Banque Eric Sturdza SA

Origin of Banque Eric Sturdza SA

Banque-Eric-Sturdza-SA-1The bank’s origin dates back as far as 1762, but in 1985 Eric Sturdza laid the foundations of a new model of private banking. At that time, Mr. Sturdza was a director at Banque Baring Brothers Switzerland.

In the following decades, Mr. Sturdza strengthened his dominant position in the institution. In 1995, he acquired a 30% stake in Baring Brothers Bank’s Swiss operations, together with ING who acquired 70 % of the shares. In 2005, Mr. Sturdza acquired the remaining 70%. Mr. Sturdza’s senior managers were also invited to participate in the bank’s capital, reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit that is the inherent structure of the organization.

Under Mr. Sturdza’s leadership, the bank has grown to the ideal size to maintain a dynamic and enterprising culture. The bank has remained deliberately small, but its reputation has increased, as have the opportunities for expansion through new ventures.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Banque Eric Sturdza offers a variety of highly personalized private banking services to protect and enhance the wealth of its clients over generations. Located in the heart of Geneva, the bank benefits from the experience and know-how of world-renowned specialists and provides investment services across all currencies and markets.

Banque Eric Sturdza implements individual investment strategies that reflect the client’s risk profile and long-term plans, buffering against short-term market volatility and changes in investment conditions. The bank can draw on a pool of highly qualified experts who can implement sustainable growth and value.

Many of the bank’s clients have been loyal since its founding in 1985. They have been advised by a team of experienced professionals who have been dedicated to the bank for years. Eric Sturdza has one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry, which is an additional guarantee of trust for its clients.

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Services and Solutions
Eric Sturdza is entirely dedicated to serving private clients. The bank provides a secure environment for their clients’ assets over the long-term, using the three essential pillars of their investment policy.

First, Eric Sturdza avoids any form of investment banking, retail banking, and commercial loans,
protecting their clients’ assets from credit and balance sheet risks.

Second, each investment decision is viewed from two important perspectives.
The bank seeks to understand the evolution and impact of the global economy on the financial markets, and they combine their knowledge of market psychology with it. In this way, they control the short-term market turmoils, and they protect their clients’ assets from any speculative risk.

Third, the bank focuses on liquid investments such as currencies, funds and other instruments.
These allow Eric Sturdza to react quickly to changes in the financial markets. By maintaining the fluidity of their assets, the bank has also been able to protect the fortunes of their customers, especially in times of market turbulence.

Personalized investment services
Banque-Eric-Sturdza-SA-2Each new relationship begins with a detailed understanding of the clients’ goals, projects, and risk tolerance, before translating them into a personalized investment strategy. The bank is recognized for its ability to meet the expectations of its customers over time.

Banque Eric Sturdza owes its success above all to the combination of two factors: people and place. The bank attracts exceptional talents from around the world and offers an appropriate environment to flourish. The “flat” management by association structures, one of the key elements of the bank, encourages personal initiatives and promotes collaboration.

A team of private bankers forms the central pillar of the organization acting as custodians of the clients’ assets. They are supported by portfolio managers, economists, investment specialists, and researchers each contributing their expertise and know-how.

Investment Funds
Banque Eric Sturdza uses a diversified range of investment funds. This allows the bank to maintain its independence while providing its clients with access to the best performing funds.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors Is evaluating the risks and is responsible for the risk policy. The risk policy is reviewed periodically. Independent risk control bodies monitor the risks. The Executive Board is regularly informed about the financial positions, the liquidity, and earnings situation. The main risks are the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the legal and compliance risk.
Banque Eric Sturdza is devoted to serving private clients and is not involved in all forms of retail and investment banking, commercial lending or other financial activities that involve a high degree of risk.

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Added-Value Services
Eric Sturdza is building up a fourth pillar: the Swiss bank buys the Geneva-based family office Lagane and is merging it with its independent asset manager Coges Corrateri Gestion, which Sturdza bought five years ago. The bank aims to expand its offering for the wealthy to include sophisticated family office services. The other three pillars are the private banking, the asset management, and the investment management.

Banque Eric Sturdza’s chief economist is publishing a monthly insight report. The investment strategies applied by Eric Sturdza are the result of extensive research. The bank’s Investment Committee studies trends in the global economy to identify the best allocation of assets across investment classes, geographies, and currencies.

Eric Sturdza’s commitment to performance and excellence is expressed through several top-level partnerships, particularly in tennis and polo.

Outside Switzerland, the Eric Sturdza Group has developed its expertise in asset management. Founded in 1999, E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management Ltd. is an independent investment fund company based in Guernsey. The company recently received the 2016 Morningstar Best Europe Equity Fund Award. The Group also has offices in Dublin, London and Luxembourg.

Banque Eric Sturdza SA – Facts & Figures

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Address Rue du Rhône 112
1211 Geneva
Phone +41 22 317 98 11
Year of foundation 1985
No. of employees
Chairman John A. Dare
Shareholder’s equity
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Tier 1 Ratio
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
CEO Eric I. Sturdza

Source: no data available

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