Bankhaus Jungholz AG

Origin of Bankhaus Jungholz AG

Bankhaus-Jungholz-AG-1Bankhaus Jungholz is the Private Banking arm of Raiffeisenbank Reutte, Tirol, Austria. The Bank was established 1997 in St. Gallen.
Raiffeisenbank Reutte was founded 1898 as a cooperative organized savings and loan association. Since the 1960s the bank made several acquisitions the latest in 2017, with Raiffeisenbank Vils. The branch network was also expanded in the Reutte area.
Bankhaus Jungholz was established 1981 in the Tyrolean exclave Jungholz. Together with the Swiss branch, the subsidiaries manage the private banking business.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The client stands in the center of Bankhaus Jungholz. The aim is to grow together with the client continuously. The bank focuses on the client’s needs and interests to maximize their benefits.

The employees of the Bank are highly specialized, internationally trained, customer- and service-oriented and do not receive commission-related salaries.

Bankhaus Jungholz AG is in close contact with the investment experts at Raiffeisenbank Reutte. The products and the research are all provided by Raiffeisenbank Reutte.

Own products are only created and designed if products already existing in the market cannot cover the needs of the customers. This excludes a potential conflict of interests from the outset and guarantees the highest possible level of quality and objective advice.

Bankhaus Jungholz is working with an international network of experienced specialists, and this guarantees the best tailor-made solutions for their clients.

The core competencies of the Bank are sustainable customer orientation, competent advice, and strict product neutrality. These competencies build the basis for a lasting and trusted relationship with the bank’s clients.

Bankhaus Jungholz stands for security, fairness, and transparency.

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Services and Solutions

Consulting Expertise
Bankhaus-Jungholz-AG-2Bankhaus Jungholz’s sustainable asset management is based on financial planning that focuses on the actual and future financial requirements of the client and their personal goals and concerns. The financial plan is based on six steps:

  • Explore the client’s personal goals, expectations, and needs
  • Analyze the client’s asset and risk situation
  • Define the preferred future investment strategy
  • Work out the own financial concept
  • Adjust and implement the proposal with the client
  • Adapt the financial concept to the changed framework conditions

Successful and sustainable financial planning is not a one-time affair but must be regularly reviewed, fine-tuned and adjusted. This is only possible in an open, ongoing and trusting process between the clients and the bank.

Independent Asset Management
As early as 1997, Bankhaus Jungholz set up product-neutral and multi-award-winning asset management: Experts with many years of investment experience have since then managed the entrusted asset management mandates on behalf of their clients. Their central task: The successful and sustainable implementation of the investment strategies worked out together with the client as a long-term guiding principle of the asset structure. The Banks clients alone set the direction, such as risk appetite and investment horizon, the Banks asset managers do the rest. The connection to the asset management ensures high-quality work, first-class service and tailor-made strategies and concepts.

Consistent customer focus is the top priority for Bank Jungholz’s asset management, regardless of whether the client chooses an individual asset management mandate or asset management funds.

Individual asset management
Given the complexity and momentum of the financial markets, it has become almost impossible for individuals to take care of their assets optimally. Bankhaus Jungholz offers their wealthy private investor an ideal solution with its professional, competent and repeatedly award-winning portfolio management. The high-quality asset management is determined by consistent diversification across asset classes and the Bank’s strict product neutrality.

Asset management funds
The key to long-term investment performance is to capitalize on the growth opportunities of different asset classes. Flexibility in their combination and broad diversification in the portfolio are just as significant as the excitement and risk appetite that sets the boundaries of each asset class in the fund.

The individual investment strategies offered are stable, performance, growth and opportunity.
The different products include bonds, equities, alternative investments, raw materials and precious metals.

Analyses and assessments
Research and asset management present their strategic proposals to the Investment Committee of Bankhaus Jungholz. This central panel of experts evaluates the results of all internal analyzes and derives a competent outlook for the market development of the coming months, the “Strategic Market Outlook.”

Risk Management
The corporate policy is based on sustainability. The risk policy is based on evident principles: The Bank only engages in businesses they understand and in regions which they can assess and judge and with people and partners the Bank knows.
Raiffeisenbank Reutte has a strong capital base and a powerful and robust risk-bearing ability.

The Bank established a detailed group-wide risk strategy. The individual risks are classified depending on their risk characteristics.
The main risks are the credit, the market, the liquidity, the operational and the legal and reputation risk. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy.

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Added-Value Services
The consolidated annual report of Raiffeisenbank Reutte includes the figures of Bankhaus Jungholz, Austria, and Switzerland.
In 2016 the net profit was 2.2 million EUR. Due to a provision of 4.5 million EUR concerning a legal matter in the Swiss subsidiary, the net profit decreased in 2017.

The private banking business suffered from the zero-interest rate policy. Nevertheless, the “Elite Edition,” Munich and the “Handelsblatt,” Duesseldorf awarded the department with “summa cum laude” for their outstanding asset management services and asset management quality.

Bankhaus Jungholz AG – Facts & Figures

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Address Poststrasse 6
9000 St. Gallen
Phone +41 71 228 41 00
Year of foundation 1997
No. of employees 140
Chairman Johannes Gomig
Shareholder’s equity 85.6 mm EUR
Assets under Management 1.98 bn EUR
Assets under Management / Employees 14.142 mm EUR
Net profit (5.6 mm EUR)
Net Profit / Employees
Tier 1 Ratio 19.5 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 99. 43 %
CEO Daniel Gränacher

Source: different publications

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