JP Morgan Private Bank & Wealth Management

Origin of JP Morgan Private Bank & Wealth Management

JP-Morgan-Private-Bank-Wealth-Management-1The origin of J.P. Morgan dates to the year 1799 when the Manhattan Corporation was founded in New York. The presence in Switzerland goes back to the year 1964 when a representative office was opened in Geneva. In 1969 the bank opened an additional office in Zurich. In 2001, after the merger of J.P. Morgan and Chase Manhattan the private banking business of the two companies in Switzerland was merged. The head of the Private Banking Team in Switzerland is Matteo Gianini. The clients are mainly ultra-rich individuals. The assets under management in Switzerland are around 40 bn CHF. Together with deposits of other financial institutes the company might have as much as 80 bn CHF.

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Philosophy and Strategy
A team of specialist work with the client to find the best solutions for their wealth. It is vital to J.P. Morgan to provide help in growing and preserving the wealth of their clients. The history of J.P. Morgan goes back 200 years, and even though each person is unique, there are always similarities found. J.P. Morgan thinks innovative across the client’s life. They are continually identifying risk and opportunities around the globe. The investment views of J.P. Morgan are based on market research, analysis based on complex market assumptions. On a daily-basis they exchange ideas among global market strategists.

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Services and Solutions
J.P. Morgan (Suisse) SA is a wealth management firm. The company offers financial advice, wealth planning, and portfolio management services to families and individuals. The businesses are private banking, asset management, investor services, investment banking and treasury services.

JP-Morgan-Private-Bank-Wealth-Management-2The investment team at J.P. Morgan (Suisse) SA identifies opportunities in the financial markets best suitable to the client. The investments can either be discretionary or brokerage or a combination of the two, all depending on the client’s preferences. The wealth planning team develops strategies to preserve the assets of the client. The credit team provides balance sheet management, and they structure complex and jumbo loans. They also offer credit lines and financing of art and aircraft projects as well as wealth transfer financing.

The products of J.P. Morgan are fixed income, equities, alternative investment, commodities, and currencies. To optimize the day-to-day cash flow, J.P. Morgan offers their clients credit, so that they don’t have to sell assets which are appreciating over time. The client can get involved in lines of credit, secured by liquid securities, enormous mortgagees for property in the US, UK, Switzerland, France, Hongkong or Singapore.

Risk Management
J.P. Morgan established firmwide risk management functions to manage the different risk types. The different dangers are the strategic risk, the risk associated with the future objectives and businesses. The capital risk, the risk the company doesn’t have enough capital to support the business. The liquidity risk, the likelihood the firm will not be able to meet the financial obligations. The reputation risk, the risk that the trust in the bank could be affected by an action, inaction, transaction, an investment or an event.

The credit risk the risk of default by a client or counterparty. The market risk, the risk associated with market factor changes and the country risk. The operational risk, the risk associated with errors by systems or people. The compliance risk, the risk not being able to comply with rules, regulations and the law. The conduct risk, the risk of an action or inaction by an employee could lead to unfair treatments of clients and customers. The legal risk, the likelihood that legal obligations cannot be met.

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Added-Value Services
The asset management team of J.P. Morgan has more than 1’200 investment experts, and the investment approach is research-driven. They made over 5’000 company visits, and the research budget is over 330 mm USD a year. The client has access to a weekly newsletter and economic update. J.P. Morgan has six investment policy principles which are: invest for the future, saving is only seldom the right solution, compound interest can cause miracles, don’t panic volatility is not uncommon, stay always invested and diversification pays off.

The funds available at J.P. Morgan are immense. The company is the biggest hedge fund company in the world. Through the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, the company makes philanthropic investments helping those with a disadvantage to building up a better life. Approximately 200 mm USD a year is donated to non-profit organizations around the world.

JP Morgan Private Bank & Wealth Management – Facts & Figures

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Address Rue du Rhône 35, 1204 Geneva
Phone +41 22 744 11 11
Year of foundation 1980
No. of employees
Chairman Benoît Dumont
CEO Peter Gabriele
Eligible Regulatory Capital 1.037 bn CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 21.90 %
Leverage Exposure 11.981 bn CHF
Leverage Ratio 8.70 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 252 %
Risk Weighted Assets 4.737 bn CHF
Loans outstanding
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
Return on Equity
Own structured products Yes
Foreigners accepted No
Presence abroad Group: Yes

Source: Annual Report 2021

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