NPB Neue Privat Bank AG

Origin of NPB Neue Privat Bank AG

NPB BankNPB Neue Privat Bank AG was established 2001 in Zurich by the four managing partners and is a pure asset management bank. There are a few Swiss private investors also involved in the bank. In 2009, the bank moved to new offices and is now located at the prestigious Bellevue in Zurich. The bank is independent and autonomous and only has one office in Zurich. The managing partners of NPB Neue Privat Bank AG hold a substantial equity interest, and therefore the client has the highest level of security and personal interest in the success.

There were almost no changes in the management since the foundation of the bank, and this is a sign of steady and successful progress. The location Switzerland is appreciated by people because of the geographical position, in the middle of Europe, the highly developed infrastructure, the political stability and the stable currency.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The philosophy of NPB Neue Privat Bank AG is respect for privacy, honesty, stability, and reliability. The bank doesn’t have short-term targets, and their view is to deliver sustainable results and mutual satisfaction. The investment approach is independent, personalized and committed. The bank lives traditional values. NPB Neue Privat Bank AG is a trusted partner to their customers and is exploring new business opportunities in today’s ever-changing market environment.

The size of the bank allows them to act rapidly, flexible, direct and personal. To offer their clients the latest information and communication technology with the highest security standards, NPB Neue Privat Bank AG has entered into a strategic relationship with InCore Bank AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maerki Baumann AG, for the logistical services. NPB Neue Privat Bank AG wants to know their clients personally to cultivate a long-term relationship.

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Services and Solutions
NPB Neue Privat Bank AGThe business areas of NPB Neue Privat Bank AG are asset management and investment advice. Their customers are private clients, institutional clients and independent asset managers. The private banking unit gives the customer the opportunity to get in direct contact with the partner or top performers who have years of experience in the field. The size of the bank allows it to guarantee an excellent team, accessibility, discretion, and availability.

The decision-making processes are very short, and the client gets an answer very quickly even to the most complex questions. The investment advice shows modern methods to financial markets and the aim is to find the best possible balance between the customer’s requirements and the risk/reward of the investment universe. Not like in an asset management mandate, the client himself decides on the investment based on recommendations by the bank.

The asset management mandate or instruction is carried out by portfolio managers base on ideas and objectives by the client. The investment strategy will be defined and will be tailored to the customer’s preferences. The areas of investment can be direct, like equity and bonds, or indirect through investment funds or structured products or of course a combination of the two.

The asset management involves wealth management for private and institutional clients, the management of NPB’s funds, in-house research as well as the structured products. The investment philosophy is a fundamental top-down approach. As of today, NPB Neue Privat Bank AG has issued more than 300 structured products.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors is responsible for the risk policy and the risk framework. The developments in the financial markets are continuously monitored, and if necessary, the necessary steps are implemented. The main risk the bank gets involved is the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the reputation risk.

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Added-Value Services
NPB Neue Privat Bank is well-known for its structured product services and has received several awards. The bank launched several investment funds, and some of them like the NPB Asia (ex-Japan) are among the best performers in comparison with similar products in the same field. The NPB Dynamic Fixed Income fund invests primarily in fixed income high-quality bonds globally. NPB Neue Privat Bank AG offers a wide range of family office services.

A multi-generational planning process helps to preserve the family wealth. The areas are securities portfolios, acquisitions or investments, legacies or real estate. External asset managers can rely on a qualified team at NPB Neue Privat Bank. They have access to all important financial markets, and the ambition is to guarantee the best possible execution and security. External asset managers are not regarded as competitors but rather as a supportive partner.

NPB Neue Privat Bank AG – Facts & Figures

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Address Limmatquai 1, 8024 Zurich
Phone +41 44 265 11 88
Year of foundation 2001
No. of employees
Chairman Dr. Michael Hunziker
CEO Prof. em. Dr. Markus Ruffner
Eligible Regulatory Capital 27.418 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 35.40 %
Leverage Exposure 215.530 m CHF
Leverage Ratio 12.70 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 330 %
Risk Weighted Assets 77.476 m CHF
Loans outstanding
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
Return on Equity
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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