Why you should choose Caputo & Partners?

We are known for fast on-site operations – where ever it is burning:
Whether in Africa arranging for the export of gold or in Zurich sitting with the executives of a Swiss private bank, we will protect your interests. We are the first address for international private clients, who appreciate unconventional tax help and fast solutions.

An international battle-proven team of banking experts is available around the clock. Our boutique business law firm has years of hands-on experience in international private banking. Portable and proven expertise are readily available for you – from your first call! Don’t go alone to the bank – everything you will say may be recorded and used against you.

We are famous for producing fast results on the spot.

We solve the most sophisticated problems with a Swiss bank account, offshore banking, international tax & business. Such problems can lead to the loss of all your money, that your money remains frozen for years, or you even risk going to jail.

Every day, we produce extraordinary results for our high-class international private clientele, even in seemingly hopeless cases where others have already given up.

Let us convince you of our Performance Breakdown.

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Our Performance Breakdown

More than 600 Swiss bank accounts opened for better asset protection. The world has become more insecure. Swiss banks attracted a new record sum of new assets to Switzerland in 2020. Only the most secure Swiss banks are good enough. We help to negotiate the most advantageous pricing models with Swiss banks and star asset managers.
More than 50 happy clients are paying less tax with the Swiss lump-sum taxation regime. We help with international private schools, private clinics, luxury real estate purchase and much more. As an alternative, we offer the Italian flat tax regime also to Non-European citizens. We offer tax-efficient residency in Monte Carlo, Malta and other countries.
We’ve helped dozens of clients with a Plan B: Citizenship by Investment, Second Passports and Golden Visa. Latvia Exile Program for EU passport in 3 months only. Golden Visa Portugal, Spain and Greece, Golden Visa Italy with Flat Tax and other relocation services.Citizenship by Investment in Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, Caribbean countries and other programs.
We closed 357 Swiss bank account inheritance cases for our international clients. We are familiar with global succession cases, joint accounts, offshore company accounts, family foundations and trusts, accounts with a power of attorney beyond death (Procura Post Mortem) and other tricky issues.
We discovered more than 80 Secret Bank Accounts. We help non-resident heirs with our special investigation methods for Dormant Bank Accounts, Numbered Bank Accounts and Secret Bank Accounts.
We closed more than 1’000 international transactions. We do background checks, authenticity checks on documents, legal opinions, business background checks, offshore assets recovery, elimination of negative google reviews, analysis of OFAC sanctions, Iran embargo checks, World-Check delisting.

Who is behind the international business law firm Caputo & Partners
and what makes the boutique law firm in Zurich so unique?

After a successful career in the Swiss Private Banking Industry (UBS, Credit Agricole) as an international Tax Attorney, Compliance Officer, Advisor for UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) and CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers Enzo Caputo founded Caputo & Partners AG in 2006.

Enzo Caputo, during his many years as a bank and tax attorney, recognized that the big law firms employ lawyers who have never worked in a bank. The expertise of salaried lawyers is largely based on theoretical knowledge from universities and courts.

The lack of practice in the bank meant that communication with the bank was unnecessarily complicated and degenerated into a paper war with the legal department of the bank. The result for the client ends in astronomical costs with unnecessary loss of time, incalculable consequential damage or the total loss of the wealth of the client.

Then, Enzo Caputo had the vision to build up an international team of experts with many years of precious professional experience accumulated with Swiss private banks.

Take immediate benefit from the professional banking experience of our experts. Let our boutique law firm Caputo & Partners eliminate all your financial problems and achieve exclusive results.

“Choosing a large law or audit company does not guarantee a 100% watertight tax optimization without mistakes. The case with football star Cristiano Ronaldo and Formula 1 Pilot Lewis Hamilton in the media are proof that it does not depend on the size of the consultant company, because in the end, the customer will be held responsible for the mistakes of the consultants at court.”