Banca del Sempione SA

Origin of Banca del Sempione SA

Banca-del-Sempione-SA-1Banca del Sempione was established in 1960. The head office is in Lugano, and the Bank has three branches in Switzerland, located in Chiasso, Locarno, and Bellinzona.
Abroad Banca del Sempione Group operates through two companies in Milan, Accademia SGR SpA which is specialized in the promotion and management of Italian-law real estate investment funds and Sempione SIM SpA which operates in the stock brokerage sector. The third affiliate is in the Bahamas, Banca del Sempione (Overseas) Ltd. The Group also promotes a SICAV in Luxembourg, Base Investments SICAV.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The work Banca del Sempione is doing every day is with passion and determination. The Bank is offering a reliable and top-quality service and is a partner who shares common interests with their clients. Banca de Sempione identifies the best path and strategies to achieve the results in which the Bank and the client have decided to invest together. The three keywords are passion, expertise, and quality. But one more thing which has always characterized Banca del Sempione’s work is “common sense.”

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Services and Solutions
Banca del Sempione Group provides all the services typical to a universal bank. The Bank’s clients are private and corporate.
The focus in on the provision of financial advice, asset administrations and securities, currencies and derivatives trading on behalf of its clients.

Private Banking
Private banking is the strong point at Banca del Sempione. The services offered guarantee the standards of accuracy and the excellency of a Swiss financial company. The Bank also identifies the best solutions for asset and inheritance management for companies and families.

The five main areas are:

  • Management of the financial resources and optimizing the allocation according to the needs of protection, long-term prospects, yield and risk control.
  • Estate planning, through customized solutions and instruments; non-asset-based management, like art, general private family needs.
  • Loans in the form of mortgages or Lombard loans.
  • Exchange risk hedging and business treasury management

Entrepreneurs and companies

The services include:

  • Inheritance, real-estate and financial consultancy for the assets
  • Exchange risk hedging and advice on management of business treasury
  • Major financing services and loans
  • Investment banking services, like M&A, minibond issues, and stock exchange listings

Financial Advisory Services
Banca del Sempione supports their clients professionally and proactively in their investment decisions. The Bank supports them in the construction of the portfolio.

Asset Management
Banca-del-Sempione-SA-2Banca del Sempione offers a high-value-added service with professionalism, transparency, and insight.
The Bank has a long market experience, excellent product knowledge, and proper analysis tools that guarantee professional portfolio management.
A careful investment strategy is established which fits the tolerance for risk and financial objectives.

The five principles are:

  • Interest compounding
  • Drawdown control
  • Disciplined approach
  • No emotional and cognitive bias
  • No market timing

The main asset classes and instruments are cash, stocks, bonds, convertible bonds, funds of hedge funds, precious metals and commodities.

The risk classes are fixed income, income plus, dynamic, balanced, growth and equities.

Independent investment managers, trust companies, and family offices have constant contact with dedicated team members and have direct access to the Trading Room and can count on the most advanced technology

Risk Management
The banking business is exposed to a series of specific risks. These risks include the credit risk, the market risk, and the liquidity risk. In addition to that the operational risk and the legal and reputation risk.
The risks are supervised and controlled in all fields of business. Prudent and clear limits are set for each type of risk. A reporting system is guaranteeing an adequate flow of information to all levels. The main purpose is that of maintaining intact the solidity and reputation of the Group.

The Board of Directors regularly analyses the main risks linked to the Group’s operations. The analysis is based on the information generated by the risk management system that the group has set up and also the reports issued by the Internal Audit, Risk Control, Compliance and Operations Management.
Overall the Board of Directors is responsible for the risk policy of the Group. Operations Management is responsible for the implementation of the directives.

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Added-Value Services
New money inflow in 2017 was 287 million CHF.

Accademia SGR SpA is an asset management company specialized in managing Real Estate Funds. The company is based in Milan. The company independently manages multiple investors fund. Compared to traditional stock market investments, investing in real estate funds offer attractive yields. The clients are a restricted number of “professional and institutional investors.”

Base Investment SICAV, Luxembourg is an open-end investment company with multiple sub-funds. The sub-funds have different investment objectives.

The sub-funds are Base Investment SICAVs:

  • Short- term
  • Bonds – Multicurrency
  • Euro Hedging
  • Bonds Value
  • Bonds USD and Bonds CHF
  • Emerging and frontier market equities
  • Macrodynamic and flexible low-risk exposure
  • Multi-asset capital appreciation funds of funds

Sempione SIM SpA is active in asset management, investment advisory, and securities brokerage.

Banca del Sempione (Overseas) Ltd, Nassau was established in 2000.

Banca del Sempione SA – Facts & Figures

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Address Via P. Peri 5, 6900 Lugano
Phone +41 91 910 71 11
Year of foundation 1960
Subsidiaries 3
No. of employees 141
Chairman Giovanni Crameri
CEO Stefano Rogna
Eligible Regulatory Capital 125.845 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 27.60 %
Leverage Exposure 893.465 m CHF
Leverage Ratio 14.10 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 526 %
Risk Weighted Assets 456.516 m CHF
Loans outstanding 448.375 m CHF
Assets under Management 4.441 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 31.496 m CHF
Net profit 5.834 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 41’375 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 78.22 %
Return on Equity 4.43 %
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad Nassau, Italy, Luxembourg

Source: Annual Report 2021

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