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Origin of Gonet & Cie | Gonet Bank

Gonet-Cie_Gonet-Bank-1Gonet & Cie SA was established 1845 in Geneva. In 1997 Nicolas Gonet joined the company as the 5th generation. Together with his father Pierre, they want to strengthen and grow the family business. Nicolas trained for several years with leading banks in New York, London, and Luxembourg. He became a partner in 2003.

Gonet SA, Geneva is the holding company of the Gonet Group. The Group comprises of Gonet Conseils Finances SA and Gonet La Française Advisors SA and of course Gonet & Cie SA, Geneva. Gonet & Cie SA has a branch in Lausanne and a representative office in Abu Dhabi and an overseas bank in Nassau, Bahamas called Gonet Bank & Trust Ltd.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The family spirit of Gonet is modesty and dedication to the client. For the bank, it is essential to have a high quality of service and an excellent relationship with their clients.
Gonet & Cie Bank is independent and stable, and its past, future and present are very much tied to Switzerland.
The independence of Gonet is a precious asset, and they are free of any pressure and influence from shareholders.
Gonet is not developing in-house products but maintains an open-architecture and is seeking for the best products and solutions for their clients.

2017 is Gonet’s second full year as a public limited company. The Group had some significant changes in the wealth management in Switzerland and abroad.

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Services and Solutions
Gonet & Cie Bank is very ambitious to cover all the financial needs of their clients. Wealth Management is the core activity of Gonet with a truly global approach.

Gonet & Cie Bank could strengthen its relationship with independent asset managers.

Gonet La Française Advisors SA is a joint venture undergone two years ago between Gonet and La Française. Gonet La Française distributes investment solutions of La Française in Switzerland and is exceptionally successful in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Gonet’s clients can choose to allow the bank to analyze all their assets systematically and to offer various specialized products and services to meet their demand.

Gonet-Cie_Gonet-Bank-2Gonet & Cie Bank services include:

  • Banking Services
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Mortgages
  • Insurances
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Philanthropy

The Asset Management is the core business of Gonet and the heart of their expertise. Gonet favors a mostly open architecture in selecting instruments and products. The commitment is to preserve the client’s assets and seek performance through a differentiated, flexible and customizable asset management.

Gonet offers the discretionary mandate where the bank manages all the client’s assets according to the management profile or the advisory mandate where the client plays an active role in the investment decisions.

Gonet enters into a true partnership with the Independent Asset Managers. A team of specialists is responsible for the external asset managers and guarantees an exact, ongoing service.

Gonet Conseils Finance SA was founded in 2010 and provides service and advice in insurance, mortgage financing, fiduciary services and retirement services.

Risk Management
Risk Management is a central element of the corporate culture and the strategy within the Group.
The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy which defines the philosophy, management, and measurement. The Board of Directors sets the risk limits and determines the risk appetite. The Board regularly examines the principal business risks to which the Group is exposed.

The principal risks of the Group are the credit and foreign exchange risk, the market and liquidity risk and the reputational and operational risk.

The Executive Committee is responsible for monitoring, manage, measure and identify the risks. The risk management is everybody’s business, and therefore it is vital for risks to be perceived by all employees.

Credit facilities are mainly granted as Lombard loans where assets are used as collateral and are pledged against the loan. Counterparties are primarily first-class banks, and therefore the risk is limited.
The interest rate risk is vital in the ALM, the asset and liability management of the balance sheet. The exchange risk is monitored daily, and the liquidity management aims to generate a robust liquidity position. Operational risk arises from losses resulting from mismatch or failure attributable to human error, procedure, system or external events.

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Added-Value Services
Gonet Group showed a liquidity coverage ratio of 562% in 2017. The net profit decrease of 2.7 million CHF in 2017 compared to 2016 was mainly due to voluntary disclosures made in the frame of tax amnesties and investments made in the IT systems and human resources.
Gonet outsourced some of its BackOffice and IT support business.

In July 2018 Gonet announced the merger of Gonet and Mourgue d’Algue, a bank founded in 1869 in Geneva. The merger seems to be more like a take-over and will increase Gonet’s asset under management to 5 billion CHF.

Gonet & Cie Bank is sponsoring a new foiling monohull and supports young athletes who have devoted everything to their passion for becoming a professional high-performance athlete.
Gonet & Cie Bank is also sponsoring the Grand Débats discussion at the Livre sur les Quai literary festival launched in 2009. The festival allows thousand of readers to engage with 300 authors.
Gonet is also a partner of the Geneva Chamber Orchestra.

Gonet & Cie | Gonet Bank – Facts & Figures

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Address 11, rue Bovy-Lysberg, 1204 Geneva
Phone +41 22 317 17 17
Website www.gonet.ch
Year of foundation 1845
Subsidiaries 1
No. of employees
Chairman Edgar Brandt
CEO Nicolas Gonet
Eligible Regulatory Capital 34.274 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 26.20 %
Leverage Exposure 892.824 m CHF
Leverage Ratio 3.80 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 288 %
Risk Weighted Assets 130.106 m CHF
Loans outstanding
Assets under Management 5.5 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
Return on Equity
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad Nassau

Source: Annual Report 2021

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