Banco Santander Suisse SA

Origin of Banco Santander Suisse SA

Banco-Santander-Suisse-SA-1Banco Santander (Suisse) SA belongs to the international Private Banking of the Santander Group. The Santander Group is the fourth largest financial group in the world and has one of the top rankings among the financial institution in Europe. Santander Private Banking International (SPBI) has apart from Geneva, offices in Houston, Miami, Nassau, New York and San Diego.

In Spain, the home market, Banco Santander ranks clearly as number one. The bank is also among the top rankings in Latin America, mainly in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. The bank also has a dominant presence in Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Poland and in the northeast of the USA. In 2017 Banco Santander could celebrate its 160th anniversary.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The philosophy of SPBI is to provide excellent service and financial advice to family offices and high net worth individuals. Worldwide there are more than 600 experts responsible for the clients’ needs and interests. SPBI has an open architecture enabling them to offer their clients a wide range of investment services. The close relationship with their clients is significant for Banco Santander. It is crucial to understand their financial situation and to find the best solutions in the market to fulfill their needs.

Consistent, high-quality service is the commitment of Banco Santander. The relationship is transparent and based on confidentiality, trust, and credibility. Banking must be redefined to cover the unique needs of the clients in different markets through common and flexible platforms. The corporate culture can be represented in three words, fair, personal and straightforward.

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Services and Solutions
Banco-Santander-Suisse-SA-2Banco Santander Private Banking has a standardized management model with four clearly defined phases. Phase 1: Each client must be understood individually to determine the investment profile and objective. The investment horizons, the risk levels, and the liquidity needs must be established. There are three investment platforms which can be used.

Portfolio Advisory, where the client makes his own decisions, but with active advisory by the bank, Banking & Investment services, the choice is caused by the client based on his profile and the Discretionary Portfolio Management adopted by the bank based on the client’s investment profile. Phase 2: The investment strategy has to be defined. The asset allocation is reviewed periodically according to the market conditions by the Asset Allocation Committee, the Santander Private Banking Management Team, and the Research Department.

Phase 3: With an open architecture each client can implement his investment strategy. Santander offers a wide array of products, like stocks, bonds, alternative instruments, structured products, and funds. Phase 4: Important is a follow-up of the investments and a review of the performance. The bank has an automated monitoring system, but the client always can review his portfolio through the internet.

Risk Management
The board of directors is evaluating and associating the risks with a forward-looking approach and with a low-medium risk profile. An independent assessment, as well as the people at the origin, are monitoring and controlling the risk. The units that generate the risks are also responsible for managing the risk. The following are the main risks monitored: Strategic risk, credit risk, reputation risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk and the capital risk.

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Added-Value Services
In the annual Euromoney ranking, Banco Santander was named the “Best Bank in the World” in 2012. In 2017 Banco Santander was the largest bank in the Eurozone and among the 13 biggest banks in the world regarding capitalization. The market cap of Banco Santander is 88.4 bn EUR. Santander’s stock belongs to the Eurostoxx and is one of the most liquid components of the index. The stock is listed in 63 different indexes worldwide.

Banco Santander is an official sponsor of the UEFA champions league. Santander launched Santander X, a system for entrepreneurs and universities. Knowledge and ideas can be shared, and through that, there is the possibility to attract investment. The fully digital Spanish bank is called Openbank. The IT-infrastructure is based in a cloud. The highest security standards are met, and this enables fully digital and innovative features.

Santander awards in 2017 from The Banker are Global Bank of the Year, Bank of the Year in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Latin America, Chile and Spain. Awards from Euromoney are Best Bank in the World for SMEs, Best Bank in Latin America, Best Bank in Puerto Rico, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, and Poland. Banco Santander fights against climate changes and has a firm commitment to the environment.

Banco Santander Suisse SA – Facts & Figures

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Address Rue Ami-Lévrier 5-7
1211 Geneva
Phone +41 22 909 22 22
Year of foundation 1857
Subsidiaries 13’697
No. of employees 202’251
Arab Bank PLC
Fitch A-
Moody’s A3
S&P A-
Chairman Ana Botín
Shareholder’s equity 106.832 bn EUR
Assets under Management 1’388 bn EUR
Assets under Management / Employees 6.9 mm EUR
Net profit 6.619 bn EUR
Net Profit / Employees 32’727 EUR
Tier 1 Ratio 12.11 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 47.4 %
CEO José Antonio Álvarez

Source: Annual Report Santander Group 2017

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