Citibank Switzerland

Origin of Citibank Switzerland

Citibank-Switzerland-1Citi was established in Switzerland in 1963, and the bank is a proud financial partner for corporations, institutions and private clients. Citi is one of the most active and best-represented foreign banks in Switzerland. The bank has its headquarter in Zurich and has a subsidiary in Geneva.

Citigroup’s history dates back to the founding of the City Bank of New York in 1812.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Citibank uses a disciplined approach that allows them to deliver industry-leading efficiency and returns. Citi has created a culture that is committed to enabling growth and progress through responsible finance.
The value proposition of Citi is a mission of enabling growth and progress.
Citi serves as a trusted partner to their clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress. The bank’s core activities are safeguarding assets, making payments and accessing the capital markets on behalf of their clients. Citi has 200 years of experience helping their clients meet the world’s toughest challenges and embrace its greatest opportunities.

Citi advises people on how to invest for future needs, such as their children’s education and their retirement, and help them buy securities such as stocks and bonds.

Citi works with companies to optimize their daily operations, whether they need working capital, to make payroll or export their goods overseas.

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Services and Solutions
Citibank-Switzerland-2Citibank Switzerland is a universal bank, mainly active in private banking. The bank’s business includes all associated types of banking, finance, advisory, and trading businesses. Citi Private Bank offers a complete range of wealth management services to families and high net worth individuals. Citi’s Institutional Clients Group meets the M&A, banking, cash management, debt and equity-raising needs of the top-tier multinational firms which are established in Switzerland.
Citi Zurich and Geneva are not offering consumer banking services to its clients.

Private Banking
Citi Private Bank serves the world’s wealthiest individuals and families. The unique business model enables Citi to focus on fewer, more sophisticated and larger customers with a net worth more than USD 100 million. Private Banking clients enjoy a customized experience with access to a comprehensive range of services and products.

Institutional Business
The goal of Citi’s Institutional Clients Group (ICG) is to serve as the most trusted and most important banking partner by offering a comprehensive set of innovative services, solutions, and products around the world in a responsible and integrated manner, creating sustainable value for shareholders.

Citi has a physical presence in 98 markets around the world. Citi has a unique position and takes advantage of evolving global trends and provides large multinational corporations, public sector entities, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and investment managers with a full range of integrated products and services.

Capital Markets
Citi aims to be the number one choice among issuers for their underwriting needs. Citi provides the highest quality service to their clients. Citi is a leader in the equity capital market.

Risk Management
For Citi, effective risk management is of primary importance to its overall operations. Citi’s risk management process is designed to monitor, evaluate and manage the principal risks to which the bank is exposed. Risk management is built on a foundation of ethical culture. Citi’s Company-wide risk governance framework consists of the process, procedures and policies through which Citi identifies, manages, monitors, measures, reports and controls risk across the Company.

Citi’s risk appetite, which is approved by the Board of Directors, specifies the aggregate levels and types of risk the Board and management are willing to take, consistent with applicable liquidity, capital, and other regulatory requirements.
The main risks to which Citi is exposed are the credit risk, the liquidity risk, the market risk, the operational risk, the compliance risk, the conduct riks, the legal risk, the reputational risk, and the strategic risk.

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Added-Value Services
Citi is supporting the next generation of bright minds. Citi is committed to Youth. Citi also supports the community and helps local economies and preserves affordable homes and community. Citi is also committed to diversity and helps the planet.

Citi reported a one-time, non-cash charge of 22.6 billion USD, recorded within North America Global Consumer Banking, Institutional Clients Group and Corporate/Other related to the enactment of Tax Reform, which was signed into law on December 22, 2017. This charge reduced the net income of 15.8 billion USD to a net loss of 6.8 billion USD.

Citi’s market capitalization is 191 billion USD with a return on equity of 7 %.
Citi’s net revenue of 68.4 bn USD is split into 49 % in North America, 21 % in Asia, 16 % in Europe, Middle East and Africa and 14 % in Latin America.

Citi Private Bank was recently named Best U.S. Private Bank and Best Credit Provider at the fourth Family Wealth Report Awards 2017.

Citibank Switzerland – Facts & Figures

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Address Hardstrasse 201, 8010 Zurich
Phone +41 58 750 50 00
Year of foundation 1979
No. of employees
Chairman Luigi Maria Piero Vincenzo Pigorini
CEO Philip Mark Hooper
Eligible Regulatory Capital 441.487 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio
Leverage Exposure 3.963 bn CHF
Leverage Ratio 11.00 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 173 %
Risk Weighted Assets
Loans outstanding
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
Return on Equity
Own structured products Yes
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad Group: Yes

Source: Annual Report 2021

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