How a Swiss Bank Account can make people rich (step by step)

Did you know that a Swiss bank account can make you rich? All you need is working with the best in class offshore banking professionals. My clients multiplied their money by 20 or 30 times. A Client from Cairo started with 500’000 USD in 1995 and step by step his portfolio went up to 12 million. During the same period, others have lost millions. Choosing the wrong bank, getting the wrong advice and investing in dangerous products are the most frequent mistakes made by non-resident investors. I have carefully analysed the history of successful portfolios. I discovered a few simple rules. Following such simple rules will make you rich. Stay tuned.

Only the fact of having your money offshore on a Swiss bank account is the most important measure to safeguard your assets with offshore banking. Your assets in an offshore bank account are disconnected from your home country and his courtrooms. You will be protected from the reach of the authorities at home. Assets at home can be frozen overnight by an act of caprice or a despotic act. 30% of the world’s offshore banking money is managed in Switzerland.

Why are Swiss bank accounts so popular?

Asset protection is the answer. Today, the authorities shoot first and ask questions later. I saw innocent business owners with frozen assets losing their business within a few weeks. Having your assets protected with a Swiss bank account for non-residents is fundamental to remain successful and become very rich with offshore banking in Switzerland.

How safe are Swiss bank accounts?

Once your assets are in Switzerland sitting on a Swiss bank account for foreigners, you need a solid bank and an experienced asset manager. The Swiss banks are among the world’s best capitalized banks. I will introduce you to a Swiss bank with a Tier One Capital Ratio exceeding 20%. I will select a private bank with no risks in their balance sheet. You need a Swiss bank fully dedicated to private banking. Avoid banks dealing with dubious investment banking, commercial or risky lending activities.

Swiss banks are famous for being expensive. Quality has its price. They are strictly regulated. They offer the highest standards in terms of IT, online and mobile banking and a global network with the highest level of professionalism. Some of them are in the private banking business for 200 years. Nevertheless, do not accept the standard price list. Negotiate all-in fees, if you know the industry standards. If not? Never walk alone in a bank. You can be the victim of some rapacious bankers as you can never deal with them at par, on the same eye level. The banker is much better informed than you are. It will not be easy for you to negotiate.

Why are all-in fees so important to safeguard your Swiss bank account?

All-in fees are transparent. You know exactly how much you will pay at the end of the year. Every bank has different fees. It’s a non-transparent jungle. Overcrowding banking fees can easily destroy the performance of your portfolio. There is something much more important. The all-in fee structure will protect you from churning activities and conflict of interest situations.

The all-in fee price structure is the best protection against churning and rapacious bonus-driven bankers.

As you may know, the majority of Swiss bankers are job-hoppers. They work under constant pressure and stress of being kicked out of the bank. They must reach a certain amount of new assets under management before the end of the current year. The IT system calculates the exact amount of profit generated from each of his clients. The performance of a private banker is considered as a profit center. They earn a salary and – more important – a bonus. Normally, the bonus supersedes the annual salary by far. I know private bankers leaving the bank because of the bank’s compliance officer. Risky shy compliance officers are often rejecting one Swiss bank account opening request after the other. Many private bankers are frustrated. They just wait for the next head-hunter’s offer. Other senior private bankers started their own boutique asset management company.

My advice: Ask your banker. Find out if he is a job-hopper. Ask him about his professional experience.

Job-hoppers are dangerous for your Swiss bank account. The management of your investments is a long-term mission. Successful Swiss bank accounts are managed by professional senior bankers for multiple years or decades. Successful private banking is based on trust. Trust needs time. Frequently changing bankers means poison for your Swiss bank account. The Swiss bank account opening documentation is composed of complicated forms. A wrong form can cause a financial disaster. If you like the video, show it to us now and push the like button now. If you like information just like this, make sure to not miss the new videos and subscribe to my YouTube Channel now. Click the subscribe button and ring the bell.

Ask and find out if your banker is job-hopper or just a product pusher! You can ask him for personal references.

Swiss banks have internal recommendation lists. They have homemade financial products listed. The private bankers are instructed to exclusively promote financial products listed on the recommendation list. Should a private banker propose to his client the best product available on the market, or, should he sell the home-made product of the bank listed on the recommendation list? The right answer to this question can decide if your Swiss bank account will end with a success story or a financial disaster for your offshore bank account. The reality is that uneducated clients are becoming victims of product pushers. Typically, the portfolio statement of the Swiss bank account of the victims is showing illiquid and super-expensive structured products and side-pockets of illiquid hedge-funds.

If your portfolio is full of illiquid investments, side-pockets of funds and other bad products please leave a comment in the comment section below mentioning the bad investment and who was responsible for it. Your comment should be a “naming and shaming” alerting the audience from bad practices, including bad actors in the market.

Products pushers have nothing to do with the fine art of Swiss private banking. Product pushers can be easily replaced – private bankers not. Conflict of interest situations like this is very frequent.

You have to make sure working with the best in class professionals managing your offshore bank account. If you can on-board the right professionals your Swiss bank account will become a success story and make you rich, very rich.

How can you find and hire the best professionals for managing your assets?

Maybe you are lucky and happy with your private banker in Singapore, London or Hong Kong. Your bank account is constantly growing. If this should be the case, I am pretty sure that your senior banker is working for you since at least 5 years. Meanwhile, he has become your friend. As I said before: success in private banking needs trust and trust needs time. There is no free lunch. Take care of him. Don’t worry, be happy. Keep him on-board.

If you are disappointed because of always changing private bankers and product pushers, I am pretty sure that your bank account is not doing well. Check your statements. It’s time for a change. Change everything, immediately. Let’s discuss how we can protect your assets. Maybe, we can recover a part of the damage. I will introduce you to an independent star asset manager delivering results over the decades. As the former CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, I know the best Swiss asset managers in Switzerland. They will turn your Swiss bank account into a success story.

You need an independent asset manager sitting in the driver seat. He will buy the best products in the market and not a home-made product of the bank listed on the recommendation list. Successful and independent asset managers are important for Swiss banks. Most of them worked as successful private bankers for a Swiss bank before becoming independent. Close to 20% of all assets held with Swiss banks are managed by independent asset managers. The last 2 years since Brexit, many family offices moved their offices from London to Zurich or Geneva. My asset managers and friends have substantial assets booked with their Swiss private bank. Together, we can negotiate very attractive all-in fees for you. The big amount of assets is an advantage for negotiating better all-in fees with the bank. I am gonna make an offer the bank can’t refuse.

How much is the all-in fee for this asset protection setup?

Let me give you some numbers. A new client invested 28 million USD in a discretionary managed bond-portfolio. His external asset manager is a famous bond-expert. He’s asset protector is a Swiss banking lawyer. The client pays an all-in fee of 1% per year from the assets under management. The 1% fee is composed of 0.25% for the bank as a custody fee and 0.75% as the asset management fee.

If you go alone to the bank you pay 20% to 35% more fees. That means you can be over-charged with 100’000 EUR. Who knows if you will be advised by a product pusher? There is no bond-expert and no banking lawyer constantly taking care of your assets. Against 1% of the assets under management, the client receives a Swiss bank account, an independent bond-expert and a constant asset protection monitoring by a Swiss banking lawyer.

We are not product pushers. We develop long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and honesty. The all-in fee is the guarantor for a complete alignment of interests and the eliminator of al sort of conflict of interest situations. If you have at least a Swiss bank account minimum balance of 500’000 EUR to start, give us a call. We will find the best solution tailor-made to your needs and expectations. A minimal investment of 500’000 is required for sufficient investment diversification. Portfolios below 500‘000 EUR are diversified with costly fund-products instead of direct investments in shares and bonds.

Why is the Asset Protector important for an offshore bank account?

We are living in a world of constantly changing laws and regulations. Bankrupt governments and rapacious tax authorities shoot first and ask later. We are informed about what’s going on in Switzerland because we are living here. We feel the sentiments of the population. We are in a position to anticipate developments alerting and warning you. As the asset protector, I will inspect the files of the bank and the asset manager on a quarterly basis followed by a subsequent reporting. I will inform on the latest developments in banking, tax, compliance, regulations, sanctions, Golden Visa Programs, Citizenship by Investment and much more.

When the AEOI has been invented, we informed, alerted and warned our clients in advance. They were able to implement appropriate measures. Some of them changed jurisdiction or started the Voluntary Disclosure Program or went out of the banking system when it was legal and possible. You will deal with senior professional advisers and not only simple product pushers. You get lower costs, high-quality advice, timely alerts and a constantly growing Swiss bank account who makes you rich step by step. Custody, trading and Forex fees are significantly lower than those offered by banks to individual clients walking into the bank alone. Remember. If you go alone to the bank opening a Swiss bank account for non-residents you will pay at least 20% to 35% more.

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If you lost money on your Swiss bank account because of a rapacious products pusher, if you have a confidential or sensitive question, you would like to discuss only with me, give me a call. Be rich and stay rich. Have a wonderful day.