Basler Kantonalbank

Origin of Basler Kantonalbank

Basler-Kantonalbank-1BKB group consist of Basler Kantonalbank, Bank Cler AG, and the group holds a 33.3 % strategic participation in RSN Risk Solution Network AG, Zurich.

Basler Kantonalbank was founded in 1899 and is a universal bank which is involved in all banking activities and is predominately active in the northwestern part of Switzerland. The Canton of Basel-Stadt holds an 85.8 % participation in the bank and is, therefore, the biggest shareholder. The canton has the only voting right, and the bank holds a state guarantee. 14.2 % are held among the public in the form of participation certificates.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The vision of BKB: «From Basel. For Basel. Safe, close and committed. » contains clear guidelines:

  • BKB is at the service of its customers. The customers are the scale for their actions.
  • As a universal bank, BKB offers all companies in the region as well as large companies throughout Switzerland high-quality services on fair terms. BKB is considered a “hidden champion” for corporate clients.
  • With its balanced business policy, the geographical and personal proximity, BKB is considered one of the safest and most profitable banks in Switzerland.
  • BKB’s commitment to the region is more than only the financial contribution to the region and the bank’s services to their clients.

The strategy for the next four years is aligned with the new vision and has five goals:

  • Inspire the customers
  • Tap new customer groups
  • Strengthen the innovation
  • Increase efficiency
  • Promote sustainability

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Services and Solutions
Basler-Kantonalbank-2Basler Kantonalbank offers private clients and corporate clients a wide product range as well as a supportive range of services in the areas of saving, investing, provisioning and funding.

Private clients

Private customers can choose from various bank packages the most suitable for them. Packages are cheaper than if the client would invest directly in individual products. In addition to the bank packages, the services also include accounts, payment services, credit cards, travel funds, mobile payments, and e-banking.

The bank also offers two platforms for trading and stock exchange executions and for foreign exchange and precious metals executions, called “BKB-Easy-trading” and “BKB FX-Trading.”

BKB offers comprehensive planning and provisioning advisory services, such as financial planning or advisory in the field of taxes, pensions, and inheritance.

BKB also offers mortgages, Lombard loans, personal loans, and leasing.

In the field of wealth management, the bank offers several investment packages as well as a variety of different investment products, like investment funds, funds savings accounts, direct investments, precious metals, and fixed-term deposits.
With an asset management mandate, clients can benefit from the great experience of the bank and the bank’s specialist and are free from any investment decision. The BKB investment solution is also available for clients with smaller assets, and the bank introduced in 2017 an investment solution with the aim to invest in sustainable products.

Corporate customers

With tailor-made solutions, Basler Kantonalbank covers the often complex financing, investment, trading and capital market needs of corporate clients.

The offer in the area of ​​”Paying and Saving” includes graduated business packages for SME customers (Business Classic, Business Comfort, Business Premium). Products like accounts, payment services, credit cards, and e-banking are also offered.

In the area of ​​”investments,” the offer includes investment solutions, investments for institutional investors, sustainable investments as well as different market reports.

BKB offers its corporate customers a comprehensive range of services also in the field of financing. These services include working capital financing, real estate financing, sureties and letters of credit as well as lease financing. With the BKB support program, the financing needs of SMEs are addressed. BKB offers support for SMEs with their daily business, financing needs for investment projects, special financing for growth projects and help in the succession planning.

BKB also serves larger companies with complex financing needs or helps listed companies throughout Switzerland. BKB is also constantly expanding its offer for corporate clients in the digital field. It is planned to develop an SME portal so that the clients can execute their main banking businesses online.

Risk Management
Taking risk is part of the bank’s business. Active management of these risks is essential for the group. As the supreme supervisory body of the group, the bank council of the parent company is responsible that the risks are appropriately recorded, monitored and limited. The bank council defines the risk strategy supervises the risk management and issues at the request of the risk committee the strategical and organizational principles for the group.

Operational responsibility for risk management and compliance is the individual business unit. Every business area is in particular responsible for the identification, measurement, assessment, and control of the risks for the day-to-day business. The business areas set risk limits and report violations immediately and take the necessary measurements. All board members and all employees of the group are required to be aware of the actual risk policy and to obey the rules and regulations.

The main risks of the group are the market risk, the credit risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the legal and reputation risks.

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Added-Value Services
BKB actively tackles the digital transformation. The bank announced in December that they want to align the bank’s organization toward digitalization. The bank created a new department called “Digital Market Services.” At the same time, the Executive and Group Management will be increased by a Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

Basler Kantonalbank is directly linked with the Basel region and is committed as a sponsor of numerous events. Primarily the bank supports regular events with wide public popularity in the field of sport and culture.

Basler Kantonalbank – Facts & Figures

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Address Aeschenvorstadt 41
4051 Basel
Phone +41 61 266 33 33
Year of foundation 1899
Subsidiaries 17
No. of employees 797
Rating S&P AA+
Chairman Adrian Bult
Shareholder’s equity 3.199 bn CHF
Assets under Management 34 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 42.659 mm CHF
Net profit 118.347 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees 148’490 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 19.5 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 53.09 %
CEO Simone Westerfeld

Source: Annual Report 2017

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