Wealth Management Switzerland Study
115 Portfolios On The Test Bench

Why 71% of Swiss investment firms underperform (including banks) instead of creating the results you deserve. Discover 17 tips you must know BEFORE investing money.

Case studies show that most investors discover their wrong investments ONLY AFTER having suffered substantial losses with their portfolio. The wrong choice of the bank and wealth manager is the main reason for substantial losses. Learn from the mistakes of others.

I show you the right test questions and criteria to easily discover IN ADVANCE a good asset manager and unmask wealth destroyers. The nice thing is that you’ll be able to test money managers out BEFORE you start investing.

Thanks to my connections as the former CEO of the Swiss Association of Wealth Managers (https://www.vsv-asg.ch/) I got access to very confidential information. I analysed 115 existing portfolios based on a track record of 10 years. The 115 portfolios are managed directly by a Swiss bank or an external asset manager Switzerland.

The results of my studies will surprise you. Here is my promise.

“With the following insider information you will

  • Never pay excessive banking fees and make substantial losses again;
  • Make sure that your money comes and stays in safe hands.”


Autor: Enzo Caputo
Banking Lawyer since: 1986

Position: Founder & CEO of the
Boutique Law Firm Caputo & Partners

Updated on: 05.04.2021