Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA

Origin of Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA

Banque-Bonhote-Cie-SA-1Banque Bonhôte was founded 1815 in Neuchâtel and has branches in Biel, Bern, Geneva, and Lausanne.
More than 85 % of Banque Bonhôte’s clients are Swiss. The Bank is entirely independent.
The shareholders of the Bank are mainly members of the Executive Board and employees.
Bonhôte Services SA, Bonhôte Trust SA, and BT Swiss Trustee SA are wholly owned subsidies of Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Banque Bonhôte has a compact structure and this guarantees effectiveness, flexibility and rapid responses to volatile market changes. The size of Banque Bonhôte allows it to foster a privileged relationship with each of its clients based on the quality of its services and trust.
The shareholder structure gives Bonhôte an independent outlook and the Bank is free from conflicts of interest and ensures the stability for the long-term continuity of their activities.

To determine the client’s expectations of asset management as accurately as possible and to be able to offer the client the appropriate investment advice, Banque Bonhôte considers the client’s personal and family situation and also clarifies inheritance and tax issues.

Banque Bonhôte values a long-term strategy and is confident in the benefits of personalized and active asset management that, in combination with alternative strategies, allows for a reduction in portfolio volatility.

Banque Bonhôte’s clients can grant an asset management mandate or work out the appropriate investment strategy with their asset manager. The Bank’s investment process is designed to prioritize companies which have a positive impact on responsible social development. Banque Bonhôte also offers asset management mandates for sustainable investments, considering the so-called ESG factors – environmental, social and governance – of the companies represented in the portfolio.

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Services and Solutions
The core business of Banque Bonhôte is the wealth management.

Private Clients

Investment Process
Using a targeted approach, Banque Bonhôte determines the client’s risk profile and return objective. Defining the client’s strategy is crucial as it generates more than 80% of the portfolio performance.

Based on these indications Banque Bonhôte determines the most appropriate investment strategy for the client, which forms the basis for asset allocation, i.e., the selection of stocks, countries, investment themes and currencies to build the portfolio. The strategy is subject to ongoing risk control to ensure the consistency of the decisions and their compatibility with market conditions.

Discretionary Management Mandates
Asset Management mandates are aimed at investors who wish to entrust the management of their portfolios to the bank’s specialists to fully benefit from their know-how.
A detailed interview with an asset manager sets out the priorities that determine the appropriate investment profile.
It considers both the current and future financial situation, risk tolerance, issues related to taxes, succession, and employment, but also, for example, awareness of sustainability.
Upon completion of this process, investors will be offered a variety of appropriate and personalized administrative mandates.

Several discretionary mandates are available for the clients:

  • Defensive – offers steady income and relative stability with 10-25 % equities
  • Balanced – between capital gains and relative stability with 20-50% equities
  • Growth – aimed for capital appreciation with 30-60 % equities
  • Absolute Return – strives for a positive return regardless of the market trend
  • Special mandates – tailor-made to the client’s wishes
  • Discretionary mandate in responsible investing
  • Discretionary mandate asymmetric – automatically determines the optimal exposure to the best performing asset

Financial Products
Banque-Bonhote-Cie-SA-2When developing and managing the investment funds, Banque Bonhôte is guided by the same values as in all areas of its activities.
The freedom to reflect and to act enables Banque Bonhôte to seek new investment themes actively and to develop them rapidly – often away from the crowd.

Customer needs are the focus of Banque Bonhôte, and the Bank strives to meet the requirements through the logical and systematic development of innovative niche products.
Banque Bonhôte offers a wide range of different investment funds in the areas of, traditional funds, alternative funds, real-estate funds and external funds.

Institutional Clients
Banque Bonhôte favors a long-term, stable partnership with their institutional clients.
The manageable size of the bank guarantees efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness – essential advantages given the complex challenges of the financial markets.
The Bank’s independence allows it to work with different partners to provide their clients with innovative and customized solutions in response to the significant challenges of institutional asset management.

Investment Advice
Banque Bonhôte’s market-oriented team actively supports their clients in their investment decisions and informs them regularly about new opportunities that correspond to the investment horizon and profile.

As a member of the SIX Swiss Exchange, the bank works with influential brokers and can offer access to most international stock exchanges.

By directly contacting the trading room, the client benefits from the prompt execution of the stock market orders and the strict confidentiality of the transactions.

As an independent trader, you have direct access to various international stock exchanges via Banque Bonhôte’s IT- platform.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors Is evaluating the risks and is responsible for the risk policy. The risk policy is reviewed periodically. Independent risk control bodies monitor the risks. The Executive Board is regularly informed about the financial positions, the liquidity, and earnings situation. The main risks are the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the legal and compliance risk.

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Added-Value Services
In 2017 Bonhôte Bank could increase its net profit by more than 50 % to 3 million CHF. Net new money inflow increased by 161 million CHF. The Bank doesn’t publish actual figures about assets under management, but CEO Mr. Montmollin previously stated that they are around four bn CHF.

Banque Bonhôte is engaged in sponsoring. Bonhôte Foundation for Contemporary Art is supporting all forms of contemporary art. The Bank promotes artist or events in Switzerland, especially in the, are where the Bank is located. The foundation contributes to the development and encouragement of creative and avant-garde activities in the region.

Banque Bonhôte is sponsoring Switzerland’s sporting hopefuls. Besides financial support, the young talents will feature in the Bank’s communications showcase and receive personalized support in keeping the Banks image.

Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA – Facts & Figures

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Address 2, quai Ostervald, 2001 Neuchâtel
Phone +41 32 722 10 00
Year of foundation 1815
No. of employees 86.93
Chairman Jean Berthoud
CEO Yves de Montmollin
Eligible Regulatory Capital 40.892 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio
Leverage Exposure 542.070 m CHF
Leverage Ratio 7.50 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 641 %
Risk Weighted Assets
Loans outstanding 152.721 m CHF
Assets under Management 6.432 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 73.990 m CHF
Net profit 24.773 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 284’976 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 76.48%
Return on Equity 36.86%
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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