Bank von Roll AG

Origin of Bank von Roll AG

Bank von Roll AGBank von Roll was established 2009 and is headquartered in Zurich between Paradeplatz and Enge. The principal shareholder of the Bank is the von Finck family, with August von Finck represented as Deputy Chairman.
Bank von Roll is like a family office of the von Finck family in Switzerland.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Bank von Roll is a manageable and small family-run bank and stands for:

  • Transparency in company structure and investments
  • Independence and entrepreneurship
  • Proactive, flexible and timely implementation of quality standards
  • Focused on traditional asset management without risky credit business

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Services and Solutions
Bank von RollBank von Roll is primarily engaged in the traditional asset management services and investment advice for institutional investors and private clients.

Private Clients
Bank von Roll is a competent contact and livelong adviser, with respect, expertise, and trust. The client’s needs are the priority for the Bank. The objective is to preserve the wealth of the clients with professional advice and clear statements. Time doesn’t matter; the Bank takes as much as is needed.

Principles of caution and sustainability govern the actions and thoughts of Bank von Roll. The Bank advocates conservative investment strategies based on clear, structured decisions and acts according to the following criteria, quality, and transparency. Bank von Roll has an approach that ensures the growth of the client’s wealth across generations and cycles.

The client’s objectives and requirements are at the heart of the appropriate investment strategy. At first, the client advisor begins with a detailed discussion with the client to analyze the asset situation and to gain an overview of the client’s visions and ambitions. The result is an individual and customized investment strategy.

The implementation is free and independent from conflicts of interest. The Bank doesn’t recommend their own products.

Institutional Investors
The responsibility is for exercising the ultimate judgment and care in the management of the assets and avoiding unstructured risks. The investment strategy must be secure and generate predictable, sustained and stable growth and revenue.

Bank von Roll offers its clients a blend of different asset management mandates. The reporting comprises detailed analyses on an absolute and relative basis. The Bank invests, taking into account the risk parameters, following semi-active and active investment concepts in a basket of specially selected funds.

Bank von Roll is a very trusted partner to asset managers and also acts as custodian on the client’s behalf and ensures smooth processing of the transactions. Besides the daily business, the team is also specialized in handling issues of investment and regulatory questions.

Bank von Roll provides their clients with tailor-made management solutions. The Bank peruses a pro-active investment policy with a long-term and transparent focus. The Bank takes clear strategic and tactical decisions and optimizes the portfolio diversification. Bank von Roll aims to anticipate significant market slumps in the medium-term and generate positive yield for the clients.

The investment process is characterized by discipline and consistency and is structured. The Bank adopts a multi-stage approach in the investment process by combining macroeconomic analyses of the global markets, qualitative and quantitative studies of the specific investment and fundamental data.

Gold is fascinating and timelessly enduring and has always been highly sought after.
Bank von Roll has a long-standing experience with gold and has integrated gold in its investment portfolio. Besides, the Finck Group possesses long-standing expertise in gold trading through Degussa Goldhandel GmbH.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy of the bank. Bank von Roll is like most of the financial institutions exposed to several risks, like the credit, the market, the liquidity, the operational and the legal and reputational risk.
The Board of Directors is regularly informed about the state of the financial risk, the capital position and the profitability of the bank.
Bank von Roll is not involved in credit business and has no proprietary trading positions. The trading is only done on behalf of the clients.

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Added-Value Services
Bank von Roll publishes a monthly investment strategy report. The report focuses on the macroeconomic environment, the markets, the monetary policy and the interest environment.

Bank von Roll doesn’t publish actual figures however the assets under management are around 1.7 bn CHF, and the net profit in 2013 was 30’000 CHF and in 2014 around 100’000 CHF. The loss carried forward seems still to be enormous. The last published figure was 18 million CHF.

Bank von Roll decided to outsource its middle- and back-office work to Incore, which belongs to 49 % to the Maerki, Baumann Group, Zurich. The services of Incore include the so-called street-side services, the trading of securities and their safekeeping. Incore is also responsible for the operation and development of Bank von Roll’s IT business and the implementation of regulatory requirements.

Bank von Roll AG – Facts & Figures

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Address Bleicherweg 37
8027 Zurich
Phone +41 44 233 32 00
Year of foundation 2009
No. of employees 24
Chairman Gerhard Ammann
Shareholder’s equity
Assets under Management 1.7 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 70.833 mm CHF
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Tier 1 Ratio
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
CEO Hans-Peter Schmid

Source: different publications

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