Mizuho Bank

Origin of Mizuho Bank

Mizuho-Bank-1Mizuho means “a fresh harvest” and Japan is poetically referred to as “Mizuho country – fruitful country.”

Mizuho Bank is a fully owned subsidiary of Mizuho Bank Ltd. Tokyo (30%) and Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd., Tokyo (70%) and is a member of the Mizuho Financial Group, the leading Japanese financial services group with a broad customer base and a global presence. Mizuho Financial Group employs 60’000 people, is present in 38 countries and has 1.9 trillion USD in Total Assets. Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) has its headquarter in Zurich.
In October 2000, Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) received the banking license, after the merger of the Swiss subsidiaries of The Fuji Bank, The Industrial Bank of Japan and the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Mizuho Bank builds close relationships with their customers and forms partnerships which last generations and help reach their client’s financial goals.

Being a member of the Mizuho network, one of the largest financial institution in the world, and offering high-quality services and products to their clients, the bank wants to increase the asset base as well as the profitability. Mizuho is prepared for further regulatory changes and developments and maintains its operational autonomy. This situation allows the bank to ensure a very high level of security and enables Mizuho to offer customized solutions and proposals to their clients. Shareholders benefit from a high level of own resources, and the bank keeps a high capital base and a high liquidity coverage ratio.

The goal of Mizuho Bank is to be a professional advisor, a personal and trusted partner providing the client with financial tailored solutions.

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Services and Solutions
Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) provides Global Wealth Management Services to private clients and institutional clients. The bank provides high-quality products and services in the field of asset management and wealth management.

Clients can make their own investment decisions or delegate the management of their assets to experienced and trusted experts at Mizuho Bank who act in the best interest of their clients.

Transferable, liquid and actively traded financial instruments are used for Lombard loans and other securities based loans. Structured products which are transferable and for which there is a market maker, and regular market information is available are also accepted as collaterals.

Asset Management
Mizuho-Bank-2Active management of the client’s private wealth is important to ensure the well being of the client and his family. Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) is providing the professionalism to grow and protect the client’s assets. Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) is not only assisting in the management of the client’s wealth but also advises in areas like tax- and inheritance planning as well as assists the client’s companies.

Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) provides reliability and stability, combined with global advice and internationally diversified investments. Regular personal meetings with the clients and continuous reporting are very important to the bank.

Investment strategy
Mizuho’s investment strategy is conducted by experts and based on globally diversified management. Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) gives advice and recommendations on globally available products and strategies.

The investment strategy is determined by the Investment Committee of the Mizuho Group and several other external experts. Most of the worldwide investment products are available, and the bank selects the appropriate ones. The complexity of the financial business requires more and more professional advice.

Through regular meetings and personal discussion, the client’s risk tolerance and investment needs are identified. A tailor-made strategy is implemented for the client as well as his family. Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) is seeking a long-lasting and close relationship with the client.

Risk Management
Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) is like any other financial institution exposed to various risks. These risks are the credit risk, the market risk, the liquidity risk, the operational risk, and the legal risk. Top priority to the bank is the measurement, identification, management, and monitoring of these risks.
A priority to the bank is to maintain its good reputation. The bank complies with the statutory capital adequacy requirement.

The key points of risk management are:

  • Highlighting risk awareness at all management levels
  • Adequate allocation of human resources to the risk management
  • Comprehensive and timely reporting
  • Defining adequate risk limits and constantly monitor and report measures
  • Adequate risk management principles and adequate risk measurement
  • Comprehensive risk policy

The Board of Directors is responsible for the risk policy and defines the risk measurements, risk management, and the risk philosophy. The Board of Directors approves the limits, implements the risk policy and monitors the limits.

The Board of Directors receives a comprehensive risk report on a quarterly basis. The internal control systems are responsible for and adequate reporting at all levels.

The executive management is responsible for the implementation of The Board of Directors policies. It allocates the approved limits to the organizational units and also delegates the corresponding competencies.

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Added-Value Services
Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) hat an increase of new clients money of 34 million CHF in 2017. This increase can be attributed to private clients new money.

Mizuho Bank uses derivative instruments only for trading and hedging purposes. The bank uses derivative instruments for risk management purposes and hedging ALM positions.

Social contribution
Mizuho Financial Group contributes to the sustainable development of society through its social contribution initiatives as “a good corporate citizen.”

The scope of initiatives is social welfare, education, research, arts and culture, health and sports, environment, humanitarian activities and creating a safe society.
The methods of conducting the initiatives can be charitable activities, social investment, providing support through products and services and support for volunteer activities.

Mizuho Bank – Facts & Figures

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Address Loewenstrasse 32
8021 Zurich
Phone +41 44 216 91 11
Website www.mizuho.ch
Year of foundation 1976
No. of employees 25
Rating Fitch A-
Moody’s A1
Chairman Yutaka Wakabayashi
Shareholder’s equity 131.324 mm CHF
Assets under Management 686.9 mm CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 27.476 mm CHF
Net profit – 1.438 mm CHF
Net Profit / Employees -57’520 CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 15.06 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 118.6 %
CEO Takuji Inoue

Source: Annual Report 2017/2018

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