick. You can do asset management with cryptocurrencies in Switzerland starting with a minimum amount of five million.

(51) Swiss bank account for UK company?
If there are no connections to Switzerland it will be difficult to open A Swiss bank account for a UK company. Such a request must be analysed on a case-by-case basis.

(52) Swiss bank account for company?
A Swiss bank account opening for a company will not be an easy task. The company has to show some substance in terms of own offices, staff and operative activities. Accounts for paper-companies are a problem. Very difficult with Swiss banks.

(53) Swiss bank account for BVI company?
Opening a Swiss bank account for a BVI company is possible. The formalities are time-consuming.

(54) Swiss bank account to avoid tax?
Swiss banks are not supporting tax evasion anymore. According to Swiss law, a Swiss bank account with an amount exceeding CHF 300’000 with evaded tax substrate during the relevant tax year will be considered as a serious crime. If a Swiss bank will see tax evasion for an amount exceeding CHF 300’000 the client will be reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (MROS). Tax evasion with that amount is considered money laundering according to new Swiss law.

(55) Swiss bank account and divorce?
Swiss bank accounts have been used for hiding money from the spouse. If a client has a dispute with his wife who is linked to a divorce he should give me a call. We will discuss the issue on a case by case basis.

(56) Swiss bank account in UK?
Having a Swiss bank account in GBP is a normal situation. Multi-currency accounts are business as usual here in Switzerland.

(57) Swiss bank account in US dollars?
Multi-currency accounts are established in USD and other currencies.

(58) Swiss bank account in Australia?
Swiss bank accounts can be in Aussie Dollars.

(59) Swiss bank account and taxes?
Swiss bank accounts must be tax-compliant. There is no exception. Time has changed. We are living in a transparent world.

(60) Swiss bank account in GBP?
GBP is a very frequent currency for a Swiss bank account. It’s nothing to write home about.

(61) Swiss bank account terms and conditions?
The terms and conditions can be very different from bank to bank. The pricing is not transparent. I can negotiate the pricing for you. Everything is negotiable. If you don’t care about the pricing, the bank will offer the standard pricing. There is a list of the terms and conditions. We know the pricing standards in the Swiss private banking industry very well.
Therefore, for my clients, I always negotiate an All-In Fee, including custodian, banking and asset management fee and I eliminate all pricing structures allowing kick-backs or hidden fees. The All-In fee is much more transparent and subject to the amounts of assets under management. The target should be an All-In Fee ranging between 1% up to 1,5% of the assets under management per year. Investment strategy and amount of assets are influencing the pricing.

(62) Swiss bank account no minimum deposit?
Usually, a Swiss bank account should start with 1 million. Classic Swiss asset management needs a certain amount allowing a global diversification of investments. Smaller amounts can be invested only with expensive investment funds.

(63) Swiss bank account no longer safe?
Swiss bank accounts are safe. More than ever, investors from all over the world are looking for asset protection with Swiss banks.

(64) Swiss bank account to avoid tax?
Tax evasion is not possible anymore with Swiss banks. Legal tax optimization is the solution.

(65) Swiss bank account with debit card?
No problem. Swiss bank accounts are offered in combination with a debit or credit card.

(66) Open Swiss bank account from abroad?
No problem. Swiss banks are used to deal with international clients from abroad.

(67) Open Swiss bank account with no minimum balance?
You can open a Swiss bank account with no money but substantial assets should arrive within the coming months.

(68) Swiss bank account benefits?
The benefits: asset protection, multi-currency accounts, globally diversified investments, stable political and economic environment, strong currency, asset management skills, privacy and secrecy.

(69) Swiss bank account bitcoin?
There are 2 Swiss banks dealing with cryptocurrency.

(70) Swiss bank account minimum balance?
The minimum balance should be 1 million. Less is possible. Globally diversified investments are impossible with small amounts.

(71) Swiss bank account open minimum balance?
It’s possible to open a Swiss bank account with lower amounts but there is no diversification of global investments. Smaller amounts are diversified with investment funds. Investments funds are much more expensive compared to direct investments.

10 Reasons for Opening a Swiss Bank Account

1. Protection against political risk factors with an account in Switzerland

The biggest risk of losing your assets stems from the political risk coming from your own government. Many consider market or financial risk to be the main risk factors. They underestimate the hidden political risk with the outgoing threat of nationalization by the government due to bankruptcy. You should only read the recent financial reports on Italian banks. There is no doubt that most governments are becoming increasingly desperate because of their hopelessly situation. No one will tell you that the world has not recovered from the catastrophic financial crisis in 2008.

Desperate governments reach out for desperate measures as they have always done throughout the history: nationalization. Nationalization through Bail-Ins of your own government is the biggest threat to your savings. With Bail-Ins, the government forces you by virtue of law to become a shareholder of the bank, effectively saving your bank at home. This has already happened in Cyprus in 2013.

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“Save your savings and not your bank!“

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by a private account in Switzerland. Safeguard your savings by opening an account in Switzerland as a non-resident account holder. The European Central Bank (ECB) and the government of the European Union (EU) have already instructed all of their 28 member nations to introduce and implement Bail-In legislation. “Bail-In” means that you will have to bail-Out your bank.

You do not need to be Einstein to realize in advance that Bail-Ins will be inevitable in many countries in the near future. Some examples from recent years clearly show what desperate governments are doing: bank deposit tax in Spain, nationalization of pension assets in Argentina, Poland, Hungary and Portugal. Capital controls in Cyprus and Iceland. The next are the bankrupt European banks.

If you still think nationalizations are impossible, think again.

Andrew Napolitano, a former judge from New York, warned all investors resident in indebted countries, during his speech at the “Europa Institut”, a Swiss institution integrated with the University of Zurich. Investors with more than USD 100,000 in the bank account are an attractive target for a government in a debt-ridden country.

You should move as soon as possible a substantial part of your total assets to be beyond the reach of your government. If you have deposited your assets with a private bank in Switzerland, the thieving bureaucrats of your government can no longer nationalize, freeze or devalue your money. In short, your money is protected in Switzerland from the reach of your governments thieving claws. Watch out of rapacious politicians.

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2. Security: Switzerland has the most stable and secure private banks in the world

Almost all banking systems in Western countries have become unreliable. In your home country, your money is protected only by the empty promises of your insolvent governments. Worse still, most of these banks have no longer enough cash, in order to meet their customer’s payment requests. In the case of a financial disorder like the scandal with Lehman Brothers, you might have difficulty accessing your money.

By contrast, Swiss private banks are the most stable and solvent banks in the world. The Zurich Cantonal Bank (ZKB) guarantees 100% reimbursement of their customer’s cash. For all other Swiss banks, it is a legal requirement that your investments do not fall into the Bank’s bankruptcy estate. Swiss banks will never go bankrupt as they are the best-capitalized banks in the world.

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AuM = Assets under Management in bn USD

3. Asset Protection against aggressive creditors with litigious lawyers

Perhaps you are convinced that only those committing financial crimes will suffer from accusations. Are you convinced that you will never be charged? Think again.

The large Network of Legal Resource (https://www.legalresources.com/) reports that 15 million lawsuits are filed in the USA every year. Especially successful entrepreneurs are very often sued – the trend is rising. Although, there is never a one hundred percent protection guaranteed, a bank account in Switzerland can help you become a stubborn target. It becomes even more tenacious for the creditors if you invest your assets in opening a Swiss limited company by anonymous bearer shares (in German: Aktiengesellschaft) with an account in Switzerland.

Banking secrecy no longer provides protection for tax evaders. But it still applies to the protection of privacy. Switzerland has the strongest data protection laws in the world. If your money is in Switzerland, creditors must first find the bank account. Presumably, the litigious creditors will pick a simpler target and leave you on the side. If government authorities want to freeze your money, you must file a request for international legal or administrative assistance. Such applications are bound by strict formal requirements. The authorities will think twice before investing time and money in foreign proceedings. Opening a private account in Switzerland will make it harder for your opponents to grab your money.

4. Diversification of currency risks

Holding foreign currencies is a great way to diversify the risks of your portfolio. You can protect your purchasing power and internationalize some of your savings. All Swiss private banks offer accounts in several strong currencies that are easily managed through an online banking platform. Most banks in the world do not offer multi-currency accounts. Besides all this, you can save a portion of your assets in Swiss Francs which has proven to be the most stable currency in the last 200 years.

5. Medical emergency dime

If you cannot benefit from up-to-date medical treatment in your home country, you should seek treatment abroad. Geneva and Zurich are famous for offering exclusive private clinics with the best medical treatments money can buy. These exclusive clinics on Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich prove how closely linked medicine and offshore banking are. The foreign rich and famous patients from the Gulf States, Russia, the UK and the US are more than happy to come to Switzerland benefiting the medical state of the art treatment from these exclusive high-level private clinics. They are treated according to the highest medical standards in combination with top luxury services.

When it comes to life and death, you want to be treated with the best medical science available in the world. It’s very common that fast services are combined with fast payments. This means that your clinic has to be paid immediately. However, if the payment of a private clinic through capital controls in your home country has been made difficult or impossible, you will be very happy if you already have the required cash immediately disposable in Switzerland. The availability of an immediate financial deposit reserved for medical treatment around the world, in case of an emergency can decide about life and death.

6. Diversification and more flexibility for defence reaction

When it comes to international diversification and risk hedging to protect assets, it is never too early, but often too late. Once a government has introduced a new legislation for capital controls overnight, it is too late to diversify and deposit your assets abroad or to transfer it to Switzerland. It works like an insurance policy. You need to set-up your insurance policy before an accident happens. You need to prepare such essential matters leading to your existence, as a protection measure. It is never too early, but often too late. Having an account in Switzerland not only eliminates cluster risks, it also allows you to react quickly to new situations with maximum flexibility.

If you do not already have an account, you should now open an offshore bank account in Switzerland – even if it’s a small one. Even if you only have one account in Switzerland, you have already achieved a lot: in the future, you are able to transfer money quickly and hassle-free abroad in case of need.

7. Preserve banking secrecy and privacy

Depending on your country of residence, you have hidden advantages with a Swiss bank account opening with a private bank, which only comes to light in an emergency situation.

South American entrepreneurs bring their money to Miami or Switzerland. Financial kidnapping is widespread in South America. A million-dollar account or a brilliant business plan in South America will not be a secret for long.

Responsible fathers and entrepreneurs in the Gulf States, who have only female offspring, set up an account with succession planning in Switzerland so that the daughters do not have to be impoverished after the family father’s death as a result of the misogynistic sharia inheritance law. Although bank secrecy for tax evasion no longer works, it works well in all other areas of privacy.

8. Swiss bank account as a reputation factor and door opener to the international business world

Anyone who has an account with UBS or another internationally recognized private bank in Switzerland will immediately benefit a far higher reputation in the international business world. He is immediately accepted as a party to a major international transaction or with an exclusive private banking club deal. The counterparty may assume that the Account Holder has successfully passed the rigorous Due Diligence (KYC) Checks and that the money is 100% clean. He automatically becomes a reliable member of the international business community.

If an entrepreneur needs a standby letter of credit (SBLC) for a commodity transaction, the value of a financial instrument issued by UBS or any other Swiss private bank will always be accepted. An entrepreneur who owns a UBS bank account is welcomed everywhere. Since all major international business partners are likely to have an account in Switzerland as well, such transactions with Swiss bank accounts are faster than all other banks around the world.

If one of our clients wants to engage in commodities trading, we recommend opening a bank account with BNP Paribas (Switzerland) in Geneva or Gazprombank (Switzerland). BNP Paribas employs more than 200 bank employees in Geneva, specializing in international commodities trading. All who have the rank and the name in commodity trading have an account relationship with BNP Paribas, Geneva. If a client is involved in commodities trading with the Russian Federation, we will introduce him to Gazprombank (Switzerland), Zurich. The compliance processes with us, for these transactions, are extremely simple as long as the accounts are with the same bank.

Some international business people in the USA need an offshore account for the execution of payments with international business partners. Many banks are afraid to send money to the USA or even to make payments in USD creating the USA as a place of competent jurisdiction in case of litigation. Having a Swiss bank account in a neutral jurisdiction like Switzerland can offer many additional benefits for a company who has to execute international payments on a regular basis.

9. High Prestige

American Express Centurion CardHigher prestige than the Platinum cards of VISA, Mastercard and American Express is only offered by the exclusive American Express Centurion Card (Amex Black Card) in combination with a Swiss bank account opened at an exclusive private bank. This card is issued in Switzerland only through personal recommendations of the Private Banking member who holds a substantial amount of assets within that private bank. The minimum turnover with the card is fixed with CHF 150’000 per year. The owners have to earn a minimum of one million USD a year and need a bank account with several million.

How many millions you need to have for a Centurion Card at a Swiss bank, is a secret that is strictly guarded by the operators and exploited secretly by clever marketing. The Centurion Card is well known throughout the jet-set for offering an exclusive 24-hour Concierge Service. This Service is a bonus. While the standard credit cards offer gardening equipment and cinema tickets as a bonus, the Amex Black Card offers their exclusive Concierge Services. Helicopter flights, Ferraris and pleasure sports boats can all be booked through this 24-hour Service for Centurion Card holders.

10. Private Wealth Management with Top Private Bankers

Swiss private banks are world leaders, especially in classical portfolio management. Anyone who wants to increase their assets consistently, in the long run, needs an exclusive private bank and, above all, a top banker for personal private banking services. Top bankers, however are always busy. They only accept customers on specific recommendations. We can introduce you to such top bankers, who can prove their past performance and don’t lose their nerves in turbulent market situations.

11. Conclusion

It is no secret that it is becoming increasingly difficult to open an offshore bank account and above all a bank account in Switzerland and it can soon be impossible. This is a strong incentive for you to act immediately then perhaps never. Even if you do not intend to transfer all of your assets in your Swiss private bank account, you should immediately open and transfer at least some of your assets. Remember, it’s never too early, but often too late. It’s like having an insurance policy in case of a disaster.

Even if your government has not yet carried out capital controls or introduced currency restrictions, it is always more advantageous for you to deposit part of your assets in Switzerland with an exclusive and secure Swiss private bank. The opening of an offshore account in Switzerland is like an emergency insurance policy – for you and your family. As an entrepreneur, you are used to looking ahead. It is, therefore, a very wise move that makes sense – no matter what.

There are wild rumours circulating since the Panama Papers that secret bank accounts are illegal or at least immoral. Offshore banking is completely legal. Some countries are introducing reporting requirements. This is not about tax evasion with a Swiss bank corporation and a secret bank account or other illegal activities such as money laundering and international corruption. It’s all about diversifying your political risks in a perfectly legal and legitimate way by investing your hard-earned savings in solid, well-capitalized institutions and countries. Your savings should be in a country with a well-functioning legal system, such as Switzerland, where you are treated with respect and fairness – for the past 800 years.

Now that you know the need for opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland, the next question is “How to get a Swiss bank account?” As I said, it is not as easy as it was before to open a Swiss bank account for non-residents. We are the experts. We will show you the best Swiss banks for foreigners. We do it every day. We tell you exactly which private bank suits you. We bring you to a top banker who can document his proof of performance. Do not leave it to a chance for who will look after your account. We will double-check the relationship with your bank on a regular basis. This is one of our core services. Swiss bank account interest rates are very low in Swiss Francs (CHF). There are well-capitalized bond-portfolios in CHF with Swiss issuing companies offering an attractive interest rate. We can recommend such bond-portfolios upon request. We cooperate with people we trust for decades. We have internal Swiss bank list with top 10 Swiss banks. Start immediately with the opening of a Swiss bank account, as long as it is still possible in your country of residence to move assets abroad.

Fill out our Questionnaire and email us at [email protected] Call me now if you have questions. Let’s discuss your specific asset protection strategy tailor-made to your needs and the legislation in your country of residence. Take your mobile phone in your hands and dial now: +41 44 212 44 04. Book an appointment on the phone with me, or let’s fix a meeting in Zurich. Alternatively you can send me an email.

12. How can we help you?

It is not easy among the 120 private banks in Switzerland, to find the most suitable for your needs. It is essential that you find a top banker who does not play with your money and understands your business and private needs. The Money Laundering Act is very strict in Switzerland – stricter than in Germany or in Austria which makes can make your account opening, if not approached correctly, very difficult, if not impossible.

The Swiss financial centre wants to prove to the EU and the USA that the fight against money laundering is taken very seriously and the money which exists in the Swiss banks are whiter than white. The compliance departments of the banks use the best available IT systems in the world for transaction monitoring. If you have any criminal intentions, the Swiss financial centre is the most dangerous place in the world for you to open an account. The times when private banks were abused for tax evasion are definitely over. The Swiss banks prefer to reject customers, rather than engaging in covert financial risks. Banks are terrified of appearing in the newspapers about money laundering and damaging their reputation.

Be prepared that the bank not only needs to know a lot about you but also wants to document a lot of you and your economic background (KYC). Explanations alone on the origin of the funds are no longer sufficient today to open an account. You must precisely document the origin of your assets with legitimate contracts and genuine invoices.

If you ask yourself the question: “How do I open an account in Switzerland?”
Then feel free to contact us. We help you to compile the documentation. Only in the presence of complete documentation, we recommend a suitable private bank with a top banker, we know. The account opening process today is much trickier and more complicated than you think. Let us control the whole account opening process for you. We guide you safely through this dangerous maze avoiding any uncomfortable situations.

A study by the Institute of Financial Economics at Johannes Kepler University Linz on customer loyalty in private banking shows that a relationship with a Swiss private bank lasts on average much longer than the average duration of a marriage (average length of marriage: 17 years). Theoretically, Swiss bank account online opening with video-sharing identification process is possible today. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA (https://www.finma.ch) has recently created the legal basis for open Swiss bank account online with video transmission without the investor’s physical presence. The duration of relationship with your Swiss private bank will be very long. It is therefore important for you to get to know your private banker personally. It’s worth it, believe me. And hence, avoid online account opening. This long-term trusted relationship only allows your assets to grow steadily if the private banker is well informed of your needs and expectations. A successful professional asset management still requires the personal contact. Do not leave the management of your savings to chance.

If you get into trouble with bank’s know-your-customer (KYC) investigations and try to get out with white lies, you are taking an enormous risk with your account and yourself. You may be blacklisted or, even worse, you may be formally reported, filed and notified by a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) for Money Laundering by virtue of Art. 9 of the Anti-Money-Laundering Act. Your errors cannot be undone. Your statements made to the bank cannot be withdrawn. However, if we introduce you to a senior banker, we will carry out all necessary clarifications before entering into negotiations with the bank. We will collect the necessary documents that the bank expects. We coach you for your first personal meeting with the bank. Do not worry, we will support you.

We are not in a position to guarantee you 100% success with account opening. What we do guarantee, however, is that you will never be blacklisted, or reported for money laundering activities. If it gets too tricky, we’ll warn you before anything happens to you. Our contacts in the banks give us the decisive hint, should something be going wrong.

Swiss bank account opening is not always an easy task.

More important than the choice of the bank is the choice of an experienced account manager, who is able to steadily increase your assets over decades. How do you know the professional status and honesty of the consultant? If you join the bank on your own, you will most likely be assigned to a younger Relationship Manager who will gain experience at the cost of your assets. As you know, experience always costs a lot of money. These lessons are however at your cost.

The good relationship managers and top bankers are always busy. The probability that you as a new customer come directly to a senior banker or even a top banker, is practically zero. Top bankers are always busy. Senior bankers prefer to work with clients who have been introduced by a trusted person. These bankers will never talk to you. They prefer working with people they trust. You certainly do not want to leave the management of your hard-earned money to chance

We know all reputable banks in Switzerland. But above all, we know senior bankers and portfolio managers who have increased the wealth of their clients over the past decades.

Our bankers will use real historical data from their own portfolio management activities in order to show you how they build up assets in the long run. We know top bankers who have made a name for themselves at the international level in Classic Swiss Asset Management. Our top bankers will give you access to attractive deals that are not for individuals but are reserved for family offices. With such a Swiss bank account you will find access to exclusive club deals, private equity, hedge funds, trophy assets, off-market real estate and much more.

As a rule, our clients do not expect any performance wonders in portfolio management because this means embracing high risks. Basically, our clients only want one thing: to increase their wealth steadily and that over a long time period. Additionally, they don’t want to face surprises. We have a special selection of top consultants who are able to prove their “absolute return strategy” based on a track record achieved within the last decades.

By opening a premium private account for you at a secure and an exclusive private bank, you can be sure that you are in good hands, in the hands of our top bankers with an attractive track record. On the top of all that, we will monitor your banker’s activities constantly. We will make sure that you can take all possible legal and tax advantages. If you work with us you will be sure to have your wealth constantly supervised under the 4-eye principle. Controlling and guiding you for the decades to come.

If we agree on such a principle, we will guarantee you the most attractive banking fees, because we will be negotiating on your behalf and top supervision.

13. Why are Swiss bank accounts so popular?

The Answer:

Financial, Political, Economic Security and Stability. They also offer high prestige, neutrality, confidentiality, asset protection and diversification. The world’s most capitalized and safest private banks are in Switzerland, offering accounts in Swiss Francs and all major currencies.

There is no other alternative to Swiss Private Banking for international investors. No other financial centre in the world has safer private banks than Switzerland with such a long track record. You will always be served in your local language. All Swiss banks operate at the minimum of 4 major European languages. Chinese and Russian are the other two major languages which are increasingly being served in Swiss banking environment.

“There is no alternative to Swiss Private Banking for international investors. Singapore, London, Hong Kong, USA and Dubai can’t compete. Why all these other financial centres can’t keep up is shown in the following video.”

13.a. Financial Crisis 2008

Financial Crisis 2008 CyprusMillions of investors lost a majority of their wealth during the 2008 financial crisis (“The Sub-prime Dilemma”). Hedge funds, banks and insurance companies abused the leverage of mortgage-backed financial instruments. A chain reaction to this crisis brought down Lehman Brothers USA and caused a major meltdown of the world financial markets.

The prime real estate had to be sold at dumping prices in order to cover certain margins.
The 2013 mortgages and banking crisis in Cyprus are examples that not all financial institutions are serious and safe. The Cyprus Crisis proved that local governments are often unable to support the banks during uncertain situations. In Cyprus, bank balances belonging to clients had to be nationalized in order to save the banks. The state of Cyprus did not have enough assets to save its own banks. Bank accounts were confiscated overnight by the state. Both crises show how states can take away your wealth overnight – liquidating your bank account.

That’s why you need to invest your money, or at least part of it, in the world’s most secure and capital-rich private banks in Switzerland.

If you choose a country as a suitable jurisdiction for private banking activities, financial stability is the most important key factor to your wealth. Switzerland is one of the most financially stable countries in the world. Switzerland is not in debt (no budget deficit). It has the best measures (Tier 1 bank capital ratio) used to measure stability and one of the world’s strongest currencies (CHF, Swiss francs), which is still partially backed by physical gold.

Confidentiality is the basic building block in Swiss private banking. Client data, their transaction and all other private banking activities enjoy maximum confidentiality. The culture of discretion and bank secrecy is synonymous with Swiss culture. Swiss banking secrecy still exists within Switzerland. This, however, does not allow for tax evasion.

14. Why are Swiss banks famous?

The Answer:

Political and Economic Stability, best asset protection, constant upward performance with Classic Swiss Asset Management, the world’s best capitalized private banks, banking secrecy.

The constant change of governments, social unrest, demonstrations leading to violent riots, social upheaval, political or religious problems (Arab Spring, 2012 and 2013) could endanger your wealth at home. Therefore, you should quickly move and do something about it, before it’s too late. Immediately open a private Swiss bank account and transfer your assets to Switzerland. Dot it – as long it is still allowed.

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“If you hold a substantial portion of your assets in Switzerland with a Swiss bank, having an attractive Tier 1 bank capital ratio, you will rest assured that nothing will happen to your wealth. Why do you think that 30% of the richest people in the world have their assets in Switzerland? The best performance for your securities portfolio is of no use if your wealth is not protected.”

14.a. Definition: Tier-1 Bank Capital Ratio

With the Basel Agreements, the supervisory authorities of the banks have created a measure with which one can measure the financial health of a bank. The equity is divided by the retained earnings in relation to the bank’s risky assets, which results in a percentage ratio. Under the Basel III Accord, a bank must have a Tier 1 Capital Ratio of at least 6%, as required by regulatory authorities. There is a club of selected Swiss private banks whose financial health and capital strength stand out worldwide.

►► Click here and find the best Private Bank List with Tier-1 Bank Capital Ratio in our Swiss Private Bank Directory.

“They have a Tier 1 Capital Ratio of 25% and over! They are thus considered the safest and most capitalized private banks in the world.”

14.b. Segregation rights in case of bankruptcy of the bank (bankruptcy privilege of the investor)

What happens if a Swiss private bank goes bankrupt? This will never happen. But what if a Swiss private bank is bankrupt?

If you invest your assets in securities, your assets in Switzerland are 100% protected by law. If a Swiss bank goes bankrupt, you have a right to segregate and dispose of your securities and trust assets. The right of segregation also extends to the contents of a safety box.

The contents of a safety box are part of the bank’s balance sheet. You can always access them immediately. You may remove your securities from the bankruptcy estate, so that your invested money is not affected by bankruptcy proceedings of the bank. By contrast, cash positions generally fall into the bankruptcy estate with the exception of the first CHF 100,000 per account, which benefits from a state guarantee and is thus secured. In the case of bankruptcy, do you want a full guarantee, including cash positions? Then you have to open a private account with Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB). ZKB offers the full guarantee on client’s assets!

§ 6 of the “Law on the Zurich Cantonal Bank”, issued by the Government of the Canton of Zurich, speaks plain text:

“The state is liable for all liabilities of the bank, as far as their own funds are insufficient.”

Zurich Cantonal Bank - Swiss Bank Account opening

In which country in the world do you find a state guarantee that goes so far? If you find a country that offers a comparable asset protection as the private banks in Switzerland, please write me an email or you call me. I will immediately include the name of this bank in my webpages in accordance with their rules and regulations. I’m always on the look-out for new asset protection strategies and custodians.

“Here in Switzerland, you have the best asset protection in the world. I can guarantee you this personally.”

Today, many investors from all over the world are choosing Switzerland because they want to diversify their assets and target battle-proven asset protection. If asset protection is also important to you, you should avoid private banks offering risky investment banking activities, derivatives, mortgages, loans and quick gains. A real private bank focusses on the long-term growth of your wealth. No other activities should be listed on the business plan of a reputable private bank.

If you want to know which private banks are not involved with hidden investment banking adventures and do not take derivatives on their own books, but only offer private banking in pure culture and as a core business, please call me now and reserve an appointment: +41 44 212 44 04

15. What are the benefits of having a Swiss bank account?

“Your decision to diversify your wealth geographically and have a substantial part of your total assets managed in Switzerland can be very important for the survival of your wealth. This asset protection advice is becoming more and more important in today’s turbulent political circumstances, when there is an imminent trade war growing between USA and China resulting in the instability of the US Dollar.”

Example: The bank account of Lenin in Zurich

Swiss Bank Account of Lenin in Zurich

In connection with the “Holocaust funds”, 25 years ago, dormant assets and accounts were investigated. A dormant account is referred to as, in the jargon, as a “Dormant Bank Account”. At that time, in the nineties, an account in the name of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov came to surface. It was an account of the Russian Revolutionary “Lenin”.

Lenin opened his account during the First World War when he lived in exile in Zurich in 1916 and 1917. He opened his account when the Russian Tsar ruled in Russia. His bank account survived the First World War, the Russian Revolution, the Second World War and the Soviet Union. This example illustrates how resistant Swiss bank accounts are and how protected they are against the world’s worst crisis ever faced by human beings.
If you are looking for private banking with a Swiss private bank, you do so because you want to invest and secure your assets over the long-term. A Swiss bank account is a long-term project. If you are looking to make a quick buck, do not come to Switzerland. Go to the volatile Wall-Street and gamble your money there. I can assure you that you will lose your money in a very short time period. Switzerland is not the right place for gambling.

Switzerland is considered the most stable country in the world. The Swiss Confederation was founded in 1291. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union (EU). Switzerland has been neutral since the end of the Thirty Years’ War with the Peace Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. The last war that Switzerland has been actively involved in, goes back to the year 1515, the battle of Marignano, nearby Milano, Italy.

Swiss banks administered the war funds of the French Kings in the age of absolutism to finance the colonial wars of the Kingdom of France. The Hollywood film industry has made Swiss banks famous. Bank secrecy has been celebrated in many Hollywood movies. Swiss banks are world leaders in commodity trading and that specifically in gold. The Swiss bank account is also known as Goldfinger Account. The famous James Bond movie, the Goldfinger, was partially recorded in Switzerland.

The strength of the Swiss franc is a guarantee of economic stability of the world.

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“The Swiss franc is partly backed by physical gold. In the beginning, when the EUR was introduced, it was quoted at 1.71 CHF against 1.00 EUR. Today, 1 EUR only costs 1.15 CHF. You can, therefore, realize how strong the CHF is.”

16. Protecting your Family Fortunes, which facts are little known?

Protecting your Family Fortunes

The Answer:

Do you realize that your lovely spouse can take away 50% of your family fortune after a few years? Marital Assets are one of the most endangered sets of asset amongst the wealthy. All you have to do is to read the daily journals of the rich and famous to see this. Relatives by Marriage, Divorce and Inheritance, Asset Protection, Discretion and Privacy, Diversification of Assets are all facts to be discussed by your trusted lawyer before engaging in such risky contracts.

“Should your spouse – after only a few years of marriage – take 50% of your assets away?”

Should your children lose 50% of their inheritance overnight?

“We offer pre-nuptial marriage contracts, wills, foundations, family foundations, trusts, Waqf (Sharia conform succession instrument), inheritance contracts, and other battle-proven strategies to legally prevent foreseeable risky scenarios.”

17. Protect your savings and not your bank (in the EU, USA)

The Answer:

Asset diversification within different jurisdictions should be your main goal in protecting your global wealth. You should have at least one account in Switzerland and that with a substantial portion of your assets.

Compare the creditworthiness of all your banks. This comparison will show you where you should have the majority of your wealth. You should constantly observe the creditworthiness of your contracting parties.

Avoid investments with a high counterparty risk. There is a substantial counterparty risk with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and structured products. The financial products are so interlaced that not even the banks fully understand the involved risks. Invest like Warren Buffet and that only in Simple Products. He only invests in products where he can see through his investments, i.e., in simple equities. He is and has been a major holder of Coca-Cola shares for the past decades.

Avoid banks with large positions in leveraged finance like derivatives.
Avoid banks that are active in investment banking and security backed mortgages.
You must study the annual reports of the banks with which you have a contractual relationship. You must at least be able to roughly estimate your counterparty risk. The most important information in the annual report of a bank is almost always on the last few pages. There you can see the liabilities of the banks. If you have any questions, ask us and we will explain and highlight the weaknesses involved. Email me with your questions.

17.a. The European Central Bank (ECB) has ordered the Bail-In laws

28 EU member nations are to implement the Bail-In Legislation within a short time period. You have therefore to monitor the financial stability of the banks. Protect your savings and not your bank.

Avoid banks in the EU. In March 2017, the EU, through the ECB (European Central Bank), ordered 28 Member States to introduce Bail-In legislation. Bail-In means that as a bank client you need to pay the bank’s debts.

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“You will be forced by law to save your bank with your private savings.”

114 banks in Italy have bad loans of EUR 318 billion in total. The systemic risk in Italy is contaminating the rest of Europe. Bail-In means that a client of a bank will participate in the shares of a band. He will become a shareholder of the bank by virtue of Bail-In Legislation.

  • Bloomberg: „Betrayed by Banks, 40,000 Businesses Are in Limbo (Italy)”
  • Forbes: “Italy’s Latest Bank Bailout Has Created A Two-Speed Eurozone”

Nationalization based on Bail-In legislation will hit you overnight. Read what happened to Cypriotic banks and their account holders back in 2013. These banking crises are not over. They are now contaminating Italy. If you maintain your savings in Europe, most probably you will have to Bail-out your bank in the future.

The EU government has already issued a law for you to save your bank in the EU. The Bail-In laws are in the pipeline of all European nations since March 2017. Bail-In, not a plan. It has become reality.

“Ailing Italy becomes a risk for the whole of Europe,” says “Die Welt”.

17.b. Texas Ratio: alert for bad loans

The impact of bad loans on a bank can be measured by the Texas ratio. The Texas ratio is the ratio of bad loans to capital reserves. A Texas ratio above 100 means that the bank must immediately engage in recovery measures. The bank is no longer able to cover her bad loans. 23% of all 500 banks in Italy have a Texas Ratio above 100. Even worse, 24 banks in Italy are already above Texas Ratio 200.

Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain have loans just as bad as that of Italy. Italy’s dilapidated loans contaminate entire Europe. In technical jargon, this constitutes a systemic risk. Switzerland is not an EU member and hence, is not affected by these systemic risks. It is therefore advisable to bring some of your assets to Switzerland before the next Bail-In confiscates a majority of your assets in your home country. If your savings remain in your country, they will be taken away in order to save your bank at home.


Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“Protect your savings and not your bank in the EU. Bring your money to Switzerland before the state grabs your money. These Bail-In decisions are already taken. Therefore, they can kick into effect overnight. It is never too early to open an account in Switzerland, but often too late. The next Bail-In in the EU is definitely coming.”

“You will soon remember my warning when your money is taken away should you not listen to my advice. This is not fiction. It’s more a reality. Reality is always harder than fiction”

17.c. Greetings from the Cyprus Crisis

We remember the crisis in Cyprus in 2013 very well. During that period, people raided the Cypriotic banks wanting to take away all their assets. Now we have exactly sat the same point again. The EU has already prepared for legal expropriation. Thanks to the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) between the OECD nations and governments they know exactly where the money is located. The Bail-In legislation is already up and running. The guarantee for the ownership of assets guaranteed at the constitutional level and the protection of privacy are disrespected by the ailing EU countries. You cannot rely on these constitutional rights when it comes to money. You have to protect yourself and expatriate your money to Switzerland. High Net Worth Individuals have either done this or are in the process of doing it.

This is crystal clear:

You must protect your savings now – not your bank in the EU!

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“Bring your hard-earned assets to Switzerland. Switzerland has no budget deficit and no other debt, quite the opposite. Here are the safest banks in the world. It is high time for action. Now you can still transfer your money to Switzerland and save it legally. For how much longer this will be possible? Nobody can make an accurate prediction how long this privilege will last. I do not possess a crystal ball, the next crisis is knocking on the door. It is never too early, but often too late to move your money out. Call me now and let’s discuss the next steps.”

18. Real Case Studies

18.a. The Russian oligarch and his good-looking hipster girl

Many Russian clients tend to set up special family foundations for the extra-marital partners with a Swiss bank account in Switzerland. The partner is the first beneficiary of the foundation and can also use the foundation’s assets to support her own family members.

Thus, the oligarch prepares his partner a nice favour. He gives his partner exactly what she wanted from the beginning; namely own assets. The Russian investor takes the wind out of its sails. By donating assets in a segregated foundation, he avoids nasty confrontations with his own family, as he wisely provides for clear situations early on. It’s a fair deal.

18.b. The Arab Sheikh who has to take care of his daughters

According to Sharia inheritance law, female descendants are treated very disadvantageously in inheritance law towards male offspring. A sheikh who has only daughters but no sons has to fear that his fortune will fall into the hands of distant male relatives (the cousins of his daughter). His own daughter would go to inheritance after Sharia inheritance empty-handed risking impoverishment.


To discreetly circumvent the strict Sharia regulations, assets are segregated within a family foundation, holding an offshore company with an account with a Swiss bank. In the regulations of the family foundation, the daughter is appointed as a second beneficiary, which after the death of the father (the first beneficiary) automatically (without probate procedure, without a certificate of inheritance) becomes access to the assets of the foundation.

In Switzerland, the so-called “Fideicommissum”, the family foundation of Roman or canonical law, is illegal today because it binds family wealth for generations. After the French Revolution, one wanted to reduce the power of the nobility. Nevertheless, the “Fideicommissum” was widespread in noble families for centuries.

For these reasons, it is necessary to resort to other more flexible legal systems, sometimes located in exotic jurisdictions, where it is not forbidden to bind family assets for generations. In such a case we recommend family foundations in Liechtenstein or a family foundation according to Panama law. If the compulsory partial protection in the law of inheritance is to be circumvented legally, then only a family donation after Panama law is created. Depending on your needs, an Anglo-Saxon Offshore Asset Protection Trust may also be established under the laws of the Cook Islands, for example. Depending on the family situation, the laws of the Turks and Caicos Islands may also apply.

“We will find the most effective jurisdictions covering your needs and expectations.”

19. Why are 30% of all global cross-border assets managed by Swiss banks?

The Answer:

Personal security of loved ones at risk (financial kidnapping), aggressive creditors, asset protection, successful asset management, safe banking practices (unlike EU).

Disclosing the simple fact that you are wealthy in your home country can put you and your family in danger.

Brutal robbery, financial kidnapping and blackmail are commonplace in certain exposed countries just because you are rich. In some unstable countries, seizure of assets (confiscation) is common practice. If some of your assets are located in Switzerland, it is very difficult to find and freeze those assets and return them to your home country.

“Transferring a substantial portion of assets to Swiss private banks is a must for successful business people. The best performance in asset management is useless if the assets are not safe.”

Asset protection through diversification is very common and has proven itself. The owners of over 30% of all cross-border assets in the world have chosen banks in Switzerland to diversify and efficiently protect their assets. For 200 years, relocating part of the assets to Switzerland has been a crisis-proven strategy for geographical diversification of wealth.


“Never put all the eggs in a single basket.”

“It can’t be a mistake to follow the same strategy as the owners of 30% of all private international money in the world did before you.”

At least 30% of all private offshore funds are managed in Switzerland.
You make asset protection through diversification transferring a substantial part of your assets to Switzerland.

20. Your needs? Your expectations?

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“The decision, whether you choose your house bank around the corner, or an exclusive private bank in Switzerland, can make a big difference. You can protect your savings for yourself, for your family and for the next generation 100% in Switzerland, or, you can risk losing your savings overnight.”

We live in a financially unstable world with unpredictable governments, egocentric politicians and predatory tax authorities. Today’s tax authorities apply confiscatory taxation mechanisms without batting an eyelid. A confiscatory taxation is no longer compatible with the constitutional right of the property guarantee because it is increasingly approaching an expropriation of property. Many countries ran out of money.

You have to ask yourself: “Is my money still safe in my country?”

21. What happens when the State runs out of Money?

Desperate countries increasingly need so-called fishing expeditions. In technical jargon, fishing expeditions are international administrative assistance procedures that reach the limit of legality. These are group inquiries that do not target a single accused person in detail, but a group of alleged defendants. Fishing expeditions are illegal if the group of alleged tax evaders is not well defined and obviously based on untrue claims. The courts no longer categorically reject group inquiries but check their admissibility according to the case and country of origin. The assets of successful business people, executives, independent private individuals and other wealthy individuals are the target for these fishing expeditions.

  • Do you need a Swiss private bank that looks after your assets and keeps them for your children?
  • Do you need a bank that protects your privacy 100%?
  • Do you need traditional private banking services in Switzerland because you do not enjoy the same services offered here by us?
  • Do you suffer from currency fluctuations and inflation at home? Is your currency devaluated year by year?
  • Do you need a bank in Switzerland that is far enough from home to keep your business plans secret and eliminate other risks at home?
  • Do you need a nest egg for unexpected events?
  • Do you need the best Swiss bank to ensure that enough money is available for the private education of your children?
  • Do you need assets in a safe country like Switzerland, so you have enough money to act quickly in the event of an emergency or unexpected illness?
  • Do you need a Swiss private bank with a designated private banker who also visits you in your home country?
  • Do you need our bespoke asset protection services to protect you from the claims of your former business associate, your former spouse in an international divorce procedure, or greedy and unfair creditors?
  • Do you need a private bank account that protects you from the consequences of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AIA) that the powerful OECD countries impose on Swiss banks?
  • Are you looking for Private Wealth Management with constant asset accumulation (with “Absolute Return” guarantee)?
  • Are you looking for a specialist who negotiates special conditions for you with the private bank?

22. Swiss bank account opening minimum balance?

Efficient protection costs less than you think. We are able to open a private account with Private Bank for private banking, starting with a Swiss bank account minimum deposit with EUR 500’000. Typical private banking services are based on the widest possible diversification of investments. Cluster risks must be avoided. Key is diversification. Below EUR 500’000 hardly any sensible diversification can be achieved. We do not just offer an account. We rather organize a private banking relationship with a reputable private banker. We also provide support for your wealth management.

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“Classic Swiss Asset Management is particularly successful in long terms with assets above USD 5 million under management!”

As you can be read in Euromoney’s ranking, there are 4 Swiss banks ranked amongst the top 10 banks worldwide. Euromoney is one of the most important private banking magazines.

Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2018: Global Results


Our exclusive services are geared towards the long term. Studies show that a Swiss private account relationship with a private bank takes on average much longer than a marriage.

We help wealthy international private clients to preserve and protect their assets for the next generation. Our insider know-how, based on 30 years of professional experience with Swiss private banking services and our battle-proven asset protection strategies are here to protect your wealth.

Detailed and up-to-date knowledge of constantly changing laws and regulations are important for the efficient protection of client assets. After studying your situation, we will advise you as to what will work and what will not work for you.

Do not own anything – control everything!

Depending on the job you do, where you live, what businesses you run, we will find the most effective asset protection strategy for you.

The placement of assets in offshore companies and other legal structures can provide very strong protection against future liabilities and unlawful seizures.

“The use of legal entities, bank secrecy and bearer shares are just a few of the classic asset protection instruments, that make it very difficult for any opponent to trace the exact placement of your assets.”

Piercing the veil of the legal entity becomes much more difficult (divorce, creditors, legal proceedings, judgments).

Enzo Caputo - Swiss Banking Lawyer“We’ll help you build impenetrable barriers that are battle-proven, and the advocate of the other side will desperately give up.”

At home in your country, a lawyer can file a lawsuit with the counterparty and immediately freeze your private bank account, home, business and other assets.

For example, if you operate your business offshore, outside of your home country, in Switzerland, your county attorney will find it very difficult to track, freeze, and confiscate your assets.

Transferring assets abroad is very easy. Finding and freezing assets abroad is proving to be a very difficult and expensive undertaking. Significant hurdles must first be removed.

To learn more about international asset protection strategies, follow this link:

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23. International Tax Strategies and Planning

International tax optimization with tax-efficient and tax-compliant cross-border corporate structuring is crucial for international clients operating in multiple countries at the same time.

Income, royalties, capital gains and interest realized and transferred across borders can be optimized through Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs).
The most commonly used jurisdictions with the best DBA are:

  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Cyprus
  • Hungary
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

If you want to learn more about international tax strategies and planning, follow this link:

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Enzo Caputo is founding partner of Boutique Law Firm Caputo & Partners. He operated as CEO of the Association of Swiss Asset Managers (ASG-VSV.ch) and as Head of the Legal and Compliance Department within the UBS Group. Twelve years ago, Enzo Caputo founded his boutique law firm Caputo & Partners AG to help affluent international clients with wealth management, private banking and asset protection issues.

  • We protect you from unlawful confiscation and fishing expeditions
  • We put future business partners through their paces
  • We help you to diversify your assets with selected Swiss banks
  • We introduce you to a top banker with a convincing track record
  • We are looking for the bank that suits you
  • We are independent
  • We help you to save taxes – legally
  • We accompany you immediately to the bank in emergencies
  • We negotiate with the bank on an equal footing
  • We provide an investment profile that protects you, not the bank
  • We structure and anonymise your assets so that it will be very difficult for third parties to locate and access it

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