Single-family offices

When wealthy families hear about the single-family office concept for the first time, it immediately triggers a fascination and interest. Key questions they ask themselves about a single-family office are:

  • Is a single-family office the right solution for us to manage our wealth?
  • Are we wealthy enough to establish our own single-family office?
  • How do we create a single-family office?

Family office expertise is hard to find

As the number of families who can afford setting-up a single family office is limited, it is difficult for the majority to obtain the necessary insight on this topic. In most jurisdictions there is no experience or expertise available and even in more advanced jurisdictions professional advice on single-family offices is difficult to find and very fragmented – single family office experts are hard to locate.

Caputo & Partners supports affluent families from all around the globe with holistic advice on the establishment of a single-family office (or the selection of a suitable multi-family office). To make your research easier, you can find an introduction to the most relevant single-family office topics and our dedicated family office advisory services on our website.

At Caputo & Partners we are fully equipped and ready to answer all your questions. We look forward to working with you on the establishment of a single-family office.

What is a single-family office?

Why establish a single-family office?

Setting up a single-family office

Single-family office costs

Multi-family offices