Banca Zarattini & Co. SA

Origin of Banca Zarattini & Co. SA

Banca-Zarattini-Co-SA-1Banca Zarattini was founded 1991 and is based in Lugano. Zarattini received its banking license in 2005.
Mario Zarattini established the Zarattini Group to achieve the objective of implementing and developing new and innovative asset management techniques.
In 1996 a British Virgin Island hedge fund, Wolf Group is established. The fund implements a variety of investment strategies from trend following approach, to systematic trading and fixed income arbitrage.

In 2003 Timeo Neutral SICAV, Luxembourg is created specialized in alternative investment techniques.
In 2011 the Bank acquired 100% of Banca Euromobiliare (Suisse).
In 2015 Zarattini International Ltd., Malta is established, a sister company of Banca Zarattini, which offers investment services and custodian services to investment funds.

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Philosophy and Strategy
In 2017 Banca Zarattini acquired 100 % of the capital of BIM Suisse SA. This is part of the Banks growth plan aimed at increasing its size and developing strategic partnerships both abroad and inside Switzerland.

Banca Zarattini is acting as a strategic partner, and they build a lasting and transparent relationship with their clients.
The Bank places the priority on preserving capital and on providing consistent returns over the long-term.

Banca Zarattini is a creative and unique niche bank which offers first-class services to institutional partners and private clients.
The Bank has a sound balance sheet, and this makes it secure. The Bank has long-lasting relationships and a particularly good reputation for its attention to risk.

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Services and Solutions
Banca Zarattini offers asset management, private banking, and trading desk services. The Bank offers its asset management services to banks, brokers, fund managers, insurance companies, pension funds, public institutions, and companies with a treasury department.

Banca Zarattini’s primary activity is private banking. The Bank offers clients a comprehensive range of services relating to asset management and administration, securities brokerage and investment advice, and asset management on behalf of investment funds. All transactions are carried out in Switzerland as well as abroad.

Banca Zarattini is active in the brokerage of fixed income securities with intuitional clients from abroad or from Switzerland through the proprietary trading desk specialized in bonds.
The lending business to clients is secondary and is limited in principle to Lombard loans or loans secured against easily realizable assets. Mortgage lending is only performed for properties in Switzerland.

Private Banking
The core values of Banca Zarattini are:

  • Discretion – privacy is respected, and joint asset management is very effective.
  • Reliability – the Bank is very transparent and provides their clients with accurate information about investment products and risk levels. Additionally, Zarattini continuously updates on performance and investment value.
  • Expertise – the bank proposes an ad hoc global asset management solution. The input comes from the asset management department.

Banca Zarattini supports their client’s wealth management strategies and offers tailored solutions and clear and specific investment advice.

Asset Management
Banca-Zarattini-Co-SA-2The Asset Management department of Zarattini & Co Bank offers customized service to private and institutional investors.

The core values are:

  • Responsibility – every decision made is thoroughly evaluated and analyzed.
  • Know-how – the team has excellent experience in market analysis and investment strategy development.
  • Transparency – the investment process is entirely comprehensive and transparent from the beginning to the end.

The Asset Management department works very closely with the Private Banking department. Banca Zarattini manages several funds and investment products in-house. One fund managed in Luxembourg is the Timeo Neutral SICAV.

The investment decisions are based exclusively on the Banks own analysis and evaluation of the markets.

Fixed Income Desk
Zarattini & Co Bank has an international reputation in the bond market and provides private and institutional clients with preferred access to the fixed-income markets.
Over 400 asset managers, banks, investment funds and insurance companies around the globe are partners of Banca Zarattini.
The desk is independent, experienced and professional and manages an extensive portfolio of products.

Risk Management
Banca Zarattini only assumes risks that are appropriate to the size, the nature and the complexity of its activities.
The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy which forms the basis for the Bank’s risk management process.
Risk management is an integral part of the corporate strategy which is aimed at preserving equity, increasing the Bank’s value and promoting profitability.

The main risk the Bank is exposed to is the credit, the market, the liquidity, the operational and the legal and reputational risks.
The control structure is based on three lines:

  • First line: first-level control integrated into the operational process
  • Second line: controls carried out by the Risk Management and Compliance
  • Third line: activities carried out by the Internal Audit

The Risk Management Service, which the Board of Directors delegated to the Executive Board, oversees the measurement, the oversight and the analysis of the risks.

A detailed analysis of the risks is performed every year by the Board of Directors.
To each risk category, a limit is assigned which is continuously checked.

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Added-Value Services
Banca Zarattini increased its net profit from 1.093 million CHF in 2016 to 1.784 million CHF in 2017. This is mainly due to higher commission income and lower tax costs.
The best performance in 2017 was achieved in the equity management lines. The assets under management also grew in 2017 by 410 million CHF to 2.404 billion CHF. The asset management strategies produced positive results on average, but they did not beat their indices because the approach taken in the second half of the year was too conservative.

Banca Zarattini & Co. SA – Facts & Figures

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Address Via S. Balestra 17
6900 Lugano
Phone +41 91 260 85 85
Year of foundation 1991
No. of employees 80
Chairman Claudio Sulser
Shareholder’s equity 69.177 mm CHF
Assets under Management 2.404 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 30.050 mm CHF
Net profit 1.784 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees 22’300 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 21.55 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 86.69 %
CEO Flavio Quaggio

Source: Annual Report 2017

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