Top Secret Tax Saving Schemes of Billionaires (No Income Tax)

How to legally circumvent the Income Tax & Capital Gain Tax with the most tax-efficient Swiss tax saving schemes!

  • Do you know why 36 Billionaires and other celebrities are living Switzerland?
  • Do you know why all the Formula 1 driver moved to Switzerland?

Switzerland is a tax haven without income taxation. For private individuals, there is no capital gain taxation. That means a lot. You can close a private deal with the Swiss tax authorities. The super deal is super-secret. There is a little-known tax saving scheme: the Lump Sum Taxation. No tax on your income and wealth.

The good thing is, you don’t have to be a Billionaire, a movie star or a Formula 1 driver to qualify for such tax saving schemes. I show you step by step how the Swiss tax saving schemes will work for you, as a foreign entrepreneur. I will bring examples later on. One of them is a client, a US entrepreneur who is paying 5% only of what he paid before in the USA. You can do the same.

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Why is the lump sum taxation one of the most attractive tax saving schemes on the globe?

It’s because you are not taxed on income and wealth.

On what are you taxed?
You will be taxed on your annual living cost.
Your yearly living expenses will determine your Lump Sum Taxation and your final tax bill.

Therefore, the Swiss Lump Sum Taxation is also known as Expenditure-based Taxation. Italy made a copy of the Swiss scheme last year.
In Italy you pay EUR 100’000 flat tax. No more tax on your income.
Cristiano Ronaldo has taken benefit of the Italian tax saving schemes opting for the flat tax regime combined with the Golden Visa. The Italian scheme has become famous due to Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Subject to the place of residence and your income you will save until 95% of your annual taxes. If your income is far above the yearly living expenses, you will save a tremendous amount of money with our tax saving schemes.“

Tax Benefits that most people don’t know!
The Swiss Lump Sum Taxation is also known as Expenditure-based Taxation.
The difference between the annual cost of living and the effective annual income remains untaxed.
If such difference will be big enough, you will have the opportunity to save substantial amounts of tax money based on such attractive tax saving schemes.

In Switzerland only, you will have the unique opportunity to close the best tax deal of your life.

What are the requirements?
You must be a new resident in Switzerland. Professional activities on Swiss territory are not permitted but you can work abroad, outside Switzerland, if you like. The living cost per year must be minimum 400’000 to 600’000 Swiss francs, depending on the Canton of residence. You should own a minimum wealth of 10 million Swiss francs. Lower amounts are not accepted by the Swiss authorities.

CaliforniaLet me tell you a story of a client from California.
A client from California, USA came to my office and he told me: I am earning an income of 10 million dollars a year.
I have to pay 3,7 million in taxes, equal to the taxation of 37%.
US passport holders pay taxes for their entire life, despite the place of residence.
I want to transfer my residence outside the USA. Do you have a solution for me?

I told him. Yes, we first buy a Cyprus passport. We will make the application for Swiss residence with Lump Sum Taxation Switzerland.
The final step of our best tax saving plan is giving back the US passport.

best-tax-saving-scheme-for-a-US-PersonWhich is the best tax saving scheme for a US Person?
If a US person lives outside the territory of the USA the tax obligations will persist. The tax liability is connected to US citizenship but there is a way out. There is a solution. You can give back your US passport with the relinquishment procedure in connection with US citizenship. You can renounce to your US passport if you have a second passport. The ownership of second citizenship is imperative.
The client agreed. Based on my best tax saving plan he made the Citizenship by Investment Program in Cyprus investing 2,5 million EUR in real estate.

Why Cyprus, if a passport in the Caribbean is available for 150’000 dollar only?
The lump sum taxation in Switzerland is based on the dual system. EU citizens and Non-EU citizens are treated differently. A Non-EU Citizen must pay 3 to 7 times more taxes than an EU citizen. My US client became an EU citizen with the Cyprus passport according to one of our tax savings tips.

How to save tax with the same strategy as Tina Turner
He is paying only 180’000 Swiss francs lump-sum tax per year in Switzerland. After the Swiss lump-sum taxation, we made the relinquishment procedure for his US passport giving back the US passport. He did the same strategy Tina Turner did with the US Embassy in Bern. By giving back his US passport he eliminated his US tax liabilities forever. Today, he is living in Switzerland as a Cyprus citizen. Based on the new Cyprus passport we killed 2 birds with one stone. We have eliminated his US tax liabilities forever. In Switzerland, we have obtained a tax discount reserved for EU citizens only. Instead of paying 4 million in taxes, he pays 180’000 CHF only. He is paying less than 5% of the previous tax he paid in the USA before.

Top Tax Saving Schemes in Italy for big families
Arab-Sheikh-take-care-daughterLast winter, I had a client from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He said to me that his family is not any more secure in Saudi Arabia. He is looking for a Plan B for his family. He wants to move to Switzerland with all his relatives, his father, and mother, his brothers and sisters.

I told him: Look, Switzerland is the Rolls Royce solution among the global Golden Visa programs. It will cost you a fortune if you want to relocate with all the relatives, including father, mother, brother and sisters. Your distant family members must file a separate application for taking benefits of the Swiss tax saving schemes. I have another proposal for you: the Italian Golden Visa Program with flat-rate taxation of 100’000 EUR per year.

Italy is the best Golden Visa Program with a flat tax rate for large families. Italy has the best tax saving schemes in place for big families. Only with the Italian program, you can relocate with your father, mother, brothers and sisters. You have to stay in Italy for at least 6 months a year. I opted for the Italian Visa. He relocated to a village at the Lake Como, close to the Swiss border and very close to the house of George Clooney.

Golden Visa Program available in Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and Italy
Portugal, Spain, Malta and Cyprus are offering Golden Visa programs too.
In such countries, there are no requirements for physical presence during the year.
Many Russians opted for Cyprus and Spain.
Many Chinese citizens opted for the Golden Visa in Portugal.

More and more globally active, wealthy and successful businessmen are buying a new domicile, known as a “Golden Visa”, or a second nationality with an additional passport through a “Citizenship by Investment Program”. The new business with Golden Visa and Citizenship by Investment is skyrocketing.

By moving to Switzerland, or any other country with a Golden Visa program, you have acquired an insurance policy. You have a Plan B for bad times. Many people in the Middle East, China, South America are looking for more visa-free mobility and travel freedom in combination with international tax saving schemes.

Together, we will explore if you qualify for one of the tax saving schemes, Golden Visa or Citizenship by Investment programs. There are many reasons for a plan B. Not only taxes. If you do not qualify for the program you have chosen, I will explore some alternative solutions for you. There is always a solution. Believe me. We will find the best solution tailor-made to your needs and expectations.

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