Axion SWISS Bank SA

Origin of Axion SWISS Bank SA

Axion-SWISS-Bank-SA-TI-1-1Axion SWISS Bank was established 1998 under the name of Unicredito (Suisse) Bank SA, a subsidiary of the Italian Group Unicredit. In 2010 there was a management buyout, and the shares were sold to Banca dello Stato of Canton Ticino, and the name was changed to Axion SWISS Bank SA. Axion SWISS Bank SA is a traditional Private Bank, based in Lugano. The bank offers the full spectrum of asset management and private banking services.

Axion is serving clients from Poland, to Bulgaria and as far as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, with a clear focus on Russia. The services have evolved to embrace the ethical and cultural nuances these customers bring along. Axion SWISS Bank understands the needs and desire of these clients, which are difficult to get used to by a traditional and strict Swiss private bank.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The approach to business is based on deep relationship building and empathy. The bank has a reasonable size and is very flexible in offering tailor-made solutions to their clients. The internal process is speedy and smooth. Confidentiality guides all of Axion’s activities. The location of the bank in the middle of Lugano is also very discrete.

The top management is also regularly involved in the relationship management and is very much accessible for the clients and the relationship managers. The CEO and the Head of Private Banking are both pleased to meet new clients, and they follow the account opening very carefully. They are aware of every new account opening.

Axion belongs to BancoStato, and this means to embrace a specific corporate identity based on healthy growth and ethics. The clients can benefit from a stable structure and the bank’s ability to understand their clients and their motivation and needs. Axion offers a fully personalized service, and the clients are in contact with a relationship manager with whom the feel appreciated and comfortable.
Performance is the explicit mission of Axion, and they are not afraid to disclose it.

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Services and Solutions
The primary business of Axion SWISS Bank focuses on portfolio management for private and institutional clients. The bank is also active in intermediation in securities and currency transactions in the principal international markets, granting of loans, mainly Lombard loans, and investment advice.

Axion-SWISS-Bank-SA-TI-1-2Axion’s services offered are:

  • The full range of Private Banking services
  • Asset Management and Consulting mandates
  • Wealth and financial planning
  • Customer business and legal consultancy
  • Lombard Credit
  • Insurance policies
  • Asset Management
  • Brokering services
  • Custody services
  • Financial Market Analysis
  • E-Banking

Axion offers a high-quality asset management service, and a personalized management strategy is chosen based on the risk appetite, the structure of assets and the goals of the customer. The risk/return framework is unique for each client. Axion offers a broad array of investment solutions, like equity and bonds, structured products, higher risk USD denominated bonds, commodities and futures on oil, natural gas, currencies, interest rates, and precious metals.

Axion offers plain vanilla discretionary mandates and dedicates their attention to ultra-high-net-worth individuals.
The mandates consider the customer’s specific constraints and wish with the mission to establish the best investment framework.
The performance drivers for the different mandates are:

  • Active portfolio management
  • Direct security selection
  • Fund optimal selection
  • Portfolio managers advised by a team of experts
  • Continuous risk control

Axion can also help their customers in managing their relocation. This can be with direct support or through the cooperation with fiduciary companies and lawyers. With the strong backing of BancoStato Axion can also offer real-estate financing in Swiss Francs on a collateralized basis through Lombard credit or mortgages.

Risk Management
Axion is very focused on risk management, and the bank has a solid balance sheet.
The risk management aims to monitor, measure and identify the banking risks to facilitate the profitability of the bank and to preserve the assets.
The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy of the bank. An internal information system ensures that the Executive Board and the Board of Directors are regularly informed about the set targets, the assumed risks and the bank’s financial position and assets.
The main risks are the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the legal, compliance and reputational risk.

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Added-Value Services
Axion recently strengthened its Asset Management department with the acquisition of new resources and competencies, which allows the bank to offer modern asset management services evolving together with the market trend and the customer’s desires.

Art is an integral part of Axion’s culture which they continually share with their customers and employees through the regular organization of exhibitions.

In 2017 the assets under management increased by 10.23 % to 4.378 billion CHF.

Axion SWISS Bank SA – Facts & Figures

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Address Via Stefano Franscini 22
6901 Lugano
Phone +41 91 910 95 10
Year of foundation 1998
No. of employees 59
Chairman Bernardino Bulla
Shareholder’s equity 55.637 mm CHF
Assets under Management 4.378 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 74.203 mm CHF
Net profit 2.278 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees 38’610 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 17.0 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 72.92 %
CEO Marco Tini

Source: Annual Report 2017

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