The Best Solutions for Post RERCT with Offshore Bank Accounts

After the repatriation programs (post-RERCT), many Brazilians are still in trouble because they have not declared their bank accounts and assets abroad. The risks of such conducts are enormous: from serious problems with federal revenue, assets seizure in Brazil and abroad, to crimes such as tax evasion. In other words, the future for these people goes from the loss of the patrimony in Brazil and abroad up to a criminal conviction and the possibility of facing the prison.

Brazilians should not opt for conducts that could worsen their situation, such as, doing nothing believing that banking institutions abroad can help in some way. Our experience shows that banks will freeze resources and the customer will be treated as a real criminal. Also, potential clients should not take desperate steps to escape the problem, such as seeking some “doleiro” to repatriate the value or even trying to find some “criminal partner” who receives the value abroad and make a compensation in Brazil. This will only aggravate the situation because such operations are being monitored by the Brazilian government and the overseas banks themselves have already sent the information to the federal revenue through the information exchange programs (AEI).

Therefore, the solution is to look for a team of lawyers who can work in Brazil and abroad to help the client to face the problems with a professional help. Caputo is a reference for this type of case, having in its team experienced Brazilian and Swiss lawyers. Our strategy involves a deep analysis of the client’s problem and the composition of its assets. We verify the possibility of rectification of the last declarations for the federal revenue and for the central bank and also we work with the banking institutions abroad and governmental organs such as the Brazilian federal revenue and the fiscal authorities abroad.

Without a doubt, it is much better to act before it’s too late. Doing nothing is always worse. So, talk to Caputo & Partners so we can find a solution for your case

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