acrevis Bank AG

Origin of acrevis Bank AG

acrevis-Bank-AG-1-1acrevis Bank AG is an unlisted public universal bank headquartered in St. Gallen. The bank was established in 2011 through the merger of Bank CA St. Gallen AG and swissregiobank AG. acrevis is the leading bank between the Lake of Constance and the Lake of Zurich.

acrevis bank ag has two significant participation. The bank holds 65.8 % of Finanz-Logistik AG, a service center which provides various administrative services for acrevis. Also, acrevis holds a 41 % stake in Regimo St. Gallen AG, a real-estate management company.

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Philosophy and Strategy
acrevis is a modern and innovative bank. acrevis is positioning itself through systematic coverage of the market area and segment-specific offers. The core competencies are the financing of private real estate, investment advice, asset management and commercial business with SMEs, and self-employed persons. acrevis bank aims to be close to their customers. The bank attaches great importance to personal contact and partnerships based on mutual trust.

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Services and Solutions
Private clients
For acrevis bank, the client stays clearly in the first place, and his wishes, plans, and goals have priority. The personal goals can be achieved with tailor-made solutions. The team of experts is advising the client in all financial matters.

The services are:

  • Accounts and safe deposit boxes – acrevis has a wide range of different account offerings all depending on the client’s needs.
  • Credit cards
  • Payments – acrevis offers different payment solutions.
  • Real estate and home ownership – for the living, investment and provision. Acrevis offers tax-optimized and tailor-made solutions.
  • Pension provisions
  • Advisory services – acrevis offers its clients advice that is tailored to their needs and goals. The bank analyzes the client’s current situation and shows optimal solutions.

Private Banking
acrevis offers tailor-made and competent services in a trusting atmosphere. To achieve the optimum for the client and the client’s assets, the bank relies on their innovative investment and consulting model “acrevis spectrum”. acrevis uses the broad expertise of their internal and external experts.

acrevis Bank AGThe products and services are:

  • acrevis spectrum is a strategic investment and consulting methodology. The personal investment profile is clarified, and the risk level is determined. Scientific findings on the behavior of financial market participants are used to meet the complexity of investment decisions. The system uses a three-dimensional analysis – fundamental, technical and behavioral – and finds the best suitable investment profile for the client.
    Together with the financial expert, the bank will find the best investment solutions and put together a portfolio for the client.
  • The acrevis investment simulator creates a sample portfolio tailored to the client’s needs. The simulation calculates how the portfolio would have performed in the past, how it stands now and how the performance could continue.
  • Discretionary asset management
  • Investment advice


acrevis has entered into two partnerships:

  • BhfS Behavioural Finance Solutions GmbH headed by Prof Dr. Thorsten Hens who is a Europewide expert for behavioral issues.
  • Unifinanz, Liechtenstein which is responsible for the technical analysis.

SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs
Companies can find a comprehensive range of financial products and services with acrevis. The business with SMEs and self-employed is one of the core competencies.

acrevis offers:

  • Different accounts
  • Payment services
  • Financing – acrevis has short decision paths and fast response times and can help the businesses quickly and easily. They offer loans, fixed loans, guarantees, sureties, mortgages and construction loans.
  • Provisions
  • Investment advice

Risk Management
The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy. The risks are regularly monitored, measured and assessed, and limits are set for the individual risks. The governing bodies of the bank are regularly informed about the financial, liquidity and earnings situation of the bank.
The main risks are the credit risk, the interest rate risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the legal and reputation risk.

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Added-Value Services
acrevis Bank AG had a very successful year in 2017. Gross profit, operating income, and net profit are well above the previous year’s figures. The assets under management increased by 8.9% or 643.3 million CHF. The return on equity is 5.3 %. The market capitalization of acrevis is 481.5 million CHF.

E-Banking and mobile banking can also access acrevis bank’s services. The e-banking offers payment services, placing of stock market orders, custody, and account information and this regardless of the bank opening hours, around the clock.
The mobile app offers the same features as the e-banking app and also provides the TWINT service, the cashless payment service with your smartphone.

acrevis invest is a monthly publication which gives insight into market expectations, trends and investment recommendations.

acrevis Bank AG – Facts & Figures

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Address Marktplatz 1, 9004 St. Gallen
Phone +41 58 122 75 55
Year of foundation 2002
No. of employees 147
Chairman Weigelt Stephan
CEO Dr. Michael Steiner
Eligible Regulatory Capital 409.497 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 18.30 %
Leverage Exposure 5.047 bn CHF
Leverage Ratio 8.10 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 146 %
Risk Weighted Assets 2.204 bn CHF
Loans outstanding 3.909 bn CHF
Assets under Management 9.683 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 65.870 m CHF
Net profit 20.977 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 142’700 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 59.60 %
Return on Equity 5.60 %
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted No
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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