Bordier & Cie

Origin of Bordier & Cie

Bordier & Cie ZürichThe Bank Bordier & Cie was founded in Geneva in 1844. It is run by the fifth generation of the founding family. The three shareholders, Grégoire Bordier, Evrard Bordier (already the 5th generation) and Michel Juvet manage the bank. The three shareholders make all strategic decisions. They are also those who stick with their fortune for all happenings in the bank. In 1986, an office on the Turks and Caicos Islands opened.

In 1997 Bordier opened the gates in Zurich. In 1999 Bordier was opened in Bern. In 2001, a partnership was entered with Berry Asset Management in London. In 2005, a branch was opened in Nyon, 2006 in Paris and 2007 in Uruguay. In 2011 Evrard Bordier opened his fifth office in Singapore. In 2014 Bordier UK was founded, 2016 Bordier FinLab SA and finally 2017 Bordier Brest and Rennes. The name Bordier & Cie, Banquiers Privées, is a registered name and may only be used by private bankers liable with their assets.

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Philosophy and Strategy
For more than 174 years, the Bordier family has been helping to ensure that its clients’ assets are well protected, that value is increased and that assets are transferred to future generations. There are evident fundamental values that Bordier wants to keep. Responsibility and obligation; the partners are liable with their assets for the liabilities of the bank in unlimited amount.

The interests of customers and the bank are therefore at the same level. Absolute independence; As Bordier is entirely independent, they have the freedom to concentrate on the needs and goals of their clients adequately. Availability; Bordier wants to maintain its current size. The bank is manageable, and that is why the customer is and remains the center of attention. Personal advice and personal contact are essential to Bordier.

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Services and Solutions
Bordier & CieBordier & Cie. devotes itself entirely to asset management. Bordier & Cie. Asset management perform the following business activities for private clients; the core business of Bordier is asset management for private clients. Bordier stands for independence, the manageable size, the trust, the long-term relationship with the customers, including tax and hereditary aspects.

The portfolios are created tailor-made for the clients, and the stock selection is precisely checked and selected so that the portfolio can be optimized. The portfolio consists of cash, bonds, commodities, equities, alternative investments. Care is taken to ensure that assets continue to grow. Another area is the managed mandates, the management of the assets by Bordier, using the power of the customer.

This is very much based on mutual trust. Bordier’s approach is as follows: First, the financial potential of the client is analyzed, then the needs, including future planning, are developed, then the investment decisions are made according to the risk profile, then the portfolio is managed, and the performance of the portfolio is worked out and analyzed. If the customer wants to make his investment decisions himself, then he has a team of experts at his disposal, who will assist him with any questions and then Bordier will only execute the transactions according to the client’s order.

Bordier also supports its customers in tax matters. It also attaches great importance to retirement provision so that the client is covered after retirement and can enjoy life without financial worries. The independent asset managers are very welcome at Bordier, and they receive excellent care. Bordier FinLab deals with private equity, mutual funds, corporate bonds and structured products.

Risk Management
Risk management is an essential part of the bank’s policy. The aim is to improve profitability, increase the bank’s value and preserve resources. The Managing Partners are responsible for the overall risk policy. The main risks include the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the reputational risk.

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Added-Value Services
Bordier & Cie. publishes a market report every Monday called the “Monday Report.” The most important facts and news are published on one page. The topics are economy, Swiss market, bonds, market climate and investor sentiment, markets, and equities. With VISA Infinite and VISA, Platinum Bordier offers two new credit cards that meet the high demands of customers.

The cards include a concierge service and VIP status. Bordier supports the project “Under the Pole III, Twilight Zone,” which deals with the study of the underworld and the consequences of climate change in the oceans. Bordier also supports the digital cultural event “Hodler, le Roi du selfie,” which is shown by the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Geneva. Bordier has a powerful research team for Swiss and European equities. Bordier has several mutual funds that it manages itself.

Bordier & Cie – Facts & Figures

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Address Rue de Hollande 16
1204 Geneva
Phone +41 58 258 00 00
Year of foundation 1844
Subsidiaries 10
No. of employees 250
Rating Bordier & Cie
Chairman ###
Shareholder’s equity ###
Assets under Management ###
Assets under Management / Employees ###
Net profit ###
Net Profit / Employees ###
Tier 1 Ratio ###
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) ###
CEO ###

Source: Annual Report 2017

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