Best Way to Invest Money (Investment Strategies 2019)

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“Based on my 30-year experience as an international private banking lawyer, I have seen wealthy people losing millions because of the wrong investment strategies and bonus-driven advisers.
I show you step by step how and where the world’s business elite, the oil sheikhs and celebrities are investing successfully. They protect their money long-term and secure with global strategies.”

This video offers a unique inside-view on the investment strategies of the rich and famous.
This video will help you constantly growing your assets without losing millions.

“The best learnings are based on the proven mistakes of financially successful people.”

Hi, I am Enzo Caputo, a former banking lawyer with UBS, former CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, the owner of the boutique law firm Caputo & Partners and the founder of, the place where international business people find tips and solutions for the best way to invest money protecting their global assets with Swiss banks, pay less tax and make more money with the best investment strategies.

Bring your money out of your country before your country will take it out of you

The majority of financial advisers on YouTube speak about:

  • What are the best investments to make money?
  • What are the risks of investments?
  • How to invest your money making substantial returns?
  • How to invest in liquid investments only?
  • How to be rich?
  • What is the best investment strategy?
  • How to make more cash flow with your investment strategies?
  • What is the best way to invest money in the stock market before a crash situation?
  • How to make value investments like Warren Buffet?
  • What is the best way to invest money in stocks, bonds and real estate?

Please understand me right. I don’t say that such investment strategies are not important.
I will give you the best answer to all of these questions later.

Making money has no value without asset protection

How to invest money wisely?
Where is the best place to invest money?

How important can be a high return…

  • if your bank is undercapitalized?
  • if your investment strategies are not globally diversified?
  • if your accounts are frozen because of a killer-lawsuit?
  • if your bank at home goes bankrupt?
  • if your home country will introduce capital export restrictions?
  • if your government has enacted the bail-in laws confiscating your money?

Bail-In means that you have to bail out your bank at home. The Bail-In legislation in the EU is ready since 2017. Undercapitalized banks are at risk. Investments in only one currency are a cluster risk.

Financial Crisis 2008 CyprusThe US and the EU governments run out of money. They are desperate. Desperate governments will do desperate things such as deposit tax in Spain, nationalization of pension assets in Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Argentina. Capital control measures in Cyprus and Iceland. The bankrupt European banks will be next. If you think nationalizations are impossible, think again.

Robert Kiyosaki, a world-famous entrepreneur, financial educator and NY Times best-selling author said: “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who already been there”. When financially successful people are doing investments wisely, it is always best to listen to them and understand why, where and how they did their investments.

Over 2.7 million US citizens have offshore accounts. US Investors are concerned about the poor capitalization of US banks. 15 million lawsuits are filed in the USA every year. Last 2 years, US investors invaded Swiss banks and asset managers to diversify their investment strategies globally with the most capitalized banks on the planet, the Swiss banks. 50% of all cross-border assets owned by the Sheiks in the Gulf region are managed with Swiss banks. Russian entrepreneurs and oligarchs do not trust their government. Their best way to invest money is doing it out of the influence of the home jurisdiction with the Swiss bank secrecy. 30% of the business elite are investing money with Swiss banks.

The one million dollar question for wealth preservation is the following:

Is my money safely invested at home?
Every jurisdiction has a different risk.
Don’t ask: What are the risks if I bring my money offshore?
Ask yourself: What are the risks if my money remains in my country of residence.
30% of all global money owned by financially successful people is invested and protected with Swiss banks. Think about. All the owners of 30% of all private money cannot be wrong.

Real Case Example from last week:
Real Case Example
Last week, a German entrepreneur came to my office asking for help. He owns an import business for goods from China to Germany. He told me that most of the time he lives in China but visiting Germany very often for business. He has a dispute with the German Tax Agency. A German tax officer accused him – out of the blue – for having past more than 183 days on German territory. The German Tax Agency has immediately frozen all of his bank accounts in Germany. The poor guy desperately searched for his old agenda, his old flight tickets, his hotel bills and other documentary evidence. Meanwhile, he was not in a position to pay salaries to his staff anymore.

Denied access to your money can destroy your business

Today, he is out of business. Unfortunately, he has no bank accounts out of the influence of the German jurisdiction. He has no money for surviving the dispute with the German Tax Agency. A dispute on how many days he slept in Germany can destroy his lucrative business. For German clients, I have legal investment and wealth preservation solutions out of the banking system and out of the radar of the rapacious German tax authorities.

The previous example shows how important it is for international entrepreneurs having assets stashed out of the influence of your country of residence. Efficient banking secrecy laws, strong data protection rules, diversification with well-capitalized banks, multi-currency accounts and an efficient legal system – as we have in Switzerland – are imperative for international asset protection. This is definitely the best way to invest money with the best investment strategies.

Taking measures for the preservation of wealth is not only prudent but absolutely necessary

My professional experience shows every day that global entrepreneurs have to be prepared for dealing with lawsuits. The risk of having a killer-lawsuit taking away most of your money overnight is huge in our overregulated business world. More success in business means automatically more risk exposure and more lawsuits. Who is not prepared for the worst case – the killer-lawsuit – will not survive the financial consequences. The business will go down the tube. Taking measures in advance to protect your money legally is not only prudent but absolutely necessary for the preservation of wealth.

Don’t forget: Switzerland is one of the very few countries still offering anonymous bearer shares for investment vehicles out of the banking system. Our long-term wealth preservation investment strategies are offering peace of mind. The best way to invest money must be tailor-made to the requirements of your home jurisdiction.

If certain investments are subject to reporting obligations, we will comply and report. All that we do is 100% legal and battle-proven. If a reporting obligation will increase the risk exposure, we will find legal ways to circumvent the reporting obligations. We are very creative. We will propose you some alternative investments without reporting obligations. There are always solutions. Trust us.

If you invest all of your money in a bank around the corner at home or, in a prime Swiss private bank with the best capitalization ratios on the planet, can make the difference between losing your money overnight or, preserving it for you, your family and the next generation to come.

Where to invest money? What is the best way to invest large amounts of money?

Swiss banks have a long tradition going back to the French Kings before the French revolution. Swiss banks managed the funds of the French Kings to finance the wars in the colonies. Today, Swiss banks are so well capitalized that they are the strongest banks in the world. The Swiss banks I recommend to my clients have a Tier One Capital Ratio of at least 20%. The banking supervisors in UK are demanding 9% only. Visit the world’s first Swiss Private Bank Directory.

My battle-proven wealth preservation guidelines and services

[What does gardening have to do with your wealth?]
Wealth is like your private garden. The vegetables and fruits are growing for sure, as sure as you have planted. Busy bugs, parasites and noxious weeds are coming soon. If you do nothing they will destroy your tomatoes and strawberries in no time. They will take it all, unless you prevent it. Ask any farmer. Every garden must be cured and protected. Likewise, the rapid growth of wealth and successful business will attract the attention of competitors, the tax authorities and other enemies. The next lawsuit will come for sure. Taking measures for legal wealth preservation, asset protection and peace of mind is not only prudent but imperative. If you do nothing you will not survive the next killer-lawsuit.

My clients have bank accounts with the strongest Swiss banks having a Tier One Capital Ratio exceeding 20%. I was CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers before starting my law firm. I know the asset management and family offices industry and their investment strategies very well. In Switzerland, we have the best asset managers in the world. I work exclusively with independent star asset managers who deliver results. The best way to invest money means working with the best asset managers in the world.

It is very important for security reasons that you open your bank account in your name, or, in the name of a company you have under control. Your money should never go into a bank account in the name of a broker, asset manager or multi-family office. There is no reason for that. You have to be sure to control your money at any given time. After account opening, you will give a limited power of attorney to an independent asset manager or family office for discretionary asset management. The asset management mandate does not authorize the asset manager to take money away, except the asset management fees. I will introduce you to a star asset manager with a proven track record who constantly will grow your assets.

Investment strategies of a classic Swiss asset manager

The classic Swiss asset manager is a value investor like Warren Buffet. He will invest in high-quality companies who generate yearly dividend payments. Due to the global research of Swiss banks, he will find investment ideas with under-priced companies. He only invests in liquid shares of companies he knows the business. A good investment should be liquidated the same day. The classic Swiss asset manager does not invest in cost-intensive investment funds eating the performance of the portfolio. He prefers direct investments.

How to achieve peace of mind with long-term wealth preservation?

Achieving peace of mind with long-term wealth preservation measures means working with the best-in-class asset managers implementing the best investment strategies. It means working with the strongest banks in the world. It means having a lawyer like me acting as your asset protector. I will constantly supervise your wealth periodically.
Remember: the best way to invest money and protect your wealth is like your private garden. Wealth needs to be cured and protected. I will take care of your wealth – of your private garden.

Multi-family offices and the asset managers have many clients with substantial assets with a Swiss private bank. Based on that placing power, the asset manager will receive much better pricing from the bank. If you will go directly to the bank, alone, without my introduction with the independent asset manager, you will pay more fees. The bank will offer you standard fees based on the standard price list. Such pricing is not always transparent. Our goal is always to negotiate an all-in fee, including the fees of the bank, the asset manager and my fees as a protector. My protector fees are included in the fees of the asset manager because I will share the fees with him. Based on this all-in fee agreement, you will know exactly how much you pay.

“Most clients select a private bank based on the brand and not based on their specific needs.
How can you be sure finding the best Private Bank tailor-made to your needs without an independent & trusted adviser on your side?”

Source finma: Over 100 Swiss Private Banks on the Market

If you go to the bank directly without an asset manager and without me, the bank will buy investment products listed on the bank’s internal recommendation list. The risk for a conflict of interest situation between you and the bank will be substantial. The asset manager will pick the best investment product on the market and not the best product on the recommendation list of the bank. Therefore, it is very important to negotiate always all-in fees with banks and asset managers. I have seen many portfolios losing money because of bad investments based on such recommendation lists. In my capacity as your protector, I will supervise the asset manager and the bank eliminating such conflict of interest situations.

Why are independent asset managers important?

I made a calculation on the fees. It is 20% – 35% cheaper to appoint an asset manager or a family office with me as a protector instead to work directly with the bank. You can easily safe 100’000 USD or more on banking fees.

There is a high turnover among the employees inside Swiss banks is big. Changing bankers can be dangerous. Continuity with your investment strategy is guaranteed with an external family office or asset manager and a protector like me. A bonus-driven inexperienced banker can burn your assets. I will give you an example with a real-life case shortly after.

[Marriage vs. Swiss Bank Account = …]
According to studies, the average duration of a Swiss bank account is 17 years. It is longer than the average duration of a marriage. As a protector, I will control the statements of the bank and the performance of the asset manager, every 3 months, on a quarterly basis. The best way to invest money is not guaranteed if the depository bank is big. The skills of the external asset manager are much more important.

A true story: How an inexperienced bonus-driven banker can destroy your wealth

Private-Banking-Relationship-Manager-Burn-MoneyI had a client from Istanbul, Turkey.
A classic Swiss banker constantly increased the assets.
The assets increased from 500’000 USD in 1995 up to 18 million USD 22 years later in 2017. 2017 the Swiss banker retired.

The client decided to continue with the bank because his new banker spoke his native language. The new young banker wanted to make his career quickly hitting big bonuses with risky investments. He submitted special agreements to the client allowing risky investments. The clients signed the agreements without understanding the content. He trusted the bank without limits because of the excellent 22 years track record.

This was a fatal mistake! The young and inexperienced banker destroyed more than 10 million in 3 months with speculative investment strategies. Fortunately, the bank was not accurate enough to document the risk disclosure obligations of the bank for risky investments. The contractual framework and the strict Swiss regulation helped us to get compensated. The bank was forced to compensate the damage.

The example shows crystal clear how millions can be destroyed in no time if a greedy cowboy banker will act as your trusted adviser. The appointment of a senior asset manager is of paramount importance for wealth preservation.

The best way to invest money includes wealth preservation measures

Based on a very simple Protector Agreement with me, you give me rights of inspection for the bank and for the asset manager or the multi-family office. The best way to invest money means eliminating all conflict of interest situations. I will help you in case of any other problem, for example, the proper execution of payments.

Saving +100.000 Dollar Banking Fees is an additional bonus
If you appoint me as your asset protector, if you work with me you will save up to 100’000 USD banking fees and more per year. Based on my introduction you will have the exclusive VIP access to the top star asset managers who are managing billions. The asset managers are independent and not restricted in their investments. Bank internal products on a recommendation list are not binding for an independent asset manager. They will buy the best product on the market for the client and not the best product for the bank. The investment strategy is fully independent and not bound to any kind of bank recommendation. My star asset managers are managing the wealth of international business people, celebrities, politically exposed persons, oil sheikhs, Russian oligarchs and other successful investors.

The higher the assets under management are, the lower the fees will be. For assets bigger than 15 million, I am in a position to negotiate an all-in fee of 1.00% up to 1.40% per year. The pricing includes the fees of the banks, the asset manager and my fees.

If you are a super qualified and sophisticated investor looking after the best investment strategies, I will introduce you to the best performing hedge funds. I will introduce you personally to the best managers of hedge funds. Let me give you an example. I know a bio-tech hedge-fund, generating more than 10% performance for 15 years. The people managing the hedge-fund are top professionals with very impressive CVs. Medical doctors and scientists with decades of experience and a former CEO of UBS are managing the bio-tech hedge-fund. If you are interested to meet the best hedge-fund managers of the world, just give me a call.

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If you have a private and confidential question investigating for your best way to invest money, grab your mobile phone now and call me during Swiss office hours.

It’s never too early to diversify your assets and transfer a big part of your assets to Switzerland for long-term wealth preservation. Take care of your wealth and have peace of mind. Be rich and stay rich. Have a wonderful day.