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Financial Crisis 2008, Cyprus Banking Crisis 2013, Italian Credit Crunch now, Bail-In Laws in the European Union since 2016 which can confiscate your money, BREXIT, Inflation in the developing world and the US-Chinese trade wars now, are all signs of the worse things to come – the next Crisis is on your doorstep. Be prepared not to lose everything.

“If you hesitate to act now, it can be too late. Take your money out of your local bank and out of your country now, before your country takes it out of you!”

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Money disappeared? Have crooks cheated you out of your money? You are not aware where the fraudsters have hidden your money. Are you afraid of the OECD Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS)?

We protect your money legally so that it is secure and out of reach. We are insiders. We know every bank, every trustee, every asset manager and every secret place. We can also operate out of the banking system. We solve your problems personally at the table with your bank!

Below you will find some of possible problems and scenarios in connection with your assets. These problems mean that you can lose all your money, that it remains frozen for years in a complicated process, or even risk imprisonment.

I’d like to give you some guidance on how you can much better understand your situation based on real case studies.

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1. Be prepared for the Worst-Case Scenario

“You are accused of money laundering and your assets are frozen”

The more someone holds influence over others, the bigger the risk of ending up with hostile and jealous people who have a malicious desire to inflict damage. Wealthy people from politically unstable countries are among those with the highest risk of being wrongly accused when the real aim is to keep them out of a lucrative business deal, to lock them down and to confiscate their assets. They need an asset protection lawyer.

It’s all smoke and mirrors when money laundering, corruption and terrorism are used as an excuse to come up with false allegations designed to drag a competitor into court proceedings that will lead to all of this bank accounts and assets being frozen.

1.1 Bribed Journalist published false Allegations in order to kick Competitors out of Business
Competitors of my client have paid a journalist to create false allegations. It’s effortless to fabricate an adverse scenario in the media. The IT systems of the banks constantly monitor the media. As soon as the suspicion in the media became apparent to the banks, the banks blocked the accounts of my supposedly suspected client. It is much more difficult to eliminate suspicions than to spread suspicions. In my capacity as an asset protection lawyer and specialist against money laundering, it’s crucial to start immediately providing documentary evidence to the banks.

Experience shows that around 70% of frozen bank accounts are released again at some time. In around 70% of cases, international corruption, international fraud, money laundering, organised crime and terrorism are cited as reasons for freezing the accounts of completely innocent business persons. An Asset Protection Lawyer has a good chance to close his case successfully.

Those who have not made asset protection strategies for business owners will run the risk of finding themselves destitute overnight. It can take many years for the accounts to be released in case multiple jurisdictions are involved. If no other funding sources are available, there is a real risk of the business and its owner ending up in bankruptcy court.

However, there are certain asset protection strategies for business owners that make it extremely difficult for the authorities to find accounts in foreign countries. As an asset protection lawyer, I am frequently contacted by clients from the former USSR and the Middle East for asset protection services that work in practice. They want to know the best way of protecting themselves against unjustified account freezes with the best asset protection services an asset protection lawyer can provide.

An unjustified account freeze can pull the entire company into the abyss and easily end in bankruptcy. The clients living in unstable countries are aware on the risks. The international legal assistance treaties are frequently abused to obtain highly sensitive banking information (also known as “fishing expeditions”).

Asset protection strategies should be implemented by an asset protection attorney before the assets are going to be frozen based on false allegations. It’s much more efficient to hire an asset protection lawyer before any damage occurs. Implementing global asset protection services in time means to be insured for rainy days.

Don’t leave it to the last second before disaster hits. Once the disaster has hit and the assets are frozen, an asset protection lawyer is not anymore in a position to make miracles for the client in no time. It takes time to solve the disaster. Start with the first asset protection company. Start with your offshore company formation procedure now. It’s the most convenient asset protection planning strategy.

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2. Compensation Payments eliminates the “Paper Trail”

The term “paper trail” describes the documented traceability of asset movements. All banks are under the obligation to document the economic background of each transaction. There are however certain types of transactions, such as compensation payments, that result in an interruption of the paper trail (flow of money) or to make it very difficult and time-consuming.

And there are other options of severing the paper trail. The trick is to use countries that have not signed an international legal assistance treaty. By interrupting the paper trail in a lawful way, assets can be diversified globally, which affords them effective protection.

2.1 Financial Kidnapping in South America
These payments no longer show on paper, because the account movements from one account to the next are no longer traceable after the paper trail has been interrupted. Movements of money to countries without international agreements for international legal assistance in place are reluctant to deliver bank account information to a country without any such agreements signed.

Classic asset protection strategies and asset protection services are widespread among the super wealthy from South America since decades. The South Americans find their asset protection security based on offshore banking having their money in Miami, Geneva and Zurich. Financial kidnapping is widespread in South America. The political and economic environment is not stable in this continent. No wonder that South American entrepreneurs invest large assets abroad in a broadly diversified manner. Asset protection strategies and asset protection services are high on the priority list.

3. Second Citizenship with a Citizenship-by-Investment Program

A second citizenship with a new passport has become part and parcel of modern wealth management and planning and can easily be obtained via one of the citizenship-by-investment programmes, also called golden visas. Over the last five years, the selling of passports has become a significant business in its own right. As of today, the market for passports accounts for 750 million EUR per year, another clear indicator of the increasing uncertainty our world is facing today. In a world dominated by uncertainties, asset protection services should be provided in time.

3.1 Banking Passport
Opening a new bank account with a brand-new passport of another country is one of the options to make access to the account so much harder for the authorities. Using a previously unknown passport to open a new account can make it significantly harder to identify the bank account in the case of a request for international legal assistance. Specialists refer to this as the “Banking Passport”, which basically means asset protection using a new bank account and sometimes with a new identity. However, Citizenship by Investment Programs aren’t made accessible for criminals. The due diligence requirements are very high. The level of due diligence is very high. You need to own the additional passport before the disaster is coming.

The countries offering these passports have pledged absolute confidentiality when it comes to requests from other countries. Chinese nationals are officially prohibited from acquiring dual citizenship. They are nevertheless among the best customers of citizenship-by-investment programmes.

“In the Gulf-area, owning 3, 4 or 5 passports has become a new status symbol for the new nomadic and successful businessman. Owning multiple passports means the ability to leave the country and travel around the globe without time-consuming visa restrictions.“

After being granted citizenship, many of them change their first and family names by using a completely legal name change procedure provided by the authorities in their new home country.

4. Tax-optimized Relocation combined with a Flat-Rate Tax

Relocating the tax residence into a country offering tax advantages is an integral part of all modern tax planning and tax optimisation strategies for nomadic business owners and their families.

“In 2017, Italy is becoming the tax paradise for high net worth individuals”

In early October 2017, the investment banking team of Goldman Sachs decided to relocate the private residence to Milano, Italy, based on the new Italian Non-Dom tax programme. The top-earning investment bankers moved their private residence from London to Milano in Italy. They are taking advantage on the flat tax regime. They are now able to optimise their tax load by paying 100’000 EUR flat tax for their entire income generated outside Italy.

4.1 Italian Flat Tax of EUR 100’000
Italy created this new flat rate taxation system in only at the beginning of 2017 and it looks like it will be an unprecedented success story for the Italian tax agency, called “Agenzia delle Entrate”. Italy now offers a flat-rate tax of only EUR 100,000 per year to those who establish their primary residence in the country. This amount covers the entire tax load payable on foreign-source income.

What’s so special about it:
“This flat-rate taxation programme is the only one, worldwide, that allows the inclusion of more distant relatives (such as aunts, grandparents, cousins, siblings, in-laws, etc.).”

5. Advice on how NOT to do it:
“Fake Residence in Dubai using Utility Bills as Evidence.”

The reasons for this sort of move are manifold. The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) has spurred offshore company providers to come up with highly creative services aimed at evading taxation and the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI). There are agencies in Dubai that offer all-inclusive packages for Europeans.

All the necessary documents are organised within one week (electricity and water bills, tenancy agreement, residency certificate, health check-up etc.). These are needed for a smooth opening of a bank account and fabricate a fake new fiscal residence in Dubai.

Many of these “tax evasion tourists” try to stay below the radar of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) by presenting documents purportedly evidencing their new tax residence in Dubai to their bank in Europe, with the aim of taking advantage of the zero-tax policy. The Tax Agencies in Europe are already aware of the fake residence in Dubai.

6. Creating “Substance” for Offshore Companies

Other agencies offer their services to obtain Maltese business residence documents, which are then used and abused to obtain tax advantages. But because the tax authorities in countries with high tax rates no longer recognise domiciliary companies without substance, agencies have turned to creating “substantial” shelf companies that are then sold to their new owners. In tax law, the term “creating substance” means creating the preconditions for setting up a permanent business establishment.

“Asset Protection – Don’t leave it to the last Second before Disaster hits.”

As a successful business person, you are familiar with making long-term plans. Wealth planning and targeted, efficient wealth management that incorporates asset protection strategies need to be taken care of at an early stage in order to make the biggest possible impact. Once the disaster has hit, any desperate attempts of an asset protection lawyer to move assets will do more harm than good. It’s easy for the authorities to reverse asset transfers if they deem them illegitimate.

  • If wealth management and wealth planning are important for you and you would like to better protect your hard-earned assets using new asset protection strategies and new instruments
  • If you are a nomadic businessman and considering moving your tax residence to Italy and save taxes the same way as the Goldman Sachs investment bankers do
  • If you are interested in obtaining dual citizenship via one of the citizenship-by-investment programmes
  • If you would like to create substance for your offshore company and keep out of trouble with the tax agency
  • If you would like to open a swiss bank account in the safe and stable country of Switzerland or elsewhere in the world
  • If you would like to protect your assets against implications that may be triggered by new circumstances in your life, you need to be prepared

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  • Inheritance asset protection services
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  • Sale of a company with special asset protection services
  • Asset protection and security services for elevated personal or political risks
  • Asset protection trust for litigation-hungry creditors
  • Global asset protection services for geographical or financial instability

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