Helvetische Bank

Origin of Helvetische Bank

Helvetische-Bank-1Helvetische Bank was established 2011 in Zurich. Previously the name was Neue Helvetische Bank, but at the shareholders meeting in April 2018, the name was changed to Helvetische Bank.
About 70 percent of the shares are held by the founding partners, Board of Directors, Management and employees.

Helvetische Bank holds a 100 % stake in SFB services4banks AG, Zurich, an outsourcing company for service providers in the financial sector.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Helvetische Bank is financially independent and is a reliable partner in all finance-related matters. The team of Helvetische Bank has long-standing experience in the Swiss capital market.

The philosophy of Helvetische Bank are the traditional values of Swiss banking, competence, security, and stability.

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Services and Solutions
Helvetische-Bank-2Helvetische Bank offers premium services in the field of asset management, advisory, corporate finance, and research. The customers of Helvetische Bank are primarily entrepreneurs and qualified private investors. The bank also offers services to independent asset managers.

Advisory services:
The advisory services of Helvetische Bank combine innovative ideas and traditional values. The advisory focuses on the Swiss capital market and addresses the various need of the customers.

Active advisory and brokerage are for qualified investors who make their investment decisions independently. Helvetische Bank provides them with the relevant information and monitors and analyses their portfolio on an ongoing basis. The client gets informed if there are changes in the risk profile and offers tailor-made solutions. The services include short-, medium-, and long-term investment ideas, options and hedging strategies, risk management and reallocation recommendations.

Private Banking or traditional advisory services are for wealthy private clients who make their investment decisions independently but don’t have the time to follow their investments on an ongoing basis. The service is focused on value preservation and asset appreciation in the long-term.
The values are independent and objective advice, recognizing the client’s needs and maintain an open and regular dialogue. Outstanding service and a strong personal commitment. Performance-oriented investments, continuity, integrity, and discretion.

Independent Asset Managers are supported with individual and flexible solutions. The services can be traditional services, like account management, custodial services, and order execution. Investment advice and delegated portfolio management, Lombard loans, and mortgages, corporate finance and succession planning. There is also the possibility of having access to the E-Banking platform. Access to the research of Helvetische Bank and internal company presentations are an added value.

Services for Swiss expats: Swiss expats have an account in the country they live for daily transactions and in Switzerland an account with a longer-term view. Helvetische Bank offers the following services: Investment advice, asset management, securities trading, security backed loans, mortgages for private-owner homes in Switzerland, E-banking but only queries.

Asset Management:
Asset allocation is the keyword for long-term investment performance. Helvetische Bank combines the structured investment process with continuous monitoring of the market trends and conditions to adjust the asset allocation very quickly.

Helvetische Bank offers discretionary mandates or tailor-made individual mandates. They execute investment decision professionally and show a transparent reporting. The Bank adheres to the highest ethical principles. Helvetische likes to use index-tracking instruments because they are mostly the best choice for the structuring and diversification of the portfolio.

Corporate Finance:
The corporate finance is for small- and mid-cap companies needing the Swiss capital market. The services offered are:

Equity capital, like capital increases, share block transactions, stock splits, share buybacks, par value reductions, private placements, and IPOs.
Debt capital, like private placements, bond issues, and convertible bond issues.
M&A, like succession planning, MBOs/LBOs, private and public takeovers.

Helvetische Bank’s research team focuses primarily on the Swiss market and analysis mostly small- and mid-cap companies.
The research team also analyzes macroeconomic trends and studies the development of foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities.

Risk Management
Helvetische Bank places great emphasis on effective corporate governance and compliance.
Trading for the own account of Helvetische Bank is very limited.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy. The Executive Management is responsible for the implementation of the risk policy and the risk & quality control department, and the legal & compliance department are responsible for the monitoring of the risks.

The principal risks of the Bank are the credit risk, the interest rate risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk and the legal and compliance risk.

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Added-Value Services
Half of Helvetische Bank’s share capital is deposited in gold.
Helvetische Bank is a member of SIX Swiss Exchange and is directly participating in Swiss securities trading. Other important financial centers are accessed through electronic trading systems or third-party banks. The Bank offers trading services in fixed income, equities, derivatives, currencies, and futures.

Helvetische Bank – Facts & Figures

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Address Seefeldstrasse 215
8008 Zurich
Phone +41 44 204 56 00
Website www.helvetischebank.ch
Year of foundation 2011
No. of employees 26
Chairman Thomas Matter
Shareholder’s equity 35.138 mm CHF
Assets under Management 1.636 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 62.923 mm CHF
Net profit 4.2 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees 161’538 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 23.45 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 62.18 %
CEO Daniel Hefti

Source: Annual Report 2017

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