Wealth and structuring go hand-in-hand. There is hardly any wealthy family that does not use one or more wealth planning structures to safeguard, optimise or preserve their wealth.

Family offices are very often, in one way or another, involved in these wealth planning structures. A single- or multi-family office can set them up on behalf of the family, maintain them and/or fulfil a function in the structure.

Nowadays one of the most important tasks of a family office is to make sure the structures used by the families they serve are tax- and regulation-compliant in the country where the family lives.

Below you will find an overview of the most widely-used wealth planning structures and information on the functions these structures (can) fulfil for affluent families, when used in compliance with laws and regulations:




Private placement life insurance (PPLI)

Jumbo universal life insurance (ULI)

Professional investor funds