Bank Cler AG

Origin of Bank Cler AG

Bank-Cler-AG-1Bank Cler was established 1927 in Basel. The headquarter is in Basel, and Bank Cler has 32 subsidiaries all over Switzerland.
In 2017 Bank Coop changed its name to Bank Cler. Cler is Romansh and means “clear.” Bank Cler promises to its client’s secure banking and social responsibility.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Bank Cler is a Swiss full-service bank. The Bank is positioning itself as a digital bank with a Swiss-wide presence in urban centers. The Bank is focused on private clients, small- and medium companies as well as housing cooperatives.
Bank Cler offers its customers a full range of banking services and products in the fields of payments, saving, provisioning, investment, and financing.
Bank Cler offers holistic, and personal advice and the clients can use digital channels, like the smartphone or tablets for their banking business.

The growth concept until 2021 includes easy-understandable and need-oriented products and services. The Bank wants to inspire their existing and new customers through digital channels as well as personally and increase their customer base with new target groups.

Bank Cler aims to gain market share in Switzerland in the coming years. To achieve this goal,
Bank Cler is pursuing a dual approach. On the one hand the Bank wants to develop further and expand the traditional banking business, and on the other hand, the bank invests extensively in the digital transformation of the business.

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Services and Solutions
Since October 2016 customers of Bank Cler can enjoy professional asset management starting from an investment of CHF 10’000. –. In August 2017 a new investment solution was added: “investment solution sustainable.”

Since March 2017 Bank Cler has introduced a new app called “Zak” which is entirely developed for the smartphone. All basic financial transaction can be executed with this app.

Private clients
The services of Bank Cler can be divided into the following areas:

  • Accounts and cards – Bank Cler offers a variety of different accounts, a private account in CHF and EUR, accounts denominated in other currencies, like Yen, Pound, USD, savings account and accounts for young people. Bank Cler Maestro card and Mastercard or Visa card.
  • Mortgages and loans – Bank Cler offers fixed mortgages, libor mortgages, variable mortgages and Lombard loans, leasing and personal private credit
  • Asset management – Bank Cler provides different investment solutions. The Bank offers discretionary mandates or investment advisory services. The products include equities, bonds, money market, structured products, foreign exchange, investment funds, fiduciary accounts and precious metals.
  • Provisions and wealth planning, like financial planning and inheritance matters.

Small- and medium companies
Bank-Cler-AG-2The fields are:

  • Payments and saving – Bank Cler offers three different business packages, depending on the business volume of the company.
  • Mortgages and loans – Bank Cler provides different mortgages and is also engaged in trade finance and guarantees.
  • Investment and trading – for institutional clients and external asset managers.

Risk Management
Like other financial institutions Bank Cler is confronted with several banking specific risks. The main risks are the credit, the market, the liquidity, the operational as well as the legal and reputational risk.
Active management of these risks is a central part of the Bank’s activities. The risks are managed as part of the Basler Kantonalbank Group, which is relying on international standards. There is a strict organizational separation between risk-taking and risk management as well as risk control and risk monitoring.

The overall risk management and the risk policy are the responsibility of the Board of Directors of Basler Kantonalbank, as the main entity of the Group.
The Board of Directors of Bank Cler is regularly informed about significant developments in financial risks.
Bank Cler is not involved in proprietary trading.

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Added-Value Services
Bank Cler has 16.875 million shares outstanding, and its market capitalization is 718 million CHF. The dividend yield is 4.2 %, and the payout ratio is 79.3 %.

On June 20, 2018, Basler Kantonalbank announced that it wants to increase their participation in Bank Cler from today 75.8 % to 100 %. Basler Kantonalbank made a public takeover offer of 52 CHF per share.

On May 20, 2017, the new open branch concept was introduced at the Zurich branch. This is an open concept and puts the customer in the center. The values of the Bank appear in a fresh and modern design. The branch appears open and transparent and allows new ways of interaction with the bank. The customer pitch takes place where the customer feels the most comfortable, at the big table, at the bar, in the lounge, in the creative room or the traditional meeting room. So that the advisors are recognized easily in this open concept, they wear a fashion collection designed by the Swiss fashion designer Lela Scherrer. Until 2020 more branches will be remodeled like the one in Zurich.

In June 2017 the virtual office “myCler” was introduced. New customers can open an account or order a credit card very quickly in a few steps without any paperwork. Clients who want to invest can choose their suitable investment profile and directly invest. If a customer wishes a personal consultation, he or she can do that through a chat function directly with the advisor. If the customer wants to meet the advisor in person, he can instantly fix an appointment in the branch of desire.

The digital offering was further enhanced in 2017 with an app, which evaluates real-estate. The app is called Bank Cler Quanto and is the first app with this function offered by a bank in Switzerland.

Bank Cler AG – Facts & Figures

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Address Aeschenplatz 3, 4002 Basel
Phone 0800 88 99 66
Year of foundation 1927
No. of employees 416
Chairman Dr. Basil Heeb
CEO Mariatersa Vacalli
Eligible Regulatory Capital 1.370 bn CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 18.00 %
Leverage Exposure 20.931 bn CHF
Leverage Ratio 6.50 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 159 %
Risk Weighted Assets 7.503 bn CHF
Loans outstanding 16.017 bn CHF
Assets under Management 21.2 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 51.0 m CHF
Net profit 40.497 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 97’348 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 65.10 %
Return on Equity 5.50 %
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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