ONE swiss bank SA

Origin of ONE swiss bank SA

ONE swiss bank was created through the merger of GS Banque founded in 2004 as Banque Bénédict Hentsch & Cie. and Banca Arner founded in 1984.

The history goes back to the year 1964. At that time Société Financière Privée (SFP) was created in Geneva. In 2003 SFP was renamed to Société Bancaire Privée SA. In 2009 Société Bancaire Privée was renamed to Banque Profile de Gesion.

In 2020 the bank signed an asset purchase agreement with Falcon Private Bank, Zurich.
In 2021 finally, ONE swiss bank and Banque Profile de Gestion merged.
The bank has 4 offices located in Geneva, Lugano, Zurich, and Dubai.

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Philosophy and Strategy
ONE swiss bank is a listed company and makes full disclosure. The bank focuses on the people and offers sophisticated solutions to private and institutional clients.

The bank aims to protect, optimize and grow the wealth of its clients.
ONE symbolizes the union of the different entities that merged and offer a modern and unique private banking experience.

SWISS stands for a bank which is through and through swiss. Reliable and excellent values are guiding the client’s relations and business activities. The client’s assets are managed which the utmost care.
BANK stands for managing client wealth and assets on a global scale.

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Services and Solutions
ONE swiss bank offers wealth management and asset services.

Wealth management
Traditional private banking is combined with a proactive pioneering attitude. The outcome is called modern private banking. Cleverness, honesty, and passion are combined in a unique boutique-sized bank.

Tailor-made solutions
The client’s investment objectives and risk awareness are very important to finding the right investment plan. The bank’s specialists are helping the clients to achieve their goals.

Asset services

Financial intermediaries
ONE swiss bank is a steady bank for FI’s clients. In the fast-changing world with more and more new regulations, you need a flexible bank to support your daily business.

Custodian Services
One relationship manager is dedicated to every financial intermediary and offers therefore a unique service. The results are fast executions, quick answers, and high-quality solutions.

Asset Management

These services for private and institutional clients are managed by Dynagest by ONE.
The company manages more than 2 billion CHF of assets with a proven track record.

The solutions are:

  • Portfolio management
  • Market risk management
  • Funds management
  • Investment advisory

Risk Management

The major risks are evaluated at least once a year. The main risks are:

  • Reputational risk
  • Credit risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Market risk
  • Operational risk
  • Legal and compliance risk

The Audit and Risk Committee determines on the information from the Executive Committee if the risk is under control and the internal risk control system is operational. If the risks are under control the Board of Directors approves the risk policy.

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Added-Value Services
ONE swiss bank share is quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The symbol is ONE.

The 12-month outlook for the bank is:

  • Encompassing a sustainable profitability
  • Keeping a tolerable risk level
  • Acting as a sustainable employer
  • Keeping the attractiveness high

In 2021 client assets increased to 5.05 billion CHF, this is an increase of 82 % compared to 2020.
As of December 31, 2021, the market capitalization of the bank stood at CHF 45’391’800.

ONE swiss bank SA – Facts & Figures

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Address Chemin des Mines 9, 1202 Geneva
Phone +41 58 300 78 00
Year of foundation 2004
Subsidiaries 1
No. of employees 75.73
Chairman Geneviève Berclaz
CEO Grégoire Pennone
Eligible Regulatory Capital 31.151 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 16.10 %
Leverage Exposure 872.783 m CHF
Leverage Ratio 3.40 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 496 %
Risk Weighted Assets 183.738 m CHF
Loans outstanding 205.159 m CHF
Assets under Management 5.054 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 66.737 m CHF
Net profit 4.771 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 63’000 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 98.37 %
Return on Equity 10.47 %
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad Dubai

Source: Annual Report 2021

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