BNP Paribas Bank | BNP Online Banking

BNP Paribas Bank | BNP Online Banking

BNP-Paribas-Bank-1Banque de Paris et de Pay-Bas was founded in 1872. At that time, the Banque de Paris and the Banque de Crédit et de Dépot of the Pay-Bas merged. Since its foundation, the bank has had offices in Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland. The bank has played a significant role in Switzerland from the beginning. Among other things, the bank financed the excavations for the Gotthard and Simplon tunnels, funded various railway projects and the national exhibition in 1896.

Since the beginning, BNP Paribas Bank has been involved in the issuance of federal and cantonal bonds. BNP Paribas has four branches in Switzerland, Geneva, Zurich, Basel, and Lugano. BNP Paribas has several subsidiaries. BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking is a global financial services firm focused on the capital markets. BNP Paribas Wealth Management is focusing on the client needs and offers the best service to their clients.

BNP Paribas Securities Services specializes in the investment management of international clients. The clients include banks, brokers, sovereign wealth funds, traders, investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers and large corporations. BNP Paribas Investment Partners is a specialized asset manager. Two other companies are ARVAL BNP Paribas Group, a vehicle leasing company, and the real estate company BNP Paribas Real Estate.

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Philosophy and Strategy
BNP Paribas wants to present a robust and sustainable business model. The bank is very anxious to support the Swiss economy. The goal is to generate a profit of more than CHF 500 million in 2020. A Swiss bank supported by four principles: integration, an integrated model of the group that provides financial stability and a wide range of services and investment opportunities. Innovation, at the heart of bank strategy, working with start-ups, academics, financial technology experts to meet the latest trends and customer needs.

Training and education of employees. Responsibility, with sustainability and socially responsible growth. Security to be recognized as a financially secure and stable bank in Switzerland. The clients of BNP Paribas Bank are institutional, pension funds, banks, insurance companies; Companies; Private clients, family offices, high net worth private clients.

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Services and Solutions
BNP-Paribas-Bank-2The divisions of BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA are divided into two main areas. Wealth Management and Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB). The goals of BNP Paribas are very ambitious. In Wealth Management, the Bank intends to report CHF 32 billion in client assets under management by 2020 and hire 40 new client advisors or asset managers. In the CIB area, the bank intends to look after the 50 most substantial pension funds and 50 largest family offices by 2020 and additionally acquire 100 new medium-sized companies as customers.

Wealth Management offers its clients tailor-made solutions and addresses their needs. Since BNP Paribas has a very international network, there is also a specialist for every need. Every client advisor has to undergo training, the so-called Wealth Management University and will receive a certificate of completion. The BNP Paribas client advisors are very attentive to their clients and offer them the following services: portfolio creation, asset diversification, the ability to invest in tangible assets, the financing of their specific projects, and the preservation of assets for the future generations.

Risk Management
Risk management is a significant part of the bank’s business policy. The following risks are checked and controlled. Interest rate risk, market risk, credit risk, country risk and business and reputation risk. The Board of Directors reviews the risks annually based on the risk report of the Executive Board.

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Added-Value Services
BNP Paribas is continuously striving to introduce new services and to optimize the existing offer. With the advent of new media and digital platforms, it is possible for the bank to respond even more intensely to customers’ needs. The bank enables its customers to form a network and pursue projects together. Two years ago, the bank started working with Raleigh International in Nepal.

Concrete projects in Nepal are supported and financed. These projects are in the field of water, electricity, and sanitation. For some years, Swiss artists have also been supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation acquiring their works of art. BNP Paribas offers three online services, GlobalMarket, Connexis Cash Management, the real-time and secure eBanking and Connexis Trade Finance. Trade Finance enables customers to monitor and conduct international transactions.

The Connexis cash management is the bank’s eBanking. All business can be done, and various reports can be created. The Global Market platform is exciting. It is the bank’s real trading platform with access to the stock markets, interest rate markets, foreign exchange markets, research reports and general mart information.

BNP Paribas Bank | BNP Online Banking – Facts & Figures

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Address Place de Hollande 2
1211 Geneva
Phone +41 58 212 21 11
Year of foundation 1872
Subsidiaries 4
No. of employees 1’431
Rating Fitch A
Moody’s Aa3
Chairman Jean Clamon
Shareholder’s equity 1.791 bn CHF
Assets under Management 26.5 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 18.519 mm CHF
Net profit 123.9 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees 86’582 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 20.4 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 91.4 %
CEO Geoffroy Bazin

Source: Annual Report 2017

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